Ontario rightly rejects carbon tax but wrongly seeks to buy emission reductions

I have a piece in the Canadian Financial Post commenting on the Ontario Ford Government’s rejection of a carbon tax but introduction of a carbon auctioning system along the lines of the failed Australian Direct Action scheme introduced by the Abbott Government.  This buys up emissions from those who will reduce them most cheaply.  But it involves considerable bureaucracy and many of the “saved” emissions will be phantom ones, which would have been reduced anyway .

The piece outlines the deficiencies of this alternative to a carbon tax and concludes:

Doug Ford’s smarter alternative would be to just bite the bullet and abandon the pretense of abiding by the flawed Paris climate agreement and its “carbon dioxide is pollution” narrative, especially since Canada’s biggest competitor, the one to the south, is aggressively moving forward with, and benefiting from its program of energy abundance and dominance. All Paris-obedient nations — and provinces — will see a massive loss of competitiveness as Trump’s energy policies prevail.

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4 Responses to Ontario rightly rejects carbon tax but wrongly seeks to buy emission reductions

  1. I agree completely.
    It only confuses the public to continue to discuss anything to do with “reducing emissions”.
    Emissions of WHAT? IF we are talking about nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, etc., fair enough.
    They are correctly considered to be ‘pollution’ in some circumstances.
    But CO2 is not pollution. CO2 does not affect the weather. Not even a little bit.

  2. RobK

    I also completely agree and would add that what ever adversity might greet us in the future we are best equipped to tackle it with a robust, debt free economy and households. Tackle tangible problems.

  3. hzhousewife

    Tackle tangible problems.

    Exactly, eg increased CO2 is NOT a problem, concentrate on good transmission structures and solid base power creation.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    Bloody politicians never let a chance of getting more money to waste,to hell with policy ,what about my career? Gitta cover my ass on the climate scam ,might be a good well paying pretend “job” when I resign “to spend more time with my family”.( True meaning “before it hits the fan “ . )
    Mr soros is generous to those who lick his boots .

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