Trump the gamer

This is an account of the serious games that President Trump is playing to maintain momentum and keep the initiative in global politics. Interesting comments on the Chinese economy. Maybe nothing really new, just another perspective on the master strategist and dealer at work. The clip that follows is an account of the way the Soviet empire rose and fell so now the Russians have lost the buffer zone of captive territories that they enjoyed at the end of WW2. Putin has to play his games with a very weak deck while the economy remains a basket case.

Sorry, the clip that follows now is 10 countries that may not survive, starting with Spain. Maybe it will change again.

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  1. stackja

    How many ‘countries’ really exist? Putin inherited mostly ‘Czarist Russia’. Spain splintered badly before Franco.

  2. Somewhat related; here’s an interesting graph of how world economies have changed since 1960:

  3. Tom

    Thanks, Bemused, at 9.41am. That moving graph explains so much — for example, what a tiny, impoverished shithole China was until the turn of the century. Now it’s a large fascist communist shithole trying to subvert the world economy and turn the globe into a Chinese missile park — in cahoots with the American Deep State and the Democratic Party. Pray for POTUS45.

  4. Mark M

    Donald Trump’s presidency hasn’t just led to the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement. It has also halted the rest of the world’s efforts.

    Trump Has Officially Ruined Climate Change Diplomacy for Everyone

    Thank you, President Trump.

    So much winning.

  5. max

    the economic pattern of empires:
    The end of cheap victories
    Rising costs of maintaining empire
    Guerrilla warfare at the fringes
    Rising taxation at home
    Tax resistance at home
    The decline of economic growth
    The bankruptcy of the empire

    The United States is an empire, and handwriting is on the wall.
    At some point, costs exceed revenues. At that point, rulers must face reality: abandon either solvency or the empire. The British and the Soviets abandoned the empire.
    The U.S.S. Empire is already taking on water, its end is sure, It will run out of money.

  6. struth

    Max, you know sweet fuck all about History.
    There has never been an country like the United States and the western civilisation it belongs to.


    And I would also call you out on it being an empire.
    The President is not the emperor.
    The United States is not an empire.
    Magical thinking on your part won’t make it happen.
    On the other hand, Australia and the rest of the western empire are fucked, rooted, and about to go down hard to global socialists because the citadels gates are always open to the enemy from the inside.

    The USA has freedom of speech.
    Absolute freedom of speech, and competition.
    Whole different ball game.

  7. Wow, this site GAME THEORY has sunk pretty GAME THEORY low when it GAME THEORY starts linking in OPs to GAME THEORY crypto goldbug faff like this. GAME THEORY.

  8. max

    struth say:
    #2888832, posted on December 19, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    “Max, you know sweet fuck all about History.”

    When did the U.S. become an imperialist nation?

    Most Americans date the beginning of what has come to be called the American empire to the Spanish-American War of 1898.

    William Graham Sumner
    “The Conquest of the United States by Spain.”

    Sumner proceeded to outline the original vision of America:

    They would have no court and no pomp; nor orders, or ribbons, or decorations, or titles. They would have no public debt. There was to be no grand diplomacy, because they intended to mind their own business, and not be involved in any of the intrigues to which European statesmen were accustomed. There was to be no balance of power and no “reason of state” to cost the life and happiness of citizens.
    This had been the American idea, our signature as a nation: “It is by virtue of this conception of a commonwealth that the United States has stood for something unique and grand in the history of mankind, and that its people have been happy.”

    The system the Founders bequeathed to us, Sumner held, was a delicate one, providing for the division and balance of powers and aimed at keeping government small and local.

    A policy of foreign adventurism would, in the nature of things, bend and twist and ultimately shatter our original system. As foreign affairs became more important, power would shift from communities and states to the federal government, and, within that, from Congress to the president. An ever-busy foreign policy could only be carried out by the president, often without the knowledge of the people. Thus, the American system, based on local government, states’ rights, and Congress as the voice of the people on the national level, would more and more give way to a bloated bureaucracy headed by an imperial presidency.

    But now, with the war against Spain and the philosophy behind it, we were letting ourselves in for the old European way, Sumner declared — “war, debt, taxation, diplomacy, a grand governmental system, pomp, glory, a big army and navy, lavish expenditures, political jobbery — in a word, imperialism.”

  9. Boambee John

    #2888855, posted on December 19, 2018 at 1:42 pm
    Wow, this site GAME THEORY has sunk pretty GAME THEORY low when it GAME THEORY starts linking in OPs to GAME THEORY crypto goldbug faff like this. GAME THEORY.

    So says he who runs a fantasy football site!

  10. NB

    struth #2888832, posted on December 19, 2018 at 12:56 pm

    On the other hand, Australia and the rest of the western empire are fucked, rooted, and about to go down hard to global socialists because the citadels gates are always open to the enemy from the inside.

    It is scary how true this is.

  11. yarpos

    Struth, seriously ? You accuse others a magical thinking? When a country has military bases and military actions all over the globe they are an empire. Despite having alledged freedom of speech (as long as you stsy in the nice AGW, liberal SJW, BLM, LGBTQXYZ box) they are totally bankrupt and not nearly as fabulous as you appear to think.

  12. Tel

    Putin has to play his games with a very weak deck while the economy remains a basket case.

    I know that the Russian economy isn’t too exciting on the world scale (about the same size as New York’s economy which is still nothing to be sneezed at) but constant Western hubris gives Russia a significant advantage. Here’s a concrete example, I found this linked on Zerohedge (look I know, ZH is an aggregator, they slurp in all sorts of crap, you have to sift through it):

    So this Tom Luongo thinks of himself as some kind of individualist, bit of a prepper, free thinker and all that, and here he is bashing Russia for insufficient Keynesian central planning. It just shows how this mindset of desperate dependency has seeped into the Western nations, even amongst people who imagine they have got beyond that. Here’s a quote:

    Inflation targeting is not the role of the central bank, if it has one at all. The central bank, at best, should simply exist as a lender of last resort when the banking system is illiquid and needs a temporary backstop to clear interbank markets during times of stress.

    The issues we face today in the West evolved directly out of The Fed abandoning that role and becoming an active participant in the market. On this I agree with Martin Armstrong, who has strenuously argued for a return to that original central bank model.

    I disagree with him about the need for a central bank in the first place. All they do is introduce moral hazard into the banking system. Banks use the backstop to lever up too far during booms and implode that much more quickly during busts.

    That’s in the same article that he also says the Russian central bank should be pushing down interest rates (by printing more Rubles because there’s no other way). He just finished saying that the Russian central bank should be more accommodating in order to boost growth … then he gives you his “lender of last resort” plea which completely contradicts what he’s asking for and clearly he doesn’t actually have any understanding of what’s going on.

    But I’m not trying to bash this one guy, it’s an example, but there’s lots of this mindset around the place.

    The advantage that Russia has is they tried Socialism, it failed, AND THEY LEARNED THE LESSON not to try it again. They are not a perfect free market economy, and they are struggling a bit because of the embargo, but they don’t take things for granted either like we do.

  13. Iampeter

    Never thought there’d be a thread where both struth and Monty are right but here we are.
    America has NEVER been an empire or anything resembling one. They have the worlds best trained, best equipped, best motivated and most advanced, all volounteer, professional army and they can’t win ANY wars with it or advance America’s interests one bit.
    I’m no fan of rights violating empires, but it would be better than this cross-generational, cowardly appeasement that has empowered so many enemies of the west.
    And Monty is spot on to laugh at the suggestion that Trump is some game master or something.
    This is hands down the most incompetent administration in America’s history, that when not passing leftist spending bills and trade regulations, is appeasing every dictator on the planet and has no idea how to handle Russia.
    I mean the Trump administration is so hopeless, that it’s investigating its own president over essentially nothing, while real crooks like Hillary and Comey, are selling books.
    “Gamer” indeed. What a joke.

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