Anon: Set the sexes free

The large dental practice I attend in Portugal is entirely staffed by females. As is the legal practice I used. There is either no law or no enforcement of laws around the hiring of staff based on gender. Imagine all those potential sex discrimination lawyers doing something else, like curing cancer or founding new companies. Imagine all the other resources saved and being put to productive use, rather than ensuring companies can prove they jumped through some regulatory gender hiring hoops.

Are we really doing the women of Australia a favour by denying them the right to create female only practices? Having seen all the smiling happy women in my legal and dental practices, I am not so sure. I know it is anecdotal evidence which plays to my free-market prejudices, but it shows just what an incredible thing a market is. How it adapts to give people what they want. You want safe spaces for women in the workplace, unleash the power of the market. Western society is culturally in a place where women can be successful in women only practices. Get Government out of their way and let a thousand all women businesses bloom.

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  1. Jim Rose

    How is this in anyway surprising indeed so unsurprising is not even worth the blog post. at my local dentist shop, the dentist turned out to be a Canadian man in his 50s. First time have seen a man working in a dentist’s practice since the 1980s

  2. Jannie

    Dentistry is a profession which females are naturally better endowed to perform, particularly little Asian females. They are able to comfortably and accurately work within the small space of your mouth. The same routines performed by the average Anglo Saxon male would break your jaw. Similar dynamics are at play in the field of proctology.

  3. Shy Ted

    Not sure Albo would like equality of the sexes when he goes out.

  4. mh

    At the dental practice where I go I have only had females doctors (dentists).

    On my last visit she was preparing my tooth for root canal treatment when she broke the metal file inside the root canal. Oops. She told me she wouldn’t charge me for the visit, (thanks so much), and I had to go visit a specialist who advised me it would cost $3,000 to remove the file and complete the treatment.

  5. LBLoveday

    The wee female Asian dentist I foolishly used had to get a man in to do the extraction as she was too weak.

  6. rickw

    The wee female Asian dentist I foolishly used had to get a man in to do the extraction as she was too weak.

    The female Russian dentist I had pull a wisdom tooth didn’t have this problem.

    Soviet dentistry, quick and brutal.

  7. Win

    Having fought hard in the sixties for woman’s rights to see what this has wrought is distressing. Take a look at the recent crop of femalepoliticiansLabor is bad but the left Liberals are atrocious.As for dentists with three disasters this year ,I am lookimhg for an all male dental clinic.

  8. Robber Baron

    You need to have your head read if you want to do business with a women only firm. I’ve had two encounters and both turned out badly.

    I thought I would use a local accountancy practice staffed by all women. It started off reasonably well, but when I queried the quality of their work, they did as all women do, they get angry. I then called them one day and asked for some paper work to be done urgently and they did not meet the time frame. I told the receptionist that I was disappointed that such a simple task of retrieving a file and making a copy was so difficult to get done, she stormed off in a huff. About a month later, I received a letter from the firm telling me that my business was no longer appreciated and that I should find another accountant.

    The other was an all female dentist. In short I queried her approach to an issue and asked for more options. She basically said that it was her way or I could leave. I thought I had mis-heard her and asked her to rephrase and she just started packing up and said that she wanted me to get out and could not believe what a rude man I was.

    I would love to have women only firms advertise they are women only…so I can avoid them.

  9. Hay Stockard

    The Chinese lady dentist I see is marvellous.

  10. Kneel

    “Are we really doing the women of Australia a favour by denying them the right to create female only practices? ”

    Yes, we are.
    While so ever they deny the males to have an all male shop, they are denied an all female shop.
    Sounds fair.
    They can have an all female shop when it’s OK to have an all male shop.
    After all – if all male shops are bad, so must be all female shops, or all lesbian shops, or all gay shops, or…

    They made the bed, they can lie in it.

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