Trolling the warmies in Poland!

Almost too good to be true, an epic troll by the Poles at the Climate Jamboree that they are hosting. h/t New Chum in comments.

The Polish Coal Miners band, dressed in smart black uniforms and wearing traditional mines caps, struck up a tune as confused-looking delegates arrived at the convention center in Katowice, a city in the heart of Poland’s coal mining country.

Coal was proudly displayed in cases around the convention pavilion. Coal, fashioned in jewelry, was for sale. A coal-based cosmetic company even touted products that it claimed would treat ‘both body and soul.’

In addressing the delegates in his opening remarks, Polish President Andrzej Duba said Poland has no plans to give up coal. And why would it? Poland has the highest coal production in Europe and employs about 100,000 people in its mining industry and coal supplies 80% of their energy.

Next day the President played hookey from the conference and went off to a coal mine for the feast day of St. Barbara, the patron saint of miners.

Who said the Poles are a bit like the Dutch but without the sense of humour?

Someone wanted brass bands, here is the Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band! I thin they might have wanted something with more grunt and there is sure to be something on the sidebar to this track.

Still not enough, where is a really big and brassy band?

A medley of military marches.

The Ohio State University Marching Band, about 1,000 strong.

And finally the Fightin Texas Aggie Band.

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28 Responses to Trolling the warmies in Poland!

  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    How wonderfull the Poles taking the piss out of the pompous selfconfident climate wamkers ,mind you out of the 22 000 “delegates” ie freeloading bludgers , probably few recognised they were being mocked,the are so used to an indoctrinated media lionising them . Always liked Slavs , no bullshit with them ,straight down the line .

  2. DrBeauGan

    Yes! The Poles and the Hungarians are standing up for sanity in several ways. Beautiful to see.

  3. cuckoo

    I’ve seen blocks of coal soap, cunningly crafted to look like a lump of coal, for sale even in the gift shop of the National Gallery in Warsaw. Perfect to freak out the green/hippy in your life.

  4. Tom

    Gullible leftards who believe in the CAGW religion are the stupidest people ever born, so taking the piss — as the Poles are doing — is effortless.

    Leftism is nothing but very damaging 24/7 propaganda.

  5. Ubique

    St Barbara, bless her soul, is also the patron saint of gunners.

  6. Baldrick

    Imagine any Australian politician from the Uni-Party doing that.

    No, neither can I.

  7. LGS

    Meanwhile, mindless lefties, many of them children (like all those protesting Adani today), are quite happy to destroy Australia’s $60 billion coal export industry.
    Where will the Australian government make up the shortfall in income?
    By taxing people to death?
    Show me a lefty with an idea of how the economy works, and I’ll show you a flying pig.

  8. NuThink

    From earlier times.

    Among the many underground publications to have appeared in Poland is a joke book, the title of which, ”Kawal Polski,” is a pun that can be read either as ”Polish Joke,” or ”A Piece of Poland.”

    The booklet begins with what are presented as the five rules of socialism: ”
    1) Don’t think.
    2) If you do think, don’t speak.
    3) If you think and speak, don’t write.
    4) If you think, speak and write, don’t sign.
    5) And if you think, speak, write and sign, don’t be surprised.”

  9. .

    Great stuff.

    If the warmies were serious they’d consider nuclear.

    They’re basically renew-bells shills and useful idiots.

  10. sdfc


    Gullible leftards who believe in the CAGW religion

    Like denialism isn’t a religion.

  11. duncanm

    Love me a good brass band.. anyone got a link?

  12. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    St Barbara, bless her soul, is also the patron saint of gunners.

    She’s the patron saint of anyone who uses explosives.

  13. None

    Epic epic trolling. God bless Poland.

  14. Mark A

    #2881294, posted on December 8, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    Love me a good brass band.. anyone got a link?

    So do I, looked for a performance, can’t find any, only some history.

  15. Rafe Champion

    Some links in the story now, none of them quite as brassy as I think we wanted.

  16. duncanm

    this may be close.

    Barborka Miner’s Day – 4th Dec.

    St Barbara – patron saint of miners.

    .. however this polish cartoon is more amusing.

  17. JohnL

    Does anyone know a good Polish joke?

  18. Mark A

    Natural Instinct
    #2881390, posted on December 9, 2018 at 12:14 am

    A good Polish joke?
    Polski Fiat 126

    Poland had a love affair-connection with Fiat for ever.
    They were building them under license well before WWII.

  19. Tombell

    In NYC at moment listening to Brahms Violin Concerto In D. It’s chilly outside no doubt due to lack of rent seekers in my immediate vicinity. Am searching to see if I have any Chopin handy. Not very brassy but it will remind me of the good things Polish.

  20. Nob

    I have not seen this story in any other media.

    Nor is any public media I see on my travels explicitly linking the French riots to “carbon tax”

    Fuel tax, some are allowing. While busily trying to work “inequality”and other SJ memes into the story.

  21. duncanm

    #2881564, posted on December 9, 2018 at 11:45 am

    I have not seen this story in any other media.

    you have to search, but its there

  22. Pedro the Ignorant

    Kalgoorlie held the annual St Babrbara’s Day celebrations last weekend.

    Appropriately, the centrepiece of the the celebrations was held in St Barabra’s Square in Hannan Street, Kal’s main drag.

    Big turnout, especially from the local kids.

    St Barbara’s day Kalgoorlie.

  23. Ros

    And then there is Argentina using the occasion of hosting the G20 to acquire finance and technology to develop huge Vaca Muerta gas field, a fracking exercise no less. With Energy Secretary Rick Perry out and about assisting and promoting joint ventures with US firms for the benefit of them both and as Perry told reporters in Bariloche, Argentina, using the development for “Fostering energy production from a regional ally will bolster the geopolitical influence of the U.S.,.”

    Now Trump has got 2 bestie President mates In South America. Lovely stuff.

  24. Aussieute

    Anyone know where I can buy the Sazda Soap?
    I wish to give some to water melon family members for Christmas.

    This was being sold at the Climate Jamboree and some were crying when they saw it. Fools don’t know soap when they see it.

    A great double-entendre
    Coal … ah it’s so toxic and horrible
    Coal … in the past children were given a piece of coal in their stocking for being naughty

  25. Mother Lode

    In NYC at moment listening to Brahms Violin Concerto In D.

    Probably my favourite piece of his – particularly the final movement.

    They were playing it on ABC classic as I was driving back from Orange today so was able to crank up the volume and whistle along to the violin, go ‘da-da da-da-di-daa’ with the orchestral parts, and throw my head about for emphasis – which must have caused some bemusement to people for the few seconds of overtaking, what with the din, apoplectic facial contortions and mad jerking movements.

    If I got pinged by any speed cameras I will point to the photos to prove I was having a seizure at the time.

  26. Natural Instinct

    #2881447, posted on December 9, 2018 at 2:24 am
    Am searching to see if I have any Chopin handy. Not very brassy but it will remind me of the good things Polish.

    Trivial Pursuit
    What do Chopin and Phar Lap have in common?
    Both their hearts and bodies are separated.
    … Phar Lap = Body (Melbourne) Heart (Canberra)
    … Chopin = Body (Paris) Heart (Warsaw)
    Or is the memory playing tricks on me.

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