Catallaxy Literary Awards Christmas Present Suggestions

It is a sad fact that neither of my books made it into the finals of the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards this year. Given who the Prime Minister was at the time, and the subject matter of the books, I was not entirely surprised, but nevertheless disappointed. Still, it is not too late for you to turn these publications into just the right sort of Christmas gift for just the right sort of friends and relations.

The book that explains the election of Donald Trump as president is The Art of the Impossible. It was the complete collection of my assembled blog posts that began in July 2015 and through to the day of the American election in 2016.

Rightly, wrongly, I think there is no book like it to explain why and how PDT became president. And because it was written day-by-day through the election campaign by someone who actually wanted PDT to become president, it tells a story in a way that can never again be told, with all the tension and the deep uncertainty that came with following the events as they happened and where the alternative was Hillary Clinton.

Also not short-listed in the Children’s Literature section by the former PM was my Economics for Infants illustrated by the enormously talented Liam Capello.

This one at least won’t make you any enemies if you give it to their children, but whether it ever gets to their children once their parents have read it through is another story. One of the few pro-capitalist, free market children’s book anywhere. And if you read it, you will see why it could never make it past the adjudicators at the PMLAs. For children eight or older, but there is no upper age limit for which the book might not be instructive.



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6 Responses to Catallaxy Literary Awards Christmas Present Suggestions

  1. mh

    I’m interested to know how many copies of The Art Of The Impossible have been sold.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    I think the “renewables are cheap literature “ for the Fiction Prize ,the imagination of the authors is breathtaking.

  3. Leo G

    Rightly, wrongly, I think there is no book like it to explain why and how PDT became president.

    On the other hand, for childen to understand the Chinese president there’s Xinnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Once Pooh has eaten all Donald’s honey, he was too large to fit through the door- GOPher suggesting they may have to blast him out with dynamite. Perhaps someone should have heeded the early warning sign- don’t feed the honey bear.

  4. mh

    This would be a popular stocking filler:

    Trump’s America: The Truth about Our Nation’s Great Comeback
    by Newt Gingrich

  5. Old Lefty

    Not featuring Ms Milligan’s tome? After all, the legal ‘authorities’ seem to have concluded that it, and her Conti ued promotion of it, aren’t prejudicial. (And I just saw a formation of pigs doing advanced aerial acrobatics.)

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