Providing more of the cheapest power in the world and meeting the Paris commitment as well

The suggestion applies to the happy situation before power policy was poisoned by the RE target.

Picture the situation years ago before RE appeared like a small cloud on the horizon as small as a man’s hand Kings 18:44. Long before Hazelwood was sabotaged by Daniel Andrews and the plant in South Australia was blown up. We had cheap power and the old clunkers firing on black and brown coal were producing just enough power to keep the lights on, supported by hydro and a bit of gas.

Enter modern high-efficiency, low-emissions (HELE) coal-fired power plants. They increase the extraction of energy from 30% to 45%. That is a 50% increase in efficiency that translates into 33% less coal and the associated CO2 emissions to provide a given quantity of power.

Replacing the old plants at the end of their working lives with the new technology would maintain a reliable supply of the world’s cheapest power and also over the period to 2030 or thereabouts would meet the Paris commitment, if anyone gives a rats arse by then.

Some of us see more CO2 in the air as a bonus. After all it is essential plant food and at present it is seriously sub-optimal at one of the lowest points in geological history.

That strategy with advanced coal fired power might have saved the car industry, the aluminium smelters and all the other jobs that have been lost already. It would have calmed the nerves of Judith’s baker and the McDonalds manager in Whyalla. It would reduce a lot of pressure on household budgets and help the poor people and pensioners who have discovered that spending on keeping warm is discretionary (think of that in some of the world’s richest countries.)

All that without spending a dollar on solar farms and wind turbines, using up agricultural land, killing birds and other wildlife habitats, and precipitating the rancorous and divisive climate wars that have sucked the oxygen out of the other debates that we need about school education, debt, regulation and productivity, population policy and the disastrous loss of scholarship and civility on the campuses.

“Someone had blundered” as Tennyson wrote in The Charge of the Light Brigade.

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11 Responses to Providing more of the cheapest power in the world and meeting the Paris commitment as well

  1. Herodotus

    Good work as usual Rafe. There’s no substitute, I can say after years of observing the left media at work, for continually and forcefully repeating the lines/memes on a daily basis.
    They’ve done it, the “RWDB” should be doing it too.

  2. John Constantine

    Cultural genocide posing as environmentalism.

    The Tyrants that bribed our quisling Homo Davos elites are demonstrating the effectiveness of paying your enemies to blow their own infrastructure up using their own dynamite, instead of the old expensive parachuting in suicide squads of commandos.

  3. Rob

    Nothing there to argue with Rafe about.
    If nuclear power was to come after a few HELE coal fired power stations it would truly be game set and match.
    Its terrifying to imagine Australia’s future being reliant on tens of thousands of short-life-cycle windmills.

  4. John Constantine

    Once Trump made it hard for the peoples liberation army slave labour solar panels to be forced upon Americans, the Tyrant for life of all the chicoms needed another client puppet regime kleptocracy to be bribed into forcing its peasants to buy chicom loan shark debt panels.

    Their dribbling Andrews Nazgul occupying regime signs up in secrecy for submission to the one road one belt one way endless solar panels capitulation convention.

    Comrade Maaaaates.

  5. egg_

    Providing more of the cheapest power in the world and meeting the Paris commitment as well

    HELE yeah!

  6. iain russell

    Aah, Paris. One quarter of a million Frenchfolk filled the streets of France over the last while protesting the Paris Agreement and carbon taxes. Riots and one dead. Time’s up, evil Slime.

  7. Nob

    It’s nothing to do with CO2 .

    it’s about killing oil, gas and coal because … because …

    We’ve always been at war with Oceania! Big coal! Big Oil!

  8. Not on, coal fired power is a deadly as nuclear power, we can’t have that. Please, think of the globalists, where would they get their money and influence from if not for renewables? And if people started to think sensibly, what would happen to the UN?

  9. Herodotus

    The UN has metastacised and should be treated like the Sirius Cybernetics Company.

  10. JohnA

    Herodotus #2867267, posted on November 19, 2018, at 6:43 am

    The UN has metastacised and should be treated like the Sirius Cybernetics Company.

    Marketing Division, thereof.

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