Low wind day and improved video show.

There was a particularly low wind period this morning and the video demonstrating the problem of low wind days will include this period when the cameraman is back on duty this evening.

This is an upgraded version with a more exciting introduction and it is shorter with a lot of distracting material eliminated. The presentation is improving and it will get better in the next show on the German Trifecta of Failure.

We are also planning to tell the story in a conversation with an eye-catching young lady to get to people who will not sit still for a lecture from an old fart.

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3 Responses to Low wind day and improved video show.

  1. hzhousewife

    Sensible, compelling, and this is definitely the way forward in presentation.
    Even a 14 yr old school kid could follow the graphs – um, er, couldn’t they?
    If not, their teachers certainly could eh?

  2. Pickles

    Warm the set and cool the tinnies. We got windmill comedy AND baps.

  3. Linden

    This is sort of information that is not being injected into the public debate, all we are seeing is that school have been totally brainwashed with dooms day phobias by there lefty socialist teachers.

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