Dan Mitchell on Obama and Trump and the economy

A nuanced analysis of the way things are going in the US.

During his final days in office, I gave a thumbs-down assessment of Barack Obama’s presidency. Simply stated, he increased the burden of government during his tenure, and that led to anemic economic numbers.

Now the economy seems to be doing a bit better, which is leading my friends on the left to make two impossible-to-reconcile claims.

1. It is doing better, but Obama deserves credit.
2. The economy isn’t doing better.

I’ve previously explained that the first argument doesn’t hold water. Today, let’s address the second argument.

Not as favourable for the Trump administration as I expected, given the amount of deregulation he has done.

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5 Responses to Dan Mitchell on Obama and Trump and the economy

  1. Tim Neilson

    Obama 2016 – “Those manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back – does Trump have a magic wand?”

    Obama 2018 – “Those manufacturing jobs have come back because of my policies”.

  2. Jef

    We now realise that we actually cannot take Obama seriously on what he utters. The President of the USA ? Give me a break .We shouldn’t even refer to him as Former US President. Like I’ve always said , he’s the biggest dud in the History of all US Presidents.. absolutely no substance ! Coming close second will be Bill Clinton.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    The global warming report that just came out illustrates the problem. Insanely lurid even if you accept the CAGW hypothesis.

    Yet it is the product of no less than 13 federal agencies, the denizens of which have been fighting tooth and nail to keep their jobs and stymie the President. Add in all the other public sector workers trying to do the same thing and you have a real drag on the economy – due to Obama’s stacking of the federal bureaucracy over 8 years.

    The swamp is bottomless.

  4. Mother Lode

    Obama was the most astounding juxtaposition of image and substance.

    He has repeatedly shown himself to be the most vacuous person in his own White House.

    But he was surrounded by plenty of people far more attuned and malign. They pulled his strings and got what they want. His job was to say his speeches and try to look ‘cool’.

    Listening to how scatter-brained he was when the teleprompter was taken away it was clear he was not his own master – he didn’t understand the half-truths and mistruths he spoke and tripped over his own tongue. But he thought he was in charge, which is how clever cruel people use vain ignorant ones.

    It will be an exquisite joy watching him continuing to (try to) defend his legacy as America grows and moves past his nightmarish Presidency – as one by one any connection to that pestilent bog is cut.

  5. HGS

    Trumps policies on trade don’t seem so bad, in fact they seem sane and potentially an improvement, at least for the moment.

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