Peter Baldwin on identity politics and free speech

Peter Baldwin is the convenor of the Blackheath (Blue Mountains) Philosophy Forum. In the 1970s he was excited by the New Left and later as a member of the left faction in the NSW ALP he was seriously bashed by a rival faction.

Lately he has taken a stand against identity politics and this is the second in a series of papers that he is writing.

The main aim of this article is to underscore the gravity of the longer-term threat to free speech in nominally free Western societies arising from the digitalization of communication, the dominance of a few social media corporations, and disturbing evidence that the ideology of identity politics has engendered a growing antipathy to free and open debate of contentious issues within these vastly powerful and largely unaccountable organisations.

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  1. max

    Dangerous People Are Teaching Your Kids Jordan Peterson

  2. Muddy

    speech suppression is justified by the need to create space for the voices of the ‘marginalized’

    Thanks for the link, Rafe. I’ve just read through that and bookmarked the site for future visits.

    As I’ve commented in some of my Catictionary posts, the use and control of language is a major mode of socio-cultural insurgent infiltration.

  3. Muddy

    In Britain, the Crown Prosecution Service proudly boasts of securing over 15,000 convictions for ‘hate crimes’ in a single year

    From Rafe’s link above.

  4. AussieMAGA

    More dumb, self-defeating Libertard logic against identity politics.

    The only way not to have ‘identity politics’, as defined as conflict between competing collective identities, is to enforce a singular, homogeneous identity. However, Libertardianism is opposed to the imposition of homogeneity in favour of personal autonomy and non-discrimination.

    Libertards don’t really believe in freedom of association because they don’t believe in unfettered discrimination (based on gender, race, etc.) and national identity politics for the majority. The paradox is that this results in more identity politics and fracturing, not less, because, against all evidence, Libertards pretend that people can suspend their natural in-group preference and tribalism when exposed to Libertard ideology. Such a belief is stupendously ridiculous and contrary to all empirical evidence and human history.

    You either have a homogeneous society based on a singular, discriminating, identity, or you have multiculturalism with multiple ethnicities and other autonomous identities in conflict with each other.

    It’s either the WAP and traditionalism or Libertards whinging about identity politics forever. The Libertard will cling to their ideology stronger as their ideas fail more and more, as an escape into idealism is more tempting as they see their country turn into multicultural shithole.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare


    I guess we won’t be able to use that word any more if the gendering brigade see it as somehow offensive. I don’t know why they would, but these days you just can’t pick what will bring the loonies out in force.

    Very good to see Peter Baldwin standing up to be counted for free speech. All power to him.

  6. Rafe Champion

    Thanks Muddy, check out the Appendix to 1984! Chilling warning written a long time ago.

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