Watching the red tsunami in good company

I received a note a week or so back which had as its core message:

I’m hoping you can recommend an event in Sydney where I can share the enjoyment of watching the red tsunami on November 7 with others who “get it”.

I have tried to think about where one might go and have no idea. I know where I am going in Melbourne, but that’s just me and that is here. So I thought I would put the query up online in case there are election parties being arranged that are open to others of a like mind.

It will all begin happening starting in the morning of Wednesday 7 November, since the election takes place on the sixth in the US and the results start coming in around 10:00 am our time on the seventh.

And no more than in 2016 can I be sure of who will win. The Senate is likely to shift towards the Republicans but the House is the issue. You do want to be with others of a like mind to watch if you can. How anyone can vote Democrat is beyond me, but seems to be the case, and they may even be half the votes (which is not necessarily the same as half the country).

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  1. .

    ABC News/Washington Post say that the Democrats are +8% in their last generic Congressional poll.

    The Democrats might win the House but I just can’t see them winning something on aggregate like 51% ( D ) to 43% ( R ) with 6% undecided or minor parties, etc.

  2. Rebel with cause

    Interesting to see if the polling matches reality. Trump seriously embarrassed the pollsters last time around.

  3. Turnout is always the deciding factor in mid-terms.
    This election, the turnout is so yuuge, it’ll probably be the biggest in history.
    In the 1998 mid terms, Bill Clinton’s sexcapades should have given the Republicans a clear edge, yet the Democrats did very well because of the booming economy.
    Trump is attracting just as many if not more people to his rallies than in the 2016 general. These mid terms are about him.
    People don’t line up for 12 hours or more for a one in 3 chance of getting in to see somebody unless they are very enthusiastic…… definition.
    People don’t drive from Utah to Texas, or fly from ALASKA to North Dakota to see someone unless they are very enthusiastic.
    Did you know there is a 6 month wait on Truck orders?
    Did you know there are more job openings than people looking for work?
    This economy is booming even bigger than Clintons in 1998. History will repeat.

    The headlines when the dust settles will be…
    Trump gains big in Senate
    Trump holds house easily.
    Biggest mid term turnout in history (at least for Republicans)
    Record vote for Republicans from blacks and hispanics

    Bank on it.

  4. NB

    ‘How anyone can vote Democrat is beyond me’
    Same here. I must live in the most complete bubble, as it seems just incomprehensible. It is a salient lesson in politics that one can be so far removed from a large number of people’s perception of things. Also a salient lesson that (what I think is objectively true (bubbleview?)) that such dangerous and destructive ideas and behaviour can be attractive to some 50% of the population.

  5. Ooh Honey Honey

    I would seriously consider getting together with people in the hope that we could pop corks and rejoice at the prospect of at least two more year’s jaw-dropping astonishment and hilarity at the exploding heads of Michael Moore et al. Any suggestions? I’m in Abbotsford.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    Seven at 11.30am had some footage of Obama speaking in what looked like a fairly small school hall. And a lot of the people present were the press. Contrast with Trump who has been packing to overflowing the biggest venue in each city he’s gone to. Quite an amazing difference.

    I have no idea what the outcome will be, but the Dems are trying every dirty trick there is.

  7. Here is a pic of the crowds waiting to get into the venue at Macon Georgia BUT THE PRESIDENT HASN’T EVEN LEFT THE WHITE HOUSE YET.

    Trump hasn’t pulled out his big guns for the mid terms (declassification of FISA docs etc) because he doesn’t need to. The mid terms are in the bag.
    He’s keeping the big guns for the lead up to 2020.

  8. Tom

    The Washington establishment and its lapdog media are trying to convince themselves that Trump’s packed-out rallies are no big deal and not a sign of any sort of groundswell.

    Just like November 8, 2016, was no big deal because Crooked Hillary couldn’t be beaten and that Trump clown was just a figure of fun.

    God, I wish I was in middle America tomorrow. I’m so jealous of Doomlord and Cajun Calli.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin

    The democrats are going to win big, ,there is far too much employment and industry is doing too well , the huge majority of we swampies are disgusted with Trump , he is stopping illegals from swamping the USA getting citizenship easily and voting for the party of the caring clintons and soros we decromats .The republican violence is shamefull and stopping antifa fascists from imposing their will . The media is falling over trying to be fair to the fascist hitler Trump . He has upset the democratic governments of Venezuela .Mexico,Iran North Korea and the un elected bureaucrat socialist EU . He just has to go ,oresident hilarity won the popular vote and not many were false voters ,well only a few 10 or 20 per cent ,support the u.n. Communist fascist movement vote for the decromats .

  10. Pete of Perth

    I’ve got 1 large coming my way if GOP wins Vermont.

  11. Mrs Beardsley

    I might wander down to the Pig and Whistle Eagle St Brisbane to see whether they can turn a tv screen on for me.

  12. Myrddin Seren

    I’m hoping you can recommend an event in Sydney where I can share the enjoyment of watching the red tsunami on November 7 with others who “get it”.

    Based on a past position in the CBD, try The Flynn in Bligh Street.

    The capitalist swine who will probably be hogging tables near the bank of TVs are resolutely non-Lefty, and may concede a monitor being switched from gee-gees and dishlickers to Elephants versus Mules.

  13. md

    The gubernatorials (governors’ elections) are also important because governors in some states have veto power over redistribution of federal and state electoral boundaries:
    Then there is the endless stream of litigation in which the states challenge federal laws or orders – for example:

  14. NB

    Dr Fred Lenin (#2857192, posted on November 5, 2018 at 3:51 pm) says (in jest):

    … vote for the decromats.

    Well may they become the decorative doormats.

  15. Empire 5:5

    The gubernatorials (governors’ elections) are also important because governors in some states have veto power over redistribution of federal and state electoral boundaries:

    California Über Alles.

  16. Hay Stockard

    Myrddin Seren.
    , thanks for the tip. I checked it out on line. I wouldn’t take a,Jap there on Anzac Day. But you enjoy.

  17. Davey Boy

    “The fact is that Trump (and his Australian equivalents) are barbarians.”

    Who said that?

  18. Rae

    You won’t find any of this mentioned in the leftist media:

    Kavanaugh report’s biggest bombshells: Grassley probe reveals details behind mistaken identity claims, more

    No mention of barfing Bart O’Kavanaugh in there. No copies of the FBIs 302s either.

  19. JohnJJJ

    You may have missed that it is UN Tsunami Awareness Day today. How about that!

  20. Indolent

    Sportsbet just suspended betting on the House for Republicans

    What does that mean? Do the bookies think that Republicans are more or less likely to win?

  21. John Comnenus

    Sportsbet has the Dems at $1.36 and GOP at $2.88 to hold the house, but they are Oz markets. For my GOP wins some senators net and holds the house with some seat losses.

    If so, I expect widespread rioting from Dems and Antifa.

  22. Malcolm Thomas

    So, how’d the party turn out, Steve?

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