CIS papers and Alan Moran’s Climate News

Three on one page. Eugenie Joseph, Simon Cowan and Jennifer Buckingham.

Bonus. Lets hear it for WAVE POWER. What could go wrong?

Another bonus. A new paper from Libertyworks on Rural R&D.


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2 Responses to CIS papers and Alan Moran’s Climate News

  1. John Michelmore

    We’ve got one of those wave power thingies here in SA, that’s right it’s just off the coast at Carrackalinga. It has a few red floats around it to prevent anything running into it, and it’s proving to be a lovely reef attracting fish and bird life.
    Unfortunately the positioning for power generation is less than desirable though, because it is where it sunk years ago before it made it to its design location. The company went broke and nobody has the resources to clean it up! Ho Hum! I think it has a sister sunken near Port Kembla ad well.

  2. Lloyd Russell’s article is interesting because it reveals agrarian socialism is still the mantra of those flying the Liberty flag.

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