ANZACs versus climate change

H/t CL on the open thread. Too good to hide! I could imagine NZ taking on climate chance but I am disappointed that our defence forces are in it too!

Facing a potential future of mass climate migration, water and food shortages and violent conflict across the Pacific, New Zealand’s armed forces have declared climate change “one of the most significant security threats of our time”.

As humanitarian call-outs for New Zealand’s Defence Force skyrocket, Defence Minister Ron Mark has this year increasingly tied environmental concerns to security in what he calls a “war on climate change”.

A new report released on Thursday outlines the way in which the country’s military resources will be increasingly stretched by deteriorating conditions and pointed to a bleak series of potential threats.

They include the potential for increased violence from mismanaged climate migration, competition for resources, land disputes, food and water shortages, health crises and vulnerable populations losing their livelihoods.

“If we are to be an effective defence force … as these climate change effects start hitting us with increased intensity, increased frequency and shorted and briefer pauses, we need to be prepared,” Mark said.

Pacific leaders New Zealand and Australia earlier this year signed a security agreement that called climate change the “single greatest threat” to the region.

I suppose that was Julie Bishop. Everything is explained.

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28 Responses to ANZACs versus climate change

  1. How does a defense force “tackle climate change”.
    It must be something like attacking the dust bunnies under the bunk. Or perhaps mounting a raid on that skeleton in the closet.

  2. Boambee John

    How does a defense force “tackle climate change”.

    Use wind generators for target practice?

    Getting rid of the things would reduce harm to endangered species, reduce polluting infrasound, and stop local warming effects found where they operate.

    Win, win, win.

    And lower power prices.

    Win again.

  3. Fred Furkenburger

    Climate change is actually going to be a big risk factor in the future though not because of what they think. Cooling with the accompanying problems with shorter growing seasons creating food shortages and other issues to do with a colder world will be what we face. It may be just a conspiracy theory but I wonder if the Chinese purchase of large tracts of our farming land may be because they are a little more realistic, to put it nicely, than all too many Western scientists. This presentation is by a Russian Astrophysicist talking about where the sun’s solar activity might be heading. Very interesting and worrying.

  4. Nob

    Is this code for War on China?

    Biggest emitters and all.

    What would they threaten them with?

    Dumping excess sauvignon blanc on them?

  5. Myrddin Seren

    How does a defense force “tackle climate change”.

    Here are the French security forces showing how to deal with Climate Change Deniers flaunting their denialism on No Meat Saturday*, while brave French bureaucrats and politicians face long lines at the vegan food halls in Poland at the Katowice Climate Change Conference – in the heart of Poland’s coal mining areas – working out how soon the Deplorables can be forced off of meat and on to ground up mealy worms.

    I feel you can glimpse the future of government response to push back by the Proles on ‘To Save the Planet, you must give up… ( insert what you like here – ultimately it will be everything, anyway ).

    * No Meat Saturday may be poetic license.

  6. Is the world really going mad? The people proposing this crap are supposed to be leaders! What hope do any of us have when leadership of a country like NZ has deteriorated to this extent? What next – sequester the wealth of anyone not on welfare to fight this scourge on the planet? Oh wait!!!! Was that the sound of a dropping penny?

  7. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    It’s like someone dumped 1kg of LSD in the water supply in the 60s, everyone has gone stark raving mad.

  8. Roger

    Funny how the NZ government and its agencies are so willing to embrace climate change as a security threat but not Chinese influence/infiltration.

  9. Norman Church

    Climate change is our single greatest threat.

    But diversity is our greatest strength.

    There, all sorted.

  10. Rusty of Qld

    This climate change voodoo cult is now beyond embarrassing and ludicrous it is down right dangerous.
    Yes climate change voodoo is the greatest threat we face, not because of the climate but because the cultists are now getting control of guns and the means to use them to fulfill there cults religion.

  11. yarpos

    Assume there is a box to be ticked for someone seeking promotion? the new defence minister must be a fanboy/girl that will only support and promote people who think the groupthink and chant the correct phrases.

  12. Mater

    They include the potential for increased violence from mismanaged climate migration, competition for resources, land disputes, food and water shortages, health crises and vulnerable populations losing their livelihoods.

    Sounds awfully like the ailments of any country which has had a dose of socialism. I’ll wager that the suggested cure is worse than the supposed problem?

  13. Jannie

    The latest war brought to you by the designers of the war on drugs and the war on terrorism. Designer war, where nobody gets shot. Until the firing squads for the prisoners.

  14. Gerry

    So the submarines are going to torpedo coal bearing ships ?

  15. jupes

    As humanitarian call-outs for New Zealand’s Defence Force skyrocket,

    This is the future for the ADF as well.

    The ANZABS – the Australian and New Zealand Army Benevolent Society.

    No seriously. At least half the recruiting ads show the ADF delivering aid or helping little kiddies.

  16. Whalehunt Fun

    Bishop’s treason should result is appropriate response from authorities. I am reminded of
    The judgement of sisamnes by cambyses.

  17. flyingduk

    New Zealand has a Defence Force??

  18. iain russell

    Myrddin, many summers ago there was a tattoo parlour in Wanchai, HK, which had a wonderful photograph of a lady’s shaved pudenda, with the inked message above it ‘No Meat On Fridays’. Is this what you are referring to?

  19. Up The Workers!

    I am trying to imagine the sort of Recruiting poster that the Leftard clue-phobic dills running the Australian Defence Farces could knock up for our own fearsome ‘crack’ Battalion of Leftard “Diversity Trannies for Climate Change”.

    Camouflage lippy looks so cadaverous…better stick with the lurid red – it goes better with the high heels and fishnet stockings.

    The big question is whether the pointy rubber ‘Madonna-boobs’ hide the bazookas, or the flame throwers…maybe one of each?

    Join the Army
    Travel overseas
    Meet interesting new people
    And …enlarge the circle of your friends!

  20. DaveR

    Another arm of government conned by the doomsday cult that is climate change, propagated by European elites and their fellow travelers. If anyone had stopped to measure the real effect of climate change (which is natural) vs the ridiculously hyped models they would realise the magnitude of the deception. It is a dangerous position for Australian forces to adopt a position that “climate migration” will inevitably occur. Arguably there has been none anywhere in the world to date. Its good that Turnbull-Bishop and their ilk are gone – now for Pyne.

  21. Turtle

    The authority of science, which is recognized by most philosophers of the modern epoch, is a very different thing from the authority of the Church, since it is intellectual, not governmental. No penalties fall upon those who reject it; no prudential arguments influence those who accept it. It prevails solely by its intrinsic appeal to reason. It is, moreover, a piecemeal and partial authority; it does not, like the body of Catholic dogma, lay down a complete system, covering human morality, human hopes, and the past and future history of the universe. It pronounces only on whatever, at the time, appears to have been scientifically ascertained, which is a small island in an ocean of nescience. There is yet another difference from ecclesiastical authority, which declares its pronouncements to be absolutely certain and eternally unalterable: the pronouncements of science are made tentatively, on a basis of probability, and are regarded as liable to modification. This produces a temper of mind very different from that of the medieval dogmatist.

    Bertrand Russell, 1945
    A History of Western Philosophy

    Is “climate science” more like science or the medieval church?

  22. Terry

    “Climate Change” is Eurasia.

    They mean this to be a perpetual, unwinnable war.

  23. cohenite

    Man-made climate change is the Eden Myth repackaged for commies, wankers and moralising fuckwits. New Zealand is the freckle on Eve’s arse.

  24. Bruce

    This rot was initiated decades ago.

    The ADF is being turned ino moderately-armed social-workers.

    Police forces seem to have pretensions to some sort of militarism.

    This will not end well, nor is it intended to.

  25. Sydney Boy

    New Zealand has a Defence Force??

    A couple of hundred soldiers at least. Actually, well over half the NZ soldiers I have met are Maoris. Fearsome in battle.

  26. DaveR

    Cohenite, its a Doomsday cult that keeps changing the Armageddon date/scenario each time it is shown to be wrong. They will continue to reset its end of times until they are taken to task over the repeated falsehoods they peddle.

  27. .

    Damn the care packages, full speed ahead to nuclear arms procurement!

  28. JohnA

    As humanitarian call-outs for New Zealand’s Defence Force skyrocket

    As AB would say, “Name One!”

    Put forth the evidence that the number of call-outs has rocketed (!) skywards – since when? By comparison to when?

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