Guest Author: Justinian the Great: Defending the Indefensible

Malcolm is getting ready to vigorously defend his legacy, starting with an appearance on Q&A (says it all).

One might have thought you had to have a legacy before you could defend one (a positive one that is).

Which begs the question what legacy (highlights) does Malcolm think he will be defending:

  • Same sex marriage being another institution captured by neo-Marxists?
  • The residual mess of safeguarding religious freedoms his government failed to address at the time?
  • Implementing Labor’s Gonski 2 schools funding model to the ire of Catholic and independent schools?
  • Promising an economic narrative that never came?
  • Promising the greatest economic reform since Federation (state income tax) and dumping the idea two weeks later?
  • Delivering a Royal Commission into the financial services sector he argued against?
  • Fighting an election with a sneak attack on the Liberal base over superannuation?
  • Running an 8 week campaign on a vacuous three word slogan having promising not to resort to three word slogans?
  • Losing 14 seats at the 2016 election and reducing the government to a 1 seat majority?
  • Losing 5 by-elections in May this year having staked his leadership on the outcome?
  • Losing 38 consecutive Newspolls having set the benchmark at 30?
  • Failing to achieve 40 or above in the primary vote since the 2016 election?
  • Committing to the Paris Accord the day after Trump won the presidency pledging US withdrawal?
  • Owning the energy market crisis that was a product of Labor state governments renewable insanity?
  • Rejection of his NEG/REG non-solution to the energy crisis he made worse by signing up to Paris?
  • Committing billions to Snowy 2 to entrench high electricity prices and take power from the grid?
  • Failure to address immigration concerns instead siding with Treasury’s big Australia?
  • Compromising national security and defense on French submarines and South Australian subsidies?
  • Captains picks at the ABC in Guthrie and Milne not to mention failure to reform the ABC in anyway?

Despite such a poor record Turnbull will come out swinging on Q&A placing blame on all and sundry while accepting none himself. This was always inevitable.

This makes the decision of Scott Morrison to avoid answering why Turnbull was replaced as leader insanely stupid. It has robbed him of chance to differentiate himself from Turnbull. It has robbed him of a chance to set a different policy agenda (e.g. energy as a cost of living issue!).

Simultaneously, it will enable Turnbull to define his failures as magnificence and his magnificence thwarted by the incompetence or ignorance others. It will enable Turnbull to rope Morrison (and others) into every failure.

Ironically, that could mean the only narrative Turnbull ever sold in politics was his own brilliance in retrospect.

I’m sure the Left MSM will lap it up as Turnbull dances on the Liberal grave he created.

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23 Responses to Guest Author: Justinian the Great: Defending the Indefensible

  1. stackja says:

    MT is strange

  2. Dan Dare says:

    What on earth was Doomlord thinking?

  3. Mrs Beardsley says:

    My Leftie mate asked me if I was going to watch MT. I said no, as neither His Magesty or the Liberal Party are of any interest to me.

  4. Entropy says:

    Sabrina the teenage witch instead tonight I think. A bit of teenage Satan refuse to worship will always be better than that has been.

  5. the not very bright Marcus says:

    The ONLY good thing to come from Malonist’s appearance on QandA will be the Cat comments…Looking forward to that bit .

  6. Roger says:

    A suggested addition to the litany of Maladroit’s “achievements”:

    Not having Trump’s phone number the day after he was elected POTUS.

  7. Shy Ted says:

    First question from Australia’ answer to Michael Moore.

  8. Shy Ted says:

    Yay, Abbott666.

  9. gowest says:

    The great leader who continued Julia Gillard’s theft of Western Australia’s royalties, dooming the state liberal party here to a wipe-out

  10. Robber Baron says:

    I did this…l did that…l…l…l. Turnbull still does not understand why he was kicked by his peers.

  11. Leo G says:

    … Turnbull dances on in the Liberal grave he created.


  12. Faye says:

    Another Turnbull mess:
    Turnbull quickly made a deal with Obama just before Donald Trump became President, for America to take refugees from Australia. Both Turnbull and Obama knew this was an underhand play on a new President. Mr Trump knew nothing of this and certainly didn’t want America to be used as a dumping ground for refugees from other countries. So Turnbull in all his PM magnificence had to beg for President Trump to take them which he eventually did but was not happy!

  13. Anonandon says:

    Surely this is the son of God.

  14. Leo G says:

    Surely the highlight of MT’s career was proclaimed by NSW Supreme Court Justice David Hunt (Pauline Pantsdown’s dad) when he said in 1984 that Turnbull had “poisoned the fountain of justice”.
    Slow-acting poison is Malcolm.

  15. Iampeter says:

    At least he didn’t create the green bureaucracy, middle class welfare and forcibly disarm Australian citizens.

    Then he could go toe-to-toe with Australia’s Last Truly Conservative Federal Australian Government.

  16. Lutz says:

    Unfortunately Morrison seems to turn out to be the same as Turnbull: simply a coward. Unless you can make a stand on issues and outline how to deal with them, there is nothing to be had. It makes it easy on the opposition as they can promise anything they want. Tony Abbott won the election because he had strong policies which he intended to implement. Morrison is waffling again just as Turnbull did.

  17. Leo G says:

    On that terrible “middle class welfare”:-

    Despite our obsession with “middle-class welfare”, Australia has the lowest level of middle-class welfare in the developed world in terms of annual social security spending. As a result of income-testing, Australia has the most progressive distribution of cash benefits in the OECD, spending 12 times as much each year on the poorest 20% of the population as the richest 20%, a ratio close to six times the OECD average.
    -ANU Professor Peter Whiteford | The Conversation, April 28, 2014

  18. post says:

    Comprehensive cluster fck Turncoat, who did he represent? Scary Mo, no interest in Australia.

  19. sisypus says:

    Just who is this bloke Morrison you mention your blog?
    We here in Queensland find it hard to keep up with you southern namedropers.

  20. Steve says:

    Malcolm blew himself up. “Mutual respect” includes coming to listen to the delegates of your various State Conferences, not just walking in & lecturing them how it is going to be. Listening & consulting with your broader members at State Conference is how proper policy development occurs. You can claim to run a “traditional” cabinet, but the proof showed otherwise. Also, under Turnbull’s watch, then Education Minister Simon Birmingham annoyed all the Catholic Schools and then Asst Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer seriously annoyed the financial planning community. Both of which ScoMo is now sorting out. So goodbye Malcolm. Enjoy your business life.

  21. Warburton says:

    MT wanted the job. In fact he took it by force from someone else. He wasn’t able to unite the Party behind him, and in a system where the PM is not directly elected that is surely the very first KPI. Bill Shorten knows that all too well and as a result the most unsuitable person will soon be PM, all because he understands the first and only step is to unite your party behind you. All our failed PMs have also failed this test (obviously).

  22. FelixKruell says:

    It has robbed him of chance to differentiate himself from Turnbull.

    I don’t think he’s figured out how he’s different from Turnbull yet, other than in style.

  23. old bloke says:

    One item not mentioned on that list of failures is likely to rear its ugly head in the next 12 months. What was that clown Downer doing when he appeared to be conspiring with the Clinton Crime Foundation to damage Trump’s reputation? I doubt very much that Downer was acting without authorisation, this incident (under Malcolm’s watch) may prove to be the most damaging incident in Australian / US relations.

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