Monday Forum: November 26, 2018

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  1. Notafan

    I suspect the drug sub-culture eats away at the work ethic just as much.

    This is obvious to those that have eyes Roger

    We have a lot of those around here-drugs and alcohol affected men in their twenties and thirties who twenty years ago would have held down unskilled jobs

    Definitely don’t want them driving anything

  2. Roger

    US employers are struggling to fill roles because they can’t get enough people to pass drug tests.

    There you go.

  3. struth


  4. Senile Old Guy

    You’re not allowed to hand in a draft and ask for feedback before the due date. That’s “cheating”, somehow…?

    It is not cheating and a sensible teacher would allow it.

  5. .

    No, you don’t want stoned or pissed truck drivers.

    The idea that someone who is sober but has traces of drugs in their system can’t work is a very stupid idea though. IIRC, THC can stay in your system for 90 days.

  6. struth

    Truck driving here and in the states are like chalk and cheese.

    We even at one stage had some bigger companies, (think TNT etc) who used to do driver swaps between the two countries.
    It didn’t last long.
    The Aussie drivers loved it over there, while many of the yank drivers didn’t make it through their first trip down Sesame Street (The Hume when it was still single lane) and quit on the spot.

  7. Senile Old Guy

    Ms Bishop also railed against the lack of women in politics, ­especially in the Liberal Party.

    Bishop is a perfect example of what is wrong with the LNP: a focus on personalities and not policies.

    The sudden move to the crossbenches by Liberal MP Julia Banks, she said, had “saddened” her because the party needed more “strong, centrist women” and her departure only “highlighted” the depth of the Liberal Party’s problem with women.

    Julia Banks is left wing climate change loon. That is the problem. Also, Banks is doing a classic dummy spit.

    “No party can meet its potential without ensuring it has an equal number of women in its ranks,” she said. “Fifty per cent of our population is female, 51 per cent in Australia, and that applies to the Liberal Party as well as the rest of the country.”

    Stupid, stupid, stupid identity politics. And Bishop wants to be PM but is running this stupid sexist line.

    Asked how she envisioned a world where women had equal footing, Ms Bishop asked the audience: “Has anyone seen the latest series of House of Cards, episode five? Say no more.”

    Really? Really? Most people do not watch House of Cards. So this is Bishop’s argument? What a moron.

    Ms Bishop said she was also disturbed by the lack of bipartisanship in national politics and the capacity to have “civil national conversations” on critical policy issues such as climate change.

    We can’t have “civil national conversations” on climate change because as soon as you say it is not an issue you get beaten up. That’s the problem. Bishop believes in climate change and that is a problem.

    Bishop is a complete airhead.

  8. Tintarella di Luna

    Bishop is a complete airhead.

    That’s the kindest thing anyone could say about her. Well done that gentleman

  9. Bruce of Newcastle

    How was the chemistry useful as a finance guy? Not doubting you. Its just interesting.

    As a chemistry guy I learned how to do financial analysis.
    If you say to your manager ‘how about we do this’ you need to demonstrate it will make money.
    It’s also pretty useful for checking your own investment decisions.

  10. Top Ender

    I guess Japan’s population a 100 years ago was half of what it is today

    Dunno what it was 100 years ago but it was around 70 million in 1945. Today 126 million.

  11. Roger:

    US employers are struggling to fill roles because they can’t get enough people to pass drug tests.

    That war on drugs is doing so bloody well, isn’t it?
    It has cost our society untold billions in just about everything, and the problem hasn’t even been touched – it’s gotten worse. And the money is causing an even greater problem with the crims having just about every judge, politician and public service senior bureaucrat dancing to their tune.
    Sounds like a subject for its own thread.

  12. calli

    On the night of 8 November 1984, thunderstorms dumped extremely heavy rain over a sizeable area near the centre of Sydney: at Observatory Hill 196 mm fell in the three hours from 10pm.

    I remember that day very well indeed. It rained hard all day. Creeks on the North Shore were running high and roads were cut.

    By the time of the city deluge, I was holding a brand new baby in my arms. Fortunately the doctor arrived just time wearing his catcher’s mit.

  13. Armadillo

    Thunder here this morning. Sends my poor mutt crazy.
    Shakes in fear and pants. Is there nothing we can do for her, my beautiful little Ruby dog?

    Struth, wrap a towel up around the front legs and chest and tie a know at the back of the neck.

    It will give Ruby the sensation that she is being held/cuddled and will give her a sense of security. I’ve seen it work with varying degrees of success. Certainly used to calm our dog somewhat.

  14. Armadillo

    Our other dog used to lay out in the yard during thunder/hail storms. He didn’t give a shit. In fact, it was if he enjoyed it.

  15. Armadillo

    The idiot would be jumping up in the air trying to catch hail stones. It was like an extreme version of “fetch” with a million masters chucking the ball all at once.

  16. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Still, the Cat is by far Australia’s busiest non-left political blog. It would be fun to see the latest annual numbers next January.

    Remember too, Tom, in those halcyon far off times, Sinc used to let us know who the most frequent contributors were: JamesK (of memory, has departed, he was ill I recall) and Gab were top performers. Candy and I were newbies, hopping in at decade’s start, and no other women but us three; Tal very infrequent by then. CL has been a long-term stayer, and JC, Rabz too. Tom, you arrived as a decadal also, I think, can you confirm this? I remember you were also on Bunyipitude. Some people claim to have come in from Blair’s old site. Bloggie is still here with another handle, and Winston. There are quite a lot of stayers actually, too many to name, some less frequent visitors recently. The numbers were smaller then, we used to have only one new forum each week with fewer new pages too. Birdie was still fun and had moments of sanity. Since then, so many new people, now regulars, more women, many interesting personalities, for that is a strength of this place – you feel you know people here as you might know neighbours. Not all about them, but enough. And where there are neighbours there are also neighbourhood spats. Like family, you don’t get to choose your neighbours. 🙂

    The Cat has given me tremendous confidence to write, and yikes, even publish. I encourage anyone left of centre to come here; it is a great place for people and ideas, for entertainment, amusement and venting. We all know how difficult it is to be true to our real feelings in social life in this PC land. Thanks goodness there is always Catallaxy. I get courage here to fight PC elsewhere.

    Also, sometimes, comfort. Everyone who has ever loved a dog feels for Helen.
    Doggie heaven is such a believable place. Good dog, Bill, good dog. Rabbiting forever.

  17. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Attapuss howls for me to get up when thunder starts in the early morning. If I don’t respond he heads for a doona on a spare bed in a room he considers to be his, and he crawls under it, as he also does whenever the doorbell chimes its William Tell tune. Once he’s under there he’s asleep in twenty seconds max. Not bothered by anything, securely safe, a great big lump in the bed the only giveaway. Comes out when I go in and say you can come out now. Turns once more into a Very Brave Animal.

  18. Tailgunner

    We have to start our own party.
    Our constituency is the Adorable Deplorables.
    Excise on smokes, hooch and gasoliiiiin! Halted, pushed back.
    Corporate tax cuts.
    The Reaper to sort out the femocracy/cuck public service. Des, Joh, you’re on this.
    JC, you have to step up as our Dos Equis man leader. Or new RBA guy.
    We activate all of our politicals. Senate only.
    Nothing but smashing shibboleths. From the Common Sense Right/neo-Nazi fringe.
    Then we can get some juice.
    There’s still plenty of smart Deplorables out there to grab.
    I work with these guys.
    SJW is not popular.
    Nothing but red pill trolling. Truth&Justice.

  19. Tailgunner

    Arma -do the bookies have a post Spring Carnival soiree?
    I bet you do you Bastards.

  20. Tailgunner

    The idiot would be jumping up in the air trying to catch hail stones

    As long as you had ramp in the pool…

  21. Cactus

    All this weather stuff makes me think you Sydney people have all gone soft.

    You’re lucky. We lived for three months in a rolled up newspaper in a septic tank. We used to hadta get up a’six in the morning, clean da newspaper, eat a crusta stale bread, go to work down the mill, for a 14 hour day, week in week out for 6 cents a month, and when we got home, our dad would thrash us to sleep with his belt.

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