Open Forum: December 22, 2018

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  1. Roger:

    It’s only about balance when there’s a surfeit of males.
    The goal is for women to dominate every profession. ‘
    It’s called revenge.

    It’s about women dominating and procuring all the benefits of the Managerial Class in a Techno-aristocracy.
    Their unfit sisters will just have to survive along with the Proles. Had the unfit sisters helped their new mistresses by joining the Coven, then they would have been included in the wealth redistribution.

  2. Anne says:

    We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines Military, Diplomatic, Intelligence, Economic, Scientific and Political Operations.

    John F Kennedy

  3. Notafan says:

    another fail for the conspiracy bot

    Explanation: JFK was referring to Soviet Communism, in a speech about press freedom during the cold war. The speech (to newspaper publishers) was on April 27, 1961, more than two years before his assassination.

    (Note: The explanation here is not debunking that he said it – he did. The debunking is the use of the quote, absent the explanatory context, to make it seem like JFK was talking about some Illuminati/NWO plot)

    How does it feel to be the least trusted source of information on the cat?


  4. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    It’s only about balance when there’s a surfeit of males.

    Not in some places.

    Ugandan Christians live in fear of minority Muslims on quest for conversions (24 Dec)

    Muslims say their community is growing fast.

    “Muslims are 25 percent of the total population and not 13.7 percent,” Hajj Mutumba, a spokesman of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council, told local media. “We have two to four wives, and we are producing about six children in a space of two to three years.”

    Oops, looks like he forgot to say it in Arabic.

  5. zyconoclast says:

    My Korean daughter-in-law-to-be …

    Or South?

    Shouldn’t she have both?

  6. egg_ says:

    Little miss plain Jane with all her bluffy attitude letting you know you have to be Shania fan to date them.

    Met similar posturing blokes – seems to work on the bimbos.

  7. C.L. says:

    Interesting …
    Hardly any interest in the US for a WWI memorial in DC, despite 116,000 Americans KIA.
    They’ll get there, I’m sure, and they’ll do it themselves:

    The government provided no public money and it needs many millions more in donations.


    Story, including proposed site near the White House here.

  8. C.L. says:

    picture of proposed site

  9. C.L. says:

    It took the famously ballsy Vietnamese to strike back against African gangs in Melbourne:

    ‘Enough is enough, we’ve got to make a stand’: Vietnamese community rallies together to fight back against Sudanese gangs terrorising their strip of shops.

    Young Vietnamese people are vowing to take action after video of their elders being attacked by thugs went viral.

    The shocking footage shows people, believed to be shopkeepers, defending themselves with chairs against a group of men of African appearance.

    Screaming, shouting and smashing can be heard as the group of Vietnamese people try to push back against the group, who allegedly attacked them after asking for a cigarette and being rejected.

    The clip left many young Vietnamese people in the area furious, and they have vowed to band together and fight back.

    More power to them. Remember when white natives used to think and act this way?

  10. stackja says:

    JB has jumped ship. Yacht stunt.

  11. H B Bear says:

    The Performing Stick Insect really is the most appalling attention whore.

  12. old bloke says:

    Rev. Nicholas Coates said his church strives to make everyone feel accepted, and that “too often, nativity scenes are just aggressively white. If this is a story that took place in first century Middle East, they would be brown people,” he said.

    The Magi weren’t kings, but they were the king makers. The Parthian Empire was run by three clans of the Tribe of Ephraim who were the last defenders of their capital city, Samaria. When Samaria fell to the Assyrians, they were placed in northern Persia. They later defeated the Assyrians and established their own kingdoms, from the western end of the Black (Euxine) Sea through to northern India.

    Parthia was an interesting place, they had a bicarmel parliament and the Magi occupied the upper house. They were responsible for electing their Kings, all of whom were descendants of David (as were the kings and queens of their northern neighbours, the Saccae Scythians (the Saxons). What then did the Magi look like?

    The Egyptian murals of their Israelite slaves, from their earlier time pre-Exodus, shows them as a mixture of people, from fair skinned platinum blondes, freckled with red hair, to olive Mediterranean complexion. The mothers of the Israelites, Leah and Rachel, were daughters of Laban. He had a fair complexion and blonde hair as snow capped Mt. Lebanon is named after him. The sages say that their handmaidens, Bilah and Zilpah, were also daughters of Laban.

    The Parthians were known as the Aegels (Heb. “bull calf”, the symbol of Joseph, then his son Ephraim, later modified to Angel), so the Magi most likely looked like the Angels.

    The Magi kept a record of the descendants of David to choose their kings, hence they would be greatly interested in the birth of Yahoshua as He was a descendants of David through both his father Yoseph (Book of Matthew), and his mother Miriam (Book of Luke). The Magi regularly attended the Temple in Jerusalem to keep the feasts, and they travelled in large armed convoys, so there would have been a large number who went to Bethlehem, not just three blokes wearing colourful turbans.

    There is a Chinese account of an ambassador they sent to the Parthian kingdom, he was met at the Chinese / Parthian Empire border by a force of 200,000 Parthian cavalrymen who formed his escort.

    The arrival of the Parthians in large numbers in Jerusalem would have caused Herod consternation. The Parthians had previously kicked Herod out of Jerusalem (around 30 BC) and they installed their own choice of king to rule over the J3ws. Herod fled to Rome and returned with the Romans to drive the Parthians out, and the Romans and the Parthians agreed that the Euphrates would be their border.

    One interesting account followed the Magi’s visit, which is recorded in history but not in the Bible. In the year 1 AD, the Romans sent a large army to fight the Parthians as the Magi’s visit broke the terms of previous Roman / Parthian agreement. The two armies stood facing each other over the Euphrates, and their leaders met on an island in the river and they reached a peaceful settlement over the incursion, so another Roman / Parthian war was averted.

    One other common misconception is the “star” which the Magi followed. It appeared, disappeared, then reappeared over the house where Yahoshua was staying. This was most likely an angelic being of some sort, there are earlier mentions of angels as “stars” in the Bible. It would be impossible to have some cosmic event occurring directly above a single house.

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