Don Aitkin taking a break

Somehow I missed this, last month Don decided to take a break for a while. He has earned it. You can still visit the site to find an amazing wealth of material especially on climate issues. Lets wish him well and hope he is up and running in the new year. He is a national treasure.

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  1. ACTOldFart

    Yes I agree, Don Aitkin is a national treasure. I recall with pleasure working with him in the 1980s – 90s on various reports to Government on this and that. I think in the whole time I was in the public service in Canberra, I met and worked with only two genuinely first-rate minds. Don, and Ian Castles.

    And they both thought climate change was a crock.

  2. Julian Bluer

    I worked with Don while he was part of NBEET in Canberra, and looking at his blog I know that his approach is not to view climate change as “a crock”.

    He recognised climate change but had views as to its extent, its cause and as to the amount of concern that should be directed to it.

    There was a full range of first-rate minds, from all points of the compass, and if anyone only met two, I doubt whether they were really engaged sufficiently to make such a comment.

  3. 70s Playboy

    What a lovely generous man. He kindly took some amateur research that I’d conducted into sea-level rise and turned it into this report

    It was fun using a warmist “friend” of mine’s statistical skills to estimate sea level rise from 100 years of Fort Denison data.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Don Aitkin was the sort of university Vice-Chancellor you don’t get these days, but should.

  5. Mike O'Ceirin

    I belong to a group he used to attend in Canberra. His blog and his thoughts on many issues were greatly appreciated. Since he stopped posting on his blog none of us have heard from him. He all wish him well and hope he overcomes the serious health issues he faces. My aunt suffered from the same thing many years ago and hopefully medical science is much improved.

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