Rafe’s Roundup 21 Dec

STOP PRESS. Jo Nova on solar panels and hailstorms.

Features. Jo Nova, Send in the Green terrorists. Trump upsets the Deep State with Syrian withdrawal. This is a speculator, not sure where these guys are coming from.

Dan Mitchell. If a tax of X does Y amount of damage, then a tax of 2X will do a lot more damage than 2Y.

In no particular order. Australian Institute for Progress, The Institute of Public Affairs IPA, the Centre for Independent Studies CIS, The Sydney Institute, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, Quadrant On Line, The Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Tim Blair, Andrew Norton, the classical liberal in Carlton, Rite-ON admirable Queensland activists!, The Menzies Research Centre, Jim Rose Utopia You Are Standing in It. LibertyWorks. On Line Opinion.
Still building and looking at more specialised sites.

Overseas. Spiked, Cato Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Dan Mitchell, The Last Refuge.

Climate. Viv Forbes Carbon Sense, Watts Up With That?, Jo Nova, The Global Warming Policy Forum, Global Coal Plant Tracker, Tony From Oz,

Education and Culture. Heterodox Academy. Accuracy in Academia, Intellectual Takeout, Institute for Humane Studies.

For Nerds. Rafe’s Rathouse, Stephen Hicks, libertarian philosopher, Critical Rationalist Blog, My bookstore.

UPDATE. Viv Forbes of the Saltbush Club has called for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Accord.

Looking for a book? Try here!

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  1. Faye says:

    Overseas: sundance’s theconservativetreehouse.com also known as The Last Refuge

  2. Colonel Crispin Berka, King's Fusiliers Corps. says:

    Another roundup that has been doing the rounds in the tubes has been :

    99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2018
    – Angus Hervey. Dec 12.
    The world didn’t fall apart this year. You were just getting your news from the wrong places.

    The first item in the list betrays the tree-hugger (not people-hugger) preferences of the author, but don’t let that throw you off. Still some good news there. Of that 99 here’s my suggested top 10.

    2. Following China’s ban on ivory last year, 90% of Chinese support it, ivory demand has dropped by almost half, and poaching rates are falling in places like Kenya. WWF

    14. In the forests of central Africa, the population of mountain gorillas, one of the world’s most endangered species, was reported to have increased by 25% since 2010, to over 1,000 individuals. Reuters

    19. 25 million doses of a new cholera vaccine were administered globally, and preparations began for the largest vaccination drive in history. UNICEF

    26. In 2018, New York and Virginia became the first two US states to enact laws requiring mental health education in schools. CNN

    34. New research revealed that in the last two decades, female genital mutilation has fallen from 57.7% to 14.1% in north Africa, from 73.6% to 25.4% in west Africa, and from 71.4% to 8% in east Africa. Guardian

    43. Tunisia became the first Arab nation to pass a law giving women and men equal inheritance, overturning an old provision of Sharia Islamic law. Dhaka Tribune

    47. Quietly and unannounced, humanity crossed a truly amazing threshold this year. For the first time since agriculture-based civilisation began 10,000 years ago, the majority of humankind is no longer poor or vulnerable to falling into poverty. Brookings

    51. The International Energy Agency said that in the last year, 120 million people gained access to electricity. That means that for the first time since electrical service was started (1882), less than a billion of the world’s population are left in darkness.

    72. The Journal of Peace Research said that global deaths from state based conflicts have declined for the third year in a row, and are now 32% lower than their peak in 2014.

    89. Four years ago, China declared a war on pollution. It’s working. Cities have, on average, cut concentrations of fine particulates in the air by 32%. New York Times

    One of their misleading good news statements is about crime falling during Germany’s immigration spikes. When the annual migrants represent a very small percentage of the population, it is still possible for general crime improvements in the other 99% to outweigh the small spike in specific migrant-initiated street crime. Even WaPo conceded “One poll conducted in April, for example, found that 41 percent of the country felt that they were less safe in public spaces than five years ago.” And these feelings weren’t enough to shift official opinion? Whatever happened to #BelieveAllWomen? Apparently there’s a requirement to show objective supporting evidence. Well that’s got to be good news too.

  3. Mique says:


  4. Colonel Crispin Berka, King's Fusiliers Corps. says:

    This auto-moderation is really annoying. I’m practically shadow-banned without ever receiving any explanation from the blog owner as to why.

    [As far as I can see in the system you are not in auto-moderation. But given that I have to keep fishing you out of the moderation file, clearly the system doesn’t like you. Sinc]

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