The big money game driving alarmism and wind power

The Friends of Science organization in Canada has published an outstanding critique of the latest IPCC Special Report SR15. There is a particularly important section on the big money players who have taken over from Big Oil in the role of central villains in climate science. The problem is that the new Big Players are Big Solar and Big Wind and they are playing for the alarmist team. Not that Big Oil ever contributed more than small change to the realist camp and they changed sides over a decade ago.

The crucial sections of this very compact 34 page report are not far in under the headings A Climate of Conflict of Interest, ClimateWorks Foundation – Global Cap and Trade Plan, and Carbon Serfdom.

A Climate Conflict of Interest explains how Enron got into the game of emissions trading after some experience with cap and trade for sulphide emissions that were a big worry before CO2. Before they hit the wall they were a huge player in Washington to promote the Kyoto Accord because they saw the unlimited financial opportunities in emission trading. They could see that the big money plays would be the rules governing emission trading, the rules governing transfer rights between countries and the rules governing a gargantuan clean energy fund. [Are we starting to get the picture kiddies?]

Then as the climate scare started to grow they saw that this could be Gods gift to drive the frightened public (or at least gullible politicians) into compliance with their unvetted, non-transparent, economically and environmentally disastrous plans.

Next the section on ClimateWorks describes how a whole cohort of multibillionaires got into the act to maintain political pressure for climate funding, fund all the most influential environmental NGOs and behind the scenes plan the global carbon trading scheme that can deliver untold billions into the pockets of the chosen.

Then the ultimate objective Carbon Serfdom so the citizens can have a power allocation and when that is used up they can buy more from others who have been more frugal. Hence the role of Smart Meters so Big Brother can switch off your air conditioning when it suits.

That gives the flavour. Read and learn. I know this is old hat for some people but some others of us are just starting to get a glimpse of the deep financial state that is at work.

This is an introduction to the project.

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  1. min

    Rafe I thought you may be interested in this. Friend’s nephew works in Energy in Germany and she gave me an Email from him . He sounds a real greenie so perhaps Energiewendung. He was telling us the Turbines were mostly in North Sea and energy had to be transmitted to Bavaria where nost heavy engineering works are. Stronger Transmission lines are needed but Nimby stuff going on and they cannot transmit far . However sailed down the Rhine in May and saw many turbines in groups not working because not maintained . Did see McKinsey report on Energiewendung , transition flopped emissions up and poor made worse off.

  2. Jonesy

    “The Smartest Men In The Room” should be mandatory viewing in every classroom before any study on climate change.

  3. Mark M

    Not busy in Sydney on Tuesday night?

    Brought to you by fossil fuels …

    Tuesday Dec 4 2018, NSW Smart Energy Summit

    Doltone House Darling Island
    48 Pirrama Road
    Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009

    We have secured the most diverse group of thought leaders, developers, investors and experts on smart energy:

    The Hon Malcolm Turnbull, former Australian Prime Minister

  4. Herodotus

    It should make some useful idiot heads explode when they realise they’ve been duped and were working for the one percenters.

  5. duncanm

    Harken ? Harken ?

    Its quiet in here.

  6. Genghis

    min, there are now 14,000 derelict turbine monuments to this folly world wide.
    I have just finished this letter to the Aussie and I thought I would also post it here:
    Henry Herzog (Commentary, 3/12) notes that letters on the topic of global warming ‘everyone’s an expert on the science except the experts’. Now I am a scientist and I know very few of my scientific/engineering friends believe in Global Warming, to the extent that most or indeed any warming is by anthropological processes. But we do know of ‘experts’ like Michael Mann ‘the hockey stick man’ who abused scientific principles and upon whose work the early IPCC reports were made. True scientists have since completely debunked his work to the extent that the IPCC do not report it any more. The more people read about these false narratives from true scientists the less hysteria there should be in the community. As for teachers brain washing their students impressional young minds with clap-trap, it beggar’s belief. Then there is the statement ‘the (climate) debate is settled and renewable energy can fuel our economy,’ nothing is further from the truth. We will just have to wait for that stinking hot summers week with little wind, then we will all learn what the word ‘catastrophic’ really means!

  7. We will just have to wait for that stinking hot summers week with little wind, then we will all learn what the word ‘catastrophic’ really means!

    With a bushfire in VIK and a flood in QLD at the same time.

  8. struth

    There’s a level of trust in government and bureaucracy that the left constantly show that is staggering in it’s naivety and gullibility.
    As we see again with Harken.
    No scientific argument he can actually make (what has he really learned) yet believes the propaganda pushed by those who’s actions debunk their own rhetoric.

    The UN do not believe in Man Made Climate Change.
    They may say they do, but their actions betray their talk.

    Here is the biggest , most undeniable fact that cannot be challenged.
    If the world was really in trouble with climate change, the UN would be screaming at China to stop building the over one hundred new coal fired power stations that it is.
    No, it’s Ok says the UN…………………………………’s their turn to pollute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Something that would not be a consideration if their really was a looming catastrophe.

    Let’s face it, it’s only capitalist western countries who’s emissions are a concern to the UN.

    Now why would that be?

    Could it possibly be that the UN has been taken over by global socialists?
    The likes of the Secretary General, an out and proud leader of Socialist International, and the muslim world and varies totalitarian scum regimes?

    Not to the likes of Harken, who naively has been told by 24 year old pseudo scientists with invented titles that are completely reliant on government handouts, on the masses of bureaucrats that are living high on the hog because of this and who would be unemployable in the private sector, and all therefore desperate to keep pushing the narrative. (to the point of striking fear into the hearts of children) and those using it as the prime weapon to attack the west, billionaire global socialists like Soros,……………no he “believes”

    These are the dumb F..wits who probably haven’t lived long enough to have known other end of the world scares.

    It’s only the west who’s emissions the UN is concerned about, and it’s only the west’s borders being over run that concerns the UN.

    Funny about that.

    No sorry Harken , but I didn’t come down in the last shower of rain.
    You know, the rain that was never going to fall on the East coast again, according to Flannery, who by the way, was chief scientist regarding climate change, while never being of the climate sciences.

    What a dumb, racist sack of shit you are Harken.

  9. Bruce

    @ struth:

    “Could it possibly be that the UN has been taken over by global socialists?”

    If you take even a cursory glance at the history and development of the UN, it is abundantly clear that anything pushed hard by Stalin and his drooling acolyte, FDR, was not intended to be exactly benign. Churchill, the third of the Yalta players, was very wary of close entanglement with the soviets, but he got the boot in favour of a Moscow-centric Labour government, before the war was even over.

    Then there’s Chine, which has taken up the ideological “slack” in an appropriately Chinese way. The old (and new) “useful idiots” are falling over themselves to offer the greatest tribute to the Emperor, whilst dreaming of the coming quid pro quo celestial reward. They forget that, like most smart operators, the Central Kingdom knows how to deal with those who betray their own kin and country.

  10. Confused Old Misfit

    Our institutions have succumbed to a zeitgeist that has now assumed all the characteristics of a religion. Like Europe of old people are finding that they must, to survive daily social and business intercourse, assume a persona that may well be antithetical to their own knowledge and or beliefs. Much like having been a Catholic in Protestant England during several periods.
    Until strong leaders emerge or until an undeniable disaster occurs which can be attributed to the insane policies of the progressives it seems we may have to suffer.

  11. It should make some useful idiot heads explode when they realise they’ve been duped and were working for the one percenters.

    Not just one percenters but the worst bloody one percenters evah! Total fucking spivs who have conned trillions out of the poor for themselves. They built nothing for it, just destroyed. These shits have got rich off of destruction. They are the lowest form of scum is history.

    Worse still for the useful idiots (like the neo-Hitler Youth school kids of last week) is that not only have they enriched evil but they have actively caused the most impoverished, at best, to continue living in 3rd World squalid conditions and, at worst, actively caused the premature and unnecessary deaths of millions of people.

    Which was the plan all along of course.

    The left never changes.
    Death, destruction, poverty and misery. Always.

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