Christmas books

Books for Christmas. Light and not so light reading for young and old. My Amazon books and Others.

On the Amazon shelves we have guides to assorted books by Karl Popper, essays on Hayek and a collection of Australiana with sport, politics and science. Among the others, a historical biography of the great boxer Les Darcy (and an on-line account of his major fights) and the users guide to the strata titles legislation of Australasia circa 1982 (a collectors item).

Think what joy a well chosen book could bring to a loved one or even to yourself!

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One Response to Christmas books

  1. Libby Rice

    The book is still the best present! Honestly, for the last few years, I present to my family las vegas show tickets , but this year I am going to change something. Thank you for this collection, it’s amazing. The Logic of Scientific Discovery is on my to-read list. Reason and Imagination also will be good for reading

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