Open Forum: December 8, 2018

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  1. Oh come on says:

    And you are avoiding tbe issue with ad hominems


    No, I mocked you because I have clearly addressed “the issue”. You don’t have to agree with what I wrote, but you are being dishonest – or perhaps you are confused – if you claim I am avoiding the issue.

  2. Confused Old Misfit says:

    No mh, OCO’s quit the field.
    He fervently believes that there is “something ” in the void that is enclosed by her vertex.

  3. Armadillo says:

    A “Miss Venezuela” meme complete with bikini is all that it would take to destroy Cortez politically. She really does fit the mould. Fact is that Chavez is a hero to these dumbarses. It actually plays to their “base”. I can see the left embracing it and her. Meanwhile, middle Americans will be scratching their heads.

    I don’t actually have a problem with politicians moving to the extreme left, provided that the conservatives move further to the right of middle. Or at least to the middle. Stark choices make for better elections.

  4. Confused Old Misfit says:

    Oh Coms On he’s back!
    Will he explIn why he believes Occasional Cortex will be force majeure Democrztic politics?

  5. Muzzlehatch says:

    #2882066, posted on December 10, 2018 at 12:46

    The finger points to the Moon. The idiot stares at the finger.

    The French have cracked the shits and … oh gosh and by goodness .. The Lugenpresse are silent as to how this might travel through the rest of Europe..

  6. mh says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    Leakin’ James Comey must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful! This whole deal is a Rigged Fraud headed up by dishonest people who would do anything so that I could not become President. They are now exposed!

  7. Confused Old Misfit says:

    Cortex is a Socialist. The Democrats will mellow her but she will remain a progressive. Without powerful backing (which she mzy have/get) she will sink into obscurity. Depends, I surmise, on whether or not she can zeduce either Soros or that Californian billionaire.

  8. DrBeauGan says:

    She won against an incumbent Democrat and has faced zero scrutiny. Her electorate and the MSM love her. I suspect she will reveal what a dumb bint 27 year old Democratic Socialist actually looks like to the nation. Godspeed to her. The quicker she does it, the better.

    Quite so.

  9. Armadillo says:

    Macron and the EU must be shitting themselves at the moment.

  10. Muzzlehatch says:

    Tits Cortez does not matter any more. Since America lynched James Fields it can no longer be regarded as an institution under the rule of law.

  11. Oh come on says:

    He fervently believes that there is “something ” in the void that is enclosed by her vertex

    It isn’t a matter of belief. Are you denying what she has achieved? She has overthrown an entrenched, well-connected and well-funded establishment Democrat. That is no small matter. You are being obtuse in your claim that I’m a supporter of hers. I’m simply looking at the facts as they present themselves.

  12. Confused Old Misfit says:

    The US DOJ & FBI appear to have been corrupted. At least at the higher levels.

  13. Muzzlehatch says:

    #2882075, posted on December 10, 2018 at 12:58 am

    The CIA need to be arming the moderate French rebels.

  14. Oh come on says:

    Will he explIn why he believes Occasional Cortex will be force majeure Democrztic politics

    I already have. Can you explain why you don’t replace your keyboard?

  15. Confused Old Misfit says:

    OCO, I don’t cRe whether you like/support her or not.
    Why will she be a majoor factor in the future.?
    Juzt winning a seat doesn’t prove her qualities as exraordinary.

  16. Confused Old Misfit says:

    Ksyboard is a tablet.
    Sleeping pill working
    Night All

  17. Armadillo says:

    she will sink into obscurity

    Let’s hope not. Soros should back her with every cent he has.

    Besides the obvious fact she’s a 27 year old Socialist/Communist indoctrinated nutter, she’s got no hooters.

    IT has been lying on this site for years. He once described Julie Gillard as “sexy”.

    [Disclaimer: Comment above may not be accurate. IT might have said “horn bag” or something similar]

  18. Muzzlehatch says:

    Yes Tits’n’teeth Cortez is a needful play. America does not need bow tie ideology ATM it needs to disarm the corrupt business as usual. Trump a Conservative? Lol .. Cortez just needs to be a disinfectant. We Nazis didn’t want Trump .. we just needed America to experiment with the concept of honour.

  19. Oh come on says:

    She is young. She is likeable. She is (reasonably) attractive. She checks the intersectional boxes. Her political instincts are sound.

    She is a genuine contender from the left going forward. I’m sorry if you can’t accept this. I suppose time will tell.

  20. Armadillo says:

    The CIA need to be arming the moderate French rebels.

    Sounds sensible. The Ayatollah spent his exile in France. Delightful chap who regrew a finger.

  21. Muzzlehatch says:

    OCO it isn’t about this smoke screen Lefty Right crap that the Lugenpresse have sold you. It is about corupption and the elites bleeding the American working class like the paricites they are. Tits Cortez and Trump and Bernie Sanders are all good.

  22. Armadillo says:

    I’m sorry if you can’t accept this. I suppose time will tell.

    I’m pro Cortez. She is the best thing that could possibly happen for the Democrats, and the American public in general.

  23. mh says:

    PARIS: The French government on Sunday urged Donald Trump not to interfere in French politics after the US president posted tweets about the protests rocking the country and attacked the Paris climate agreement.
    “We do not take domestic American politics into account and we want that to be reciprocated,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told LCI television.

    “I say this to Donald Trump and the French president says it too: leave our nation be.”…

  24. Er… Armadillo…… small pedantic point.
    She’s Twenty-Nine years old.

  25. Muzzlehatch says:


    Absolutely.. tits’n’teeth Cortez is what America needs . They are mad cattle living with a Crushing class of parasites. What just got done to James Fields shows that America is no longer to be regarded as a civilised polity.

  26. Armadillo says:

    We do not take domestic American politics into account and we want that to be reciprocated,” Jean-Yves Le Drian told LCI television.

    What a dishonest arsehat. Who picked the fight on the world stage two weeks ago? What a grub.

  27. Armadillo says:

    Er… Armadillo…… small pedantic point.
    She’s Twenty-Nine years old.

    Steve, when was the last time you took note of the exact age when checking ID at the pub? She’s legal.

    Our main concern here is about hooters, and IT”s propensitity to lie. In the grand scheme of things, a year or two either way in age is irrelevant.

  28. Steve, when was the last time you took note of the exact age when checking ID at the pub? She’s legal.

    I’m Socrates – seeker of truth.
    When do I take notice of exact age?
    EVERY single time.

    Yep, her exact age is irrelevant – hence the point is purely pedantic. 😉

  29. Muzzlehatch says:

    Macro is throwing babies out of humidicribs in the hospitals. His henchmen have been bayoneting pregnant women. He has been using chemical weapons on his own people. Macron has militray helicopters indiscriminately dropping pianos on civilians.. for pity sake send Kalashnikov rifles to the moderate French rebels so as they might defend freedom and democracy.

  30. mh says:

    No muzzle!

    The policy of regime change has been shown to be a disaster. The way forward is death by Twitter.

  31. Armadillo says:

    I do however conceded to IT on the “red lipstick” stuff. It’s a weird sort of “Sheliah Magic” that makes them look like Marilyn Munroe. A Sheliah probably also invented beer. Wouldn’t put it past them. The Tooheys brothers were probably sisters in jeans with short haircuts and hormonal induced facial growth.

  32. Armadillo says:

    I’m Socrates – seeker of truth.

    Sure you are. My humble apologies.

  33. mh says:


    She thought the age limit restriction on running for President only applied to men. Weirdorama.

  34. RobK says:

    Anyone got the tool for removing valve guides in Model A’s?
    I refered to a book I have called “Dykes Automobile Encyclopedia” 1949 edition. It has 25 pages covering the model A Ford Car, including a page and a half on valve servicing. I was looking to see what tool was required to remove the valve guides. The relevant point #13 says:
    “Refacing and reseating: Should the valves require refacing or the valve seats need reseating, it will be necessary to remove the valve-guide bushings in order to withdraw the valves.
    To remove the bushings lift out the valve springs; the bushings can then be withdrawn through the valve chamber. If the guides bind in the cylinder block they can be removed by tapping them out with a brass rod inserted through the valve opening in the face of the block.”
    I do happen to have a valve-spring compressing tool for side valve motors if you need that or if you want me to copy the pages relevant to the A model please contact me via email from Sinc.

  35. Snoopy says:

    I bet fake Hispanic ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is hoping that he wins in 2020 so he doesn’t have to face off against Cortez in 2024.

  36. Armadillo says:

    Death, I have the updated version of the “Dykes Automobile Enyclopedia” that Rob A mentions above. It’s the 1952 edition. There are retractions and additions in relation to previous editions. The Model A section is 139 pages. Seems that the valves and that stuff is more complicated than they first thought. It appears that the original 1949 edition omitted critical information.

    You can contact Sinc for my email address if you wish to purchase it. Cash upfront.

    I also have a proper valve-Spring compressing tool for sale. Rob K’s is probably a cheap Chinese “knock off”.

    Think of how embarrassing it would be to “blow a valve” when pushing your Model-A around town? You need to spend the money and “do things right”.

    I’m here for you, buddy.

  37. Armadillo says:

    No refunds..

  38. Armadillo says:

    Sheilahs have pretty much “lost the plot” in attracting blokes.

    They have gone from “red lipstick” and standing over “windy drains” in a cute dress to the current situation. Oversized glasses, purple hair, a nose ring and/or tattoos.

    Why can’t they just make a sandwich and fetch a beer like they used to? And not only wash clothes, but iron them. Things were much simpler back then.

    Blokes are partly to blame. How fucking hard is it to open a car door? Seriously, it’s a slippery slope. Once Sheliahs started opening their own car doors was the day that civilisation as we know it collapsed.

  39. RobK says:

     The Model A section is 139 pages
    Have you got the Braille version?

  40. Armadillo says:

    Have you got the Braille version?

    It’s why it’s so expensive. I’ll negotiate a price with Death.

  41. RobK says:

    It’s why it’s so expensive
    Is your valve-spring compression compression tool for side or overhead valves? ☺

  42. Armadillo says:

    I was never in favour of Sheliahs being able to drive until the RBT came in.

  43. Armadillo says:

    Is your valve-spring compression tool for side or overhead valves?

    What is this, an interogation?

  44. Armadillo says:

    It’s shiny and looks to be made of pure silver.

  45. RobK says:

    It’s shiny and looks to be made of pure silver.
    Probably a knock off. Mines covered in authentic rust.

  46. Armadillo says:

    If “the state” hadn’t introduced the RBT, things would be much different.

  47. RobK says:

    RBT brought on the introduction of the six pack for roadies iirc.

  48. RobK says:

    Steel cans travelled under the seat a lot better than the ali ones.

  49. Armadillo says:

    Blokes would finish work and have half a dozen beers with their mates after work. The Sheliahs would greet them in red lipstick when they got home and cook a roast dinner. Probably pork or lamb. Veges would come from the garden she’s carefully tended. Spuds, carrots and baked onions. None of that green stuff.

  50. RobK says:

    The ring-pull would have to go down as one of the marvels of packaged beer . Opening steel beer cans with the pointy beak type opener on two sides was a pain. Not too bad to start with but after the first half dozen or so, sometimes it could get tricky, especially if you’re driving.

  51. Armadillo says:

    Mines covered in authentic rust.

    As is Arky’s “car”. No way in the world is that death trap going to get registered.

  52. Armadillo says:

    Not too bad to start with but after the first half dozen or so, sometimes it could get tricky, especially if you’re driving.

    Only if you are rolling a smoke.

  53. RobK says:

    No way in the world is that death trap going to get registered.
    I noticed the 200cu inch motor pumps out 40 bhp so it should be ok for funerals.

  54. Armadillo says:

    Zippos were a handy invention. Matches are crap.

  55. RobK says:

    Only if you are rolling a smoke.
    Yes, I was going to mention that but pressed to button too soon.

  56. Armadillo says:

    I noticed the 200cu inch motor pumps out 40 bhp so it should be ok for funerals.

    Arkys best option would be to pay a French yellow shirt to burn the fucking thing. Insured or not, at least it’s “off his hands”.

  57. RobK says:

    Matches are crap.
    They are. Phosphorus pentoxide is pretty toxic too. If you have a well used match box and rub the scratchy pad in darkness with your finger, the phosphorus glows. Must be great in your lungs. Matches are good for lighting safety fuse though.

  58. Armadillo says:

    Matches are good for lighting safety fuse though.

    And cars.

  59. RobK says:

    And cars.
    They made that an art form in Sweden, now the frogs are following on.

  60. Armadillo says:

    The entire abortion of a thing is basically wood and the tyres are rubber. It would light up like a Christmas Tree.

    It’s probably not even his. He’s probably snuck into his neighbours garage and started filming shit.

  61. RobK says:

    The floor tiles hint at perhaps a disused diner.

  62. Armadillo says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if Arkys “running video” ends up being evidence in a stalking court case.

    The bit about “waving” and saying “hello” to people you passed was rather awkward.

    No footage of the “victims”. I’ll leave it at that.

  63. Armadillo says:

    Rob K has pretty much screwed tonight’s record attempt.

    Consider yourself “on the list”.

    I’ll be back when things get quieter.

  64. RobK says:

    At your service.

  65. Tom says:

    Johannes Leak (with the Paywallian’s year-in-review media gossip).

  66. Tom says:

    Being a leftard simpleton, David Rowe’s swallowing of Democratic Party talking points is Montyesque.

  67. bespoke says:

    Oh come on
    #2882055, posted on December 10, 2018 at 12:34 am
    You are being dismissive in the same foolhardy manner that the left dismissed Trump before he beat Hillary.
    I am not happy with the politics of Ocasio-Cortez. She isn’t someone I would like to see in any kind of elected office. But I recognise her as a potentially dangerous foe.

    Yep, She has no depth in her thinking and will do things because she can and not put any thought on why she should. This is a progressive trait.

  68. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Being a leftard simpleton, David Rowe’s swallowing of Democratic Party talking points is Montyesque.

    Look on the bright side Tom.
    It’s the first one he’s done for weeks without Abbott in it.

  69. Tom says:

    You’re right, Bruce. Judging by the skyline atop his Twitter account, AbbottSatan is living rent-free in David Rowe’s head.

  70. Herodotus says:

    That Paris Agreement one by Zanetti is up to Leak standards – imitation/flattery?

  71. Mark from Melbourne says:

    Thanks, Tom

  72. egg_ says:

    Gosh where are all these other exciting Australian blogs?

    VRWC ones without debate and virtually live interaction? Pass.
    At least, the trolls keep the Cats on their toes, some of whom are suspected to purely generate debate/blog traffic.

  73. egg_ says:

    A beautiful 103 year old lady!

    And still shunting.

  74. egg_ says:

    Zanetti #2 – good Bananaby likeness.

  75. egg_ says:

    the only intelligent troll who comes here and he is a racist loon.

    That sums up a lot of the Left.

  76. egg_ says:

    A formation flypast will include the two F-35A fighters and three FA-18 Classic Hornets.

    Trivial numbers of Hornets, how many could we actually put in the air if needed?

    Only ever saw 3 in formation around Newcastle.

  77. calli says:

    It’s just an impression I got, but I don’t think Pickles was being quite serious in Sea Patrol’s Snugglebunnyness.

    Particularly when coupled with his posted photo.

    Although taste is an odd thing. Who are we to judge?

  78. min says:

    I heard that 100 underage protesters were arrested in Paris. They must have avoided the classroom indocrination that is prevalent here. We can assume those on the left do not read what is happenning re Renewables in Europe eg Germany . Like every socialist policy no matter how much it plays on the heart strings, poor people are always the losers. But then again I have not found too many lefties who think rationally that is emotions rule the head.
    I hope Santa when giving out the presents this year to all those child protesters , makes sure none were made using fossil based fuel ,do not need electricity to function and do not use batteries made using rare earths , cobalt etc . Home sewn hemp clothing perhaps?

  79. 2pp 45-55

    Wow. Fantastic.

    Trumble is the fart in the Liberal elevator.

  80. Top Ender says:

    Driverless bus trial ‘a costly flight of fancy’

    The driverless bus outside the Convention Centre before its very expensive trial Picture: JUSTIN KENNEDY

    A “DRIVERLESS” bus trial which Chief Minister Michael Gunner hailed as a key plank in the government’s plan to revitalise the Darwin CBD ended up costing the taxpayer more than $25 for every passenger who hopped aboard.

    Representatives from French-headquartered technology company EasyMile flew to Darwin in late 2016 to boast about the six-month bus trial, which Mr Gunner described at the time as exciting.

    The trial cost the taxpayer $150,000.

    “I’m personally excited about the bus – not terrified,” Mr Gunner said when launching the bus trial.

    “If people are terrified by the bus, that’s something we’ll have to manage.”

    A damning report evaluating the trial – quietly published in the recesses of the Department of Lands Planning and Infrastructure website – showed that the “driverless” bus had two drivers on board when it took the potentiallydangerous journey along the Esplanade.

    Members of the public were not allowed on board during those 4km cross-city jaunts, which “explored the bus’s capabilities on open public roads” and which were the culmination of the six-month taxpayer-backed trial.

    When passengers were allowed on board, the bus had a single “operator”, whose role former Waterfront Corporation chief executive Sam Burke said last year was “to make sure the technology doesn’t take over in some sort of crazy way”.

    Mr Burke, who has since left the Waterfront Corporation, described the trial as “highly successful”.

    The report reveals 5912 passengers rode the bus between February and September last year, meaning each journey had an effective cost to the taxpayer of $25.30.

    The 500m journeys often took as long as 15 minutes, at speeds sometimes limited to as little as 5km/h.

    During the trial the bus travelled 1646km, meaning each kilometre on the odometer cost the taxpayer $91, or nearly 60 times the distance rate of a Darwin cab. Among a litany of “learnings” the report found was that the bus’s airconditioner was “inadequate for operation” during the Wet season.

    The Waterfront Corporation’s annual report last year described the bus as “a safe and efficient way to connect spaces … and move people between them in comfort”.

    Opposition leader Gary Higgins said the trial was an overpriced “dud”.

    “Territory taxpayers have yet again paid for one of Labor’s flights of fancy,’ he said.

    The driverless bus trial won an award for excellence and innovation at the National Parking Industry Awards last year.

  81. Death Giraffe says:

    Very kind of you, RobK. But I have all I need except:
    This is what I was after.
    Think I will just make one.
    Pretty easy engine to work on. Needs new valve guides, flywheel ring gear and after I figure out which way to go with the bores that will be it.

  82. Death Giraffe says:

    Also: good work keeping the turtle- rodent from doing that number thing.

  83. Farmer Gez says:

    Why all the life insurance adverts lately?
    Must be cream to be skimmed.

  84. RobK says:

    I dont have one of those, sorry.

  85. hzhousewife says:

    Insurance companies are keeping the advertising industry afloat.

  86. Death Giraffe says:

    Insurance companies are keeping the advertising industry afloat.

    Sure it isn’t various levels of government and political ads doing that?
    Our paid for media.

  87. Death Giraffe says:

    Insurance companies are keeping the advertising industry afloat.

    Government and political parties advertising keeps our paid for media/ advertising industries afloat.
    That is why they do not investigate anything.

  88. Percy Popinjay says:

    Sheridan’s column in the Oz today is even more incoherent than his usual efforts – and no, I’m not linking to or reposting any of it.

  89. Myrddin Seren says:

    Here is one for John Constantine, via SDA

    Who will care for the cows

    Statistics from graduate exit surveys show less than half of graduates will go into large animal or mixed practice. The balance will work on small animals, primarily dogs, cats and other small pets.

    Let’s see graziers comply with the animal welfare OH&S if there aren’t the qualified professionals around.

    Because ?

    It’s been about 30 years (since 1986) since there was an equal number of male and female students attending veterinary schools in the United States. In this year’s class, more than 80 percent of students are women.

    An extraordinary change in the profession is spiking. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the current ratio is 55 percent female/45 percent male in the veterinary market (private and public).

    Speaking for our family, the future may be vegan – but the pets like their yummy, tasty carnivorous meals.

    The veganzes femivets got some explaining to do to all the hungry widdle faces.

  90. Tom says:

    Percy, imagine if the Paywallian was an actual newspaper that, you know, broke stories and stuff instead of publishing endless reams of opinion from our idle chattering classes.

  91. John Constantine says:

    The vet thing for large animal care also hangs up on the new economy.

    Male vets that are willing to work with big animals are good catches for women working in good City jobs, the wives can’t move to the country where the Big cows are without being cut off from the crony inner city networks that ration access to opportunity in today’s Australia.

    Socially, big cow country isn’t the same as inner city cafe culture.

  92. calli says:

    Can’t have that Tom. The proles might start to think for themselves. Who knows where that would end?

  93. Farmer Gez says:

    I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a wet summer.
    70mm for Nov-Dec so far in our dry pocket of NW Vic with big totals predicted for the end of the week.
    We’ve gone into each cropping season lately with little subsoil moisture, so it will be a pleasant change to have the luxury of planning crop rotations not solely based on available water.
    Lots of canola will go in the ground. The new varieties are chemical resistant and proving to be tougher plants than cereals. We have really fallen behind in producing wheat and barley that stand up to heat and frost.
    Canola is driven by the highly commercial private breeders in North America and Europe and the results speak for themselves.

  94. Myrddin Seren says:

    The proles might start to think for themselves. Who knows where that would end?

    Paris ?

  95. John Constantine says:

    Suicide rates for wymynsys vets working with wymynsys fur babies are far too high.

    The stress of putting down much loved companions of people that depend on them is high, as is saving an animal at the cost of pushing the owner into poverty.

    There was a hope of robot vets, artificial intelligence monitoring software and the internet to do some jobs, but it hasn’t worked yet.

  96. Myrddin Seren says:

    The stress of putting down much loved companions of people that depend on them is high…

    Speaking as a fur baby owner – yes. Stressful for all concerned.

    There was a hope of robot vets,….

    To do the stressful Needful ? And we would call these End-of-Life robots – Terminators ?

    ( All is proceeding as per The Prophecy ).

  97. John Constantine says:

    Canola seed companies to jack up prices to thirty thousand dollars a tonne to play the supply demand game.

  98. . says:

    When normal people can’t afford a house, have stagnant wages and see a wealthy elite getting richer and richer through cronyism and corporatism this is what happens.

    IT is right. We need a lot of abolition and reduction in taxes and regulation.

    37%-47% of the cost of a new home is TAX.

    This is after you’ve already paid income tax, and your boss has paid 10.5% superannuation and payroll tax of around 4.5% (and they’ve paid company tax).

    (Mmmyes Winston I saw that too. It was meant to be sarcastic – some people in the civil service fear an improvement in social indicators because many of them would be redundant. The welfare lobby would never go for it; despite the good work some do, their profession by definition are leeches; much like lawyers, only making money off misery).

  99. . says:

    Mitch M.
    #2882005, posted on December 9, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    Qld RE auction clearance rates only 27% this week. Housing figures not assisted by fears of Shorten winning.

    Get ready for the big slowdown because banks are closing shop.

    I’ve seen speculation that LVRs were going to drop to 70%, but I looked at an investment loan with the big 4 recently and they were still offering 90% LVR at a relatively competitive rate.

  100. Myrddin Seren says:

    And speaking of….

    Suicide rates for….

    AFP officer takes her own life at police headquarters – the fourth in two years

    An experienced Australian Federal Police officer appears to have taken her own life on Sunday at the force’s headquarters in Canberra, the fourth member of the force to do so at work in two years.

    The woman was understood to be a mother and had served about 15 years with the AFP in a variety of roles.

    It was the second time in just six weeks that an AFP member has taken their own life at the Edmund Barton Building, the Canberra headquarters for the force,

    I have a suspicion that the AFP doesn’t have a good handle on the emotional and mental stability of its armed officers.

    And if one of them goes postal with a Glock at, say, an airport ?

  101. . says:

    Most female vets I know/used to hang out with go back to their family farm, marry into another farming family or do rural mixed/large animal practice.

    The women who study animal biology and go straight into research seem fairly capitalist.

    They don’t become vegans, but some of them hate the horse racing industry.

    Then you have equine students, the dudes are just looking to shag all and sundry, the women are either loaded or horse poor weirdos and they fanatically hate horse racing, and endlessly post pics of abused furry pals on social media. The dudes like racing and usually get a job there.

  102. . says:

    Canola seed companies to jack up prices to thirty thousand dollars a tonne to play the supply demand game.

    So you’re holding on to anything you could salvage?

  103. OldOzzie says:

    Coalition numbers dip in latest Newspoll as Julie Bishop’s Twitter likes disaster results

    Julie Bishop has raised eyebrows after her Twitter account “liked” a post showing Labor would win the next federal election in a landslide victory, while the Coalition would face a wipe-out loss of 25 seats.

    The former foreign affairs minister, who hasn’t ruled out making another tilt at the Liberal leadership, “liked” the tweet last night which showed the early results of today’s Newspoll.

    The poll, taken exclusively for The Australian, shows the Coalition has ended the year in a slump with voters, coming in behind Labor on a two-party preferred vote of 55-45 for the third consecutive poll.

    It’s the 46th consecutive Newspoll loss for the Coalition and the seventh for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

    The Coalition’s primary vote moved up a point to 35 per cent in the latest poll but is still more than seven points down on the 2016 election result.

    Labor leader Bill Shorten has closed the gap on Mr Morrison, jumping two points to 36 per cent as preferred prime minister while the PM dropped two points to 44 per cent.

    With an election just six months away, Labor’s primary vote has gone up a point to 41 per cent, marginally below that registered in the 2007 election that resulted in Labor’s massive win under Kevin Rudd.

    It’s the third consecutive poll where Labor has taken a commanding lead over the Coalition, registering 55 to 45 on a two-party preferred basis.

    A turbulent final week in parliament saw approval ratings for both leaders drop with Mr Morrison’s satisfaction rating dipping a point to 42 per while those unhappy with his performance went up three points to 45 per cent.

    Mr Shorten also dropped a point with an approval rating of 36 per cent and one point rise in those dissatisfied with his performance as leader.

    Mr Shorten however managed to close the gap on Mr Morrison’s lead as preferred prime minister gaining two points to 36 per cent while the Liberal leader dropped two points to 44 per cent.

    Parliament returns in February, with the budget set for April 2 and an election mooted for mid-May.

    One Nation ended the year with a primary vote of seven per cent — one point down on the last Newspoll.

    The Greens remained the same on nine per cent.

  104. . says:

    muzzlehatch tried to say that WWII wasn’t honourable.

    You could make an argument that Australia ought not to have fought in Europe, but that’s about it.

    I can’t see how anything was owed to Italy, Germany or Japan; Poland did get screwed over. No doubt the punishment brought against the perpetrators of the European mass killings and ravaging of Nanking was just.

    Unless he’s saying that the USSR ought to have been treated as an Axis Power?

    I also feel that Dresden and the 1st and 2nd bombs were militarily justifiable.

  105. . says:

    I can meet several women a week who are well endowed with better looks, personality and worldview than Occasional Cortex.

    There are some posters here who are political groupies. Ugly MPs literally get them in heat. It’s just weird.

  106. dot don’t even start on the ‘justifiable’.
    21st century norms retrofitted to a 1945 world. bugger off.

    PS was William justified in invading Hastings?

  107. . says:

    #2882101, posted on December 10, 2018 at 2:23 am

    I bet fake Hispanic ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is hoping that he wins in 2020 so he doesn’t have to face off against Cortez in 2024.


    He’ll be destroyed. It is great that the US left now say they’re communists, it makes everything easier.

    Funnily enough, Occasional still frames her communism in terms of “hurting intersectional minority X”.

  108. John Constantine says:

    Always keep a bit of open pollinated canola seed as insurance against sowing seed scarcity.

    The closed loop, farmer as peasant tenant, hybrid canola seed plus chemical plus accreditation plus regulation sold as a package is always dear as poison.

  109. stackja says:

    Rita Panahi: Letting biologically male [email protected] into women’s prison is sheer lunacy
    Rita Panahi, Herald Sun
    December 9, 2018 10:37pm
    Subscriber only

    Transgender activists may be tiny in number but they are disproportionately loud, powerful and exert considerable influence in the media, academia and, increasingly, government authorities.

    In Britain, trans rights madness has resulted in men who identify as women, but are still biologically male with functioning penises, being locked up in female prisons.

    In one recent case a convicted [email protected] charged with serious offences was put in a female prison where within days he sexually assaulted female inmates.

    The same folk who believe gender is not only fluid and a social construct but is purely psychological, not physiological, want us to adopt terms like “womxn” or “CISwomen”. No thanks.

    Even the term “menstruator” has increased in usage. Menstruator is what I’d expect a misogynist to call women. It reduces womanhood to a bodily function, and yet in an effort to appear more inclusive the BBC and Teen Vogue recently used the term, which predictably led to online backlashes.

    Trans activists and their ever-increasing demands for what they see as inclusion have caused a split in the feminist movement.

    Germaine Greer was among the first feminist leaders to fall foul of activists whose hypersensitivity is even more acute than other proudly hysterical subgroups of the Left.

    The Female Eunuch author has been called a transphobic, a bigot and a TERF (trans exclusionary radical feminist).

    Her thoughts on transgender women have led to Greer being black-listed from some universities and writers’ festivals.

    But she has got off lightly if you consider the way others guilty of wrongthink have been punished despite their credentials as Leftist feminists.

    Last week academic and human rights lawyer Rosa Freedman detailed what she has endured since sharing her view that “a woman is defined by law as biological not psychological”.

    The University of Reading professor has been threatened with rape, murder and legal action, been slandered by colleagues and strangers alike, been called a Nazi and a transphobe and her office door was soaked in urine.

    It’s incredible what ugliness is unleashed by those who preach love, tolerance and understanding.

  110. Elle says:

    Tony Abbott being interviewed on 2GB by Ray Hadley. Quadrant got a mention by TA.

  111. . says:

    What’s the difference between a Bassist and a 12″ Pizza?


    A 12″ Pizza can feed a family of four.


    A missionary goes to an island and when he gets there he notices drums are always playing–no other instruments or sounds–just drums–he thinks it must be related to some ritual and eventually the drums will stop–but they don’t–the drumming goes on & on. he’s trying to be patient & learn about the Islanders–so he goes about that and doesn’t mention the drums, trying to be polite

    Finally after a couple of weeks it starts driving him even more crazy–so he asks the chief why the drums never stop. the chief replies, “If the drums stop, then something very bad happens.” The missionary thinks this is a superstition, but wants to understand their ways–so he asks,”What happens?” The chief answers,


    “When drums stop, bass solo starts”

  112. 132andBush says:

    Have you finished harvest yet?

  113. woolfe says:

    United States had 111,606 killed and 253,142 wounded in the pacific theater.

    Australia had 9,470 killed and 13,997 wounded.

  114. struth says:

    Mmmyes Winston I saw that too. It was meant to be sarcastic – some people in the civil service fear an improvement in social indicators because many of them would be redundant. The welfare lobby would never go for it; despite the good work some do, their profession by definition are leeches; much like lawyers, only making money off misery).

    The misery these people condone when they know it’s themselves that cause it, is the sickening reality of leftism.
    Go to a remote aboriginal community, or indeed just places like Alice Springs, where people are so derelict and drunk, drugged out and high on Petrol, they shit and fornicate in the coles car park, piss on the carpet of the wesptac bank, stink to high heaven, and their children scavenge for food or anything, even at the dump, scream at each other and are violent and distraught, while their without exception, left wing bureaucrats charged with their welfare, live the high life courtesy of the taxpayer in the upper “golf course estate” in architecturally designed homes.
    This misery is what they must maintain at all costs, to justify their existence.
    And they have done it now for fifty years.
    If you want to see the pure hypocrisy and evilness of the left, and the reason I become so political, is to see what these c..nts are willing to do to our aboriginal brothers and sisters, our fellow Australians, to maintain their own welfare and largess, with the results squarely in front of their faces, yet agitate for more of the same.
    I have a hatred for the left wing mind.
    It is pure evil.
    It is completely consumed with it’s own ends.

  115. . says:

    PS was William justified in invading Hastings?

    No but he was more related to the Saxon Royal line than the Godwins, who were murderers (Prince Alfred), but that presupposes that any of them had the right to rule as autocrats.

    I believe WWII can be justified with modern day sensibilities. Usually, those protesting that we won are not fully aware of the horrors of the German regime or the fanaticism of the Imperial Japanese Army.

  116. Elle says:

    New thread

  117. Snoopy says:

    Many otherwise intelligent people believe absolute rubbish. Socialism, CAGW and Keynesian economics for example.

    Occasio-Cortez did not accidentally win nomination. Sure she enjoyed favourable media coverage. But watch she achieved is the Australian equivalent of a 27 year old female political novice taking pre-selection away from someone like Mark Dreyfus.

    Occasio-Cortez saw an opportunity, believed in herself and planned and executed a ruthless campaign with military precision. Don’t believe the media spin that it was all due to her precociousness.

    She’s a very capable hard-left socialist. She’s dangerous and should not be misunderestimated.

  118. Rae says:

    Who are we to judge?

    Who indeed? Pregnancy photos are often unflattering to unrelated persons.

    It’s good that none of the old women at the Cat post selfies here.

  119. Myrddin Seren says:

    Health has emerged as the top priority for NSW voters, as the Coalition deals with a problematic new public-private hospital and Labor campaigns on funding hospitals instead of stadiums.

    The polling also showed that Labor leads the Coalition 51 to 49 on a two-party preferred basis and Mr Daley, who replaced Luke Foley last month, is the preferred premier.

    Nein News had a current video of Our Glad last night. She looks ‘drawn’. I don’t imagine she is getting a lot of sleep right now.

    For the obligatory Nein state government weekend news blurb, they ran a story on this.

    $13.5m pamper pack nobody needs

    It is actually old news, per the date on the linked article, and I guess Nein could turn to Gladys’s spin merchants and say ‘Hey, we are keeping our end of the bargain – that was a ‘good news’ story’.

    Except for people like me, it has the opposite effect, showing a desperate and out-of-touch government hosing money around like a drunken sailor trying to buy votes. ( $150 worth of ‘inkind’ slipped in to a bag and handed over is about as close to buying votes as you get outside the Poostans. ).

    Probably that was the real intention of the Nein news producers, given the polling results that were about to drop.

    Brace for wall-to-wall Labor….(he says, as the lights flicker, dim and then go out )

  120. Myrddin Seren says:

    Attention medical and science wonks.

    Letter to the BMJ.

    Apart from other issues, what is the effect of weed on little brains in utero ?


  121. . says:

    Anything to perpetuate the stupid war on drugs, right?

  122. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Health has emerged as the top priority for NSW voters

    Well knock me down with a feather that the Silly says ‘health has emerged as the top priority for NSW voters’. Only university trained communications experts could come up with such amazing stories.

    Fortunately, in the near future, a lack of parrot cage liner will emerge as a nice gift to the voters.

  123. C.L. says:

    After lynching of black man, Hollywood considers angry lesbian for hosting duties at the (now irrelevant) Oscars:

    Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby has been touted as a potential replacement to host the Oscars, after the sudden withdrawal of comedian Kevin Hart.

    The Motion Picture Academy has been scrambling to find a fill-in for February’s ceremony, after Hart, named as host on Wednesday, was forced to quit just 24 hours later following the discovery of his homophobic past tweets.

    Gadsby was one of a number of suggestions put forth by Hollywood trade publication Variety, alongside proven veterans like Ellen DeGeneres and Neil Patrick Harris …

    Hannah Gadsby touted for Oscars hosting gig.

  124. Mother Lode says:

    $13.5m pamper pack nobody needs

    Glad bags?

  125. Jannie says:

    Apart from other issues, what is the effect of weed on little brains in utero ?

    Its a moot point. Pregnant women should not do recreational drugs.

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