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On Line Opinion is a roundup of the blogs. Today the regular email from the editor, Graham Young, awarded the “pick of the domain” to the Cat post on Peter Baldwin’s essay on identity politics.

Our pick of The Domain – our blog aggregator
Catallaxy Files
Identity politics is reactionary
Peter Baldwin continues the series of articles on the site of the Blackheath Philosophy Forum looking at identity […]

But I can’t see it on the OLO site.

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  1. That’s because it isn’t. We used to just select from a number of blogs that we organised advertising revenue for, and you would find them all on http://www.domain.nationalforum.com.au, but most are now moribund, and I have to do something about that site. So now I choose from a number of blogs with which I don’t have a formal relationship, but which produce high quality, and varied, material. Catallaxy is frequently highlighted, and the link directs readers directly to you.

  2. Was that OLO article about the coming Shorten government meant to be funny? Or sarcastic? Or even satirical?
    Is OLO an offshoot of Getup!?

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