More good news !

The Michael Oakeshott notebooks are available in paperback. Sorry for the late call!

You didn’t want to know? Well it wasn’t me who put the Michael Oakeshott Association on the Blogroll. Everybody should pick an item at random every so often and explore.

On the topic of notebooks, some of Karl Popper’s lectures are on line.

I want to begin by telling you what I think is the real aim of a university education. I will try to be brief about this, though I must warn you from the beginning that many people think very differently from the way I do. I believe that someone is well educated only if he realizes in great detail how little he knows.

For people with a serious interest in both Oakeshott and Popper. A letter from Oakeshott to Popper and the reply. A paper commenting on the correspondence.

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4 Responses to More good news !

  1. DrBeauGan

    Oakeshott to Popper and the reply

    How pleasant to read a conversation between sane, intelligent adults. And how rare, alas.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Yes thanks DrBeauGan, refreshing indeed!
    For some reason you remind me of this song:).

  3. Nato

    Are these new Popper lectures? I mean, to the rathouse, to an English translation. I loved the few that were there, but there was that family thing. Have they come to be less… umm, can’t think of a family friendly andjective. after that binge read 5-10 years ago, never really went back to rathouse. I lke your reviews, you’re obviously smarter than me, but that’s why I go direct to the books.
    Those lectures changed my life. I’ve probably used the’data without theory is anecdote’ I metabolized directly from them here previously.

  4. Rafe Champion

    These are not new, just a reminder to Cats who were not around the first time I posted up the link.

    One of the weird things that turned up in the stats is the number of people who look at one page and go no further. I would have thought that anyone with a range of interests in the vicinity of philosophy, history, literature, economics, psychology, sociology, and sport would find more than one page to read.

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