Monday Forum: November 12, 2018

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  1. Eyrie

    “Speaking of space exploration, there are ads on Foxtel for a series about the colonisation of Mars. It would seem from these ads that there are two groups colonising the planet – the miners and the scientists.”
    Don’t tell me they have made a TV series out of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy, pleeease.
    Long winded writer of SJW, PC dreck.

  2. thefrollickingmole

    Sheer brass necked projection.

    Nate Silver, founder and editor in chief of the FiveThirtyEight website, tweeted that Trump’s outbusts “trying to delegitimize election results is awfully dangerous. Maybe the most openly authoritarian move he’s made so far.”

    “Wussia, wussia, wussia” noise in the background of that interview….

  3. mh. I hereby dub thee Lord and Knight Commander of the order of the “monty annoyers”.

  4. Cassie of Sydney

    “Old School Conservative
    #2864027, posted on November 14, 2018 at 12:32 pm
    The Australian Greens party is facing more claims of sexism, with a former state leader accused of referring to women in the workplace as “fat, hairy lesbians”, “power pussies” and “hairy-legged feminists”

    Probably the only time that anyone in the Greens spoke the truth.

  5. The Simpsons are totally played out mUnty.

    It was so sad when they axed the series in 1997.

  6. Eyrie

    “Mare of Tranquility” Good name for a racehorse.

  7. jupes

    But its had the tension between scientists & business from the start as a largely privately funded mission wanting to generate returns on investments.

    Doesn’t the fact that miners are the baddies and scientists trying to preserve the environment (of dirt and microbes) i.e. greenies are the goodies give you the shits? I can’t stand that lefty bullshit.

    I wish I could put political messages out of my head when I watch movies or tv shows but I can’t. It is a real problem these days because it seriously limits what I watch.

  8. Don’t tell me they have made a TV series out of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy, pleeease.

    The Ron Howard one is adapted from a different book.

    There was one scheduled from the KSR series to be written by the Babylon 5 dude but it got canned due to “creative differences”.

  9. Steve trickler

    Jan 9, 1930. New York City. High quality footage and sound.

    88 years later, we get to go back in time.

    Those young children have some tough times ahead.

  10. Good name for a racehorse.

    They’re Off.
    By Two Lengths.
    Inna Canter.

  11. I am bespoke

    I wish I could put political messages out of my head when I watch movies or tv shows but I can’t. It is a real problem these days because it seriously limits what I watch.

    Its getting that way jupes, As subtle as a sledge hammer.

  12. Percy Popinjay

    Radicalised extremists could be fitted with GPS tracking devices and banned from Melbourne’s CBD under tough new counter-terror laws being proposed by the Victorian Coalition.

    Did anyone else laugh out loud after reading this? I’d be perfectly happy to be banned from ever having to go to Mosquebourne again. Unfortunately, I have to head there next week for two days.

    Fabulous policy, coalition idiots. Dunderhead Dan’s no doubt quaking in his gumboots.

    BTW, is there such a creature as an “unradicalised extremist”?

  13. jupes

    Roger Shanahan is all over the shop in this article.

    He makes some good (if blindingly obvious) points e.g.

    Radical Islamist terrorists are very religious … Even if an attacker had mental health issues, that does not mean it wasn’t an act of terrorism …

    Can’t be said enough. More from Roger:

    The reality is that in many instances the family knows the individual was radicalised but don’t want to admit it. This reluctance might be because of the shame it will bring on the family, because they are in denial, or because they are actually broadly sympathetic to the individual’s worldview.

    Nearly got it Roger. The majority of Muslims are “broadly sympathetic to the individual’s worldview.”

    Roger’s problem of course is that he is an academic and as such over-analyses the situation, hence this self-beclownment:

    I was an expert witness in the coronial inquest into the 2014 Lindt cafe siege. I was of the opinion that it was not a terrorist act because gunman Man Haron Monis’ intent was to pursue individual grievances, rather than any cause.

    Monis was the Muslim who murdered a hostage after demanding that he be given an Islamic State flag. But hey, not a terrorist according to Shanahan the ‘expert’.

  14. Steve trickler

    Brenda Snipes is one hideous looking creature.

    Geez! She’ll look better in orange though.

  15. Top Ender

    no television series in history has ever changed the world


    MASH made an entire generation think cross-dressing chaps were normally to be found in the ranks of the US Army.

    And lo, it came true.

  16. Death Giraffe

    Also, Arky are you going to a waterless coolant like Evans for your wooden car?

    Don’t know anything about that.
    Have so much to do before anywhere near filling the radiator.
    Suzukis used to be oil cooled.
    Don’t know why they never made oil cooled cars.
    Probably something to do with how easily heat transfers to the different liquid.
    Whats the word for it? How quickly things heat or cool? Thermal coefficient.
    Something like that.
    I suppose in the olden days the best thing was with a water system: you can always get water.

  17. areff

    there are ads on Foxtel

    There is nothing but ads on Foxtel. If I see that ‘it’s not cricket’ ad one more time, the TV set’s health will be in dire jeopardy.

  18. Mark A

    #2863992, posted on November 14, 2018 at 12:02 pm

    All the proof required here to show the man is speaking da truth to power is how many nails went missing from Cook’s ship as his men paid gifts to the beautiful islander woman and longed to live in a pre-fall paradise as godly kings that the most sordid smears about Mormonism’s eschatology could not fill their dreamy heads with.

    Not to be confused with scatology.

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