Rafe’s roundup 28 Dec featuring the Portal to Partners

A New Year message to our partners, the liberal/conservative groups around the nation. Tell your members about Catallaxy unless you can recommend a better place to go for a briefing on issues of concern and the periodic Roundup Portal to Partners. We have to play a team game to win. We are going to play a team game. And we are going to win. Maybe not this year. Who knows?

Feature item. Neurotic teen transforms into the global face of climate alarmism, coached by parents. Get used to the rigid obsessive stare of the fanatical true believer. So appropriate you could not make it up. Understandable in the case of an ignorant young person with a psychiatric condition, how to explain the condition among adults with higher education?

The Portal.

Our partners in no particular order. Australian Institute for Progress, The Institute of Public Affairs IPA, the Centre for Independent Studies CIS, The Sydney Institute, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, Quadrant On Line, The Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Tim Blair, Andrew Norton, the classical liberal in Carlton, Rite-ON admirable Queensland activists!, The Menzies Research Centre, Jim Rose Utopia You Are Standing in It. LibertyWorks. On Line Opinion.
Still building and looking at more specialised sites.

Overseas. Spiked, Cato Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Dan Mitchell, The Last Refuge.

Climate. Viv Forbes Carbon Sense, Watts Up With That?, Jo Nova, The Global Warming Policy Forum, Global Coal Plant Tracker, Tony From Oz,

Education and Culture. Heterodox Academy. Accuracy in Academia, Intellectual Takeout, Institute for Humane Studies.

For Nerds. Rafe’s Rathouse, Stephen Hicks, libertarian philosopher, Critical Rationalist Blog, My bookstore.

UPDATE. Viv Forbes of the Saltbush Club has called for Australia to withdraw from the Paris Accord.

Looking for a book? Try here!

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21 Responses to Rafe’s roundup 28 Dec featuring the Portal to Partners

  1. Woolfe

    http://electroverse.net/ is good for climate / earth issues as well Rafe, have a look. Have a great new year and thank you for all your work!

  2. Rafe Champion

    Thanks Woolfe, from your link, 85 climate realists in the profession, just the kind of list I wanted!

  3. The first comment (Woolfe) recommends another Climate blog. Funny coz that’s why I wanted to comment.
    Rafe may I suggest the excellent data filled blog by Tony Heller (aka Steve Goddard) at https://realclimatescience.com/

    Tony regulary pulls out historical weather news from archives and has a host of graphs and charts all using official NOAA, BoM, GISS and CRU data.

  4. P

    #2893309, posted on December 28, 2018 at 10:33 am

    http://electroverse.net/ is good for climate / earth issues

    Thank you so very much Woolfe. This is indeed an excellent site. Just what I’ve been looking for.

    Will send the link off to family and friends.

  5. John Michelmore

    I’m confused (probably old age). I agree wholeheartedly with the Saltbush Club aim of getting out of the Paris Climate agreement, at the same time Cory Bernardi runs a petition to get out of Paris, and I asked Saltbush to notify its members to add their names to the petition. I got a zero response from Saltbush. What is it with Conservative groups in Australia, does it matter who runs a petition, surely the goal for us is to fix the mess, irrespective of which group starts or acts. We have to work together and take EVERY opportunity. I’m still confused!

  6. Ellen of Tasmania

    Rafe, to add to the education list: https://www.ronpaulcurriculum.com/

  7. John Michelmore

    Harken Now, Being close to God you can provide the following answers to some serious questions:-
    “The Five Big Questions
    1) Is warming and associated climate change mostly human-caused?
    2) Is the human-caused portion of warming and associated climate change large enough to be damaging?
    3) Do the climate models we use for proposed energy policies accurately predict climate change?
    4) Would the proposed policy changes substantially reduce climate change and resulting damage?
    5) Would the policy changes do more good than harm to humanity?”

    Questions courtesy of Dr Roy Spencer

    Look forward to your answers!

  8. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Harken, one has to be retired to speak out safety in these troubled times of economic and other political persecutions. Also, I am so sick of hearing Soros-funded and ideologically blinkered idiots like you irresponsibly allude to mostly unsubstantiated but implied nefarious funding sources of those who honestly take a skeptical, critical, and thus genuinely scientific point of view This is particularly hypocritical of you, given the breathtaking amount of boondoggling going on amongst the UN-funded and government ‘research’ funded trough snouters.

    Clearly you are a follower, not ever a researcher in academe, or you would have some idea of the nature of back-scratching refereeing that has been going on, and the disservice to science and the scientific method that is being perpetrated by the uncritical warmist agenda-mongers flogging their models (as it were). Here we may justly surmise they are taking the lead of a particularly amorous Indian railway engineer and bodice-ripping literary fantasist, once their ‘scientific’ leader at the IPCC, lol. 🙂

    Instead of speaking from experience, you are outside that significant tent of those scientists who know better via examining the actual empirical data and who house many doubts. Plenty within that broad church tent (often real climate scientists not the plentiful fake ones) are silent, holding on to their jobs and programs while feeling dismayed at the current turn of events where genuine science is the loser.

  9. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Rafe, thanks for the links. One can’t keep up with them all, but it is good to see some organized networks that can continue to resist the race to world communism, in the guise of socialism and environmentalism, that is behind this so-called emergency concerning the weather and its big brother the climate. There is no rush. A return to proper science and civilized political discourse about it would be just great, ridding the world of the Gore-induced mania of the current panic and hysteria. The Mann J-curve anyone?

    Obviously it is complex and by no means certain, one way or the other. Clearly though the anthropogenic component is only one aspect, and a very small one at that, and very dependent on the unproven CO2 hypothesis. For there is no such measurable thing as a ‘world’ climate. We simply have a range of often insecure locality observations over an often cherry-picked time period. A much longer time period and more varied and inclusive sources of data should be in the debate. Factors for review include sunspot activity, ocean flow cycles, precipitation patterns, land and sea volcanic activity and axial and temperature variability in land and sea ice coverage at polar extremes and on glaciers. There should also be better measurements overall, especially of geophysical sea and land level changes. Data relating to this complex mix may eventually provide an empirical glimpse of ‘climatic variability’ that we may see as a ‘world’ climate during a longish era. Perhaps. Counting cow farts just doesn’t cut it.

  10. Confused Old Misfit

    That list of climate “realists” in the profession is loaded with retired folk completely inactive in research…

    Out of the list I count 6 listed as retired. 6 out of 85 is loaded. In heavenly terms. 10 are deceased so that make 6 out of 75. 8% In angelic terms that is no doubt “loaded” (And I thought angels could count! Silly me!)
    The rest of Harken’s self-absorbed diatribe is its usual string of ad hominens and unsupported appeals to authority. HIS authority.
    I think it should seek help. Professional earth-bound help.

  11. JohnA

    Harken Now #2893371, posted on December 28, 2018, at 11:37 am

    …yes it is frustrating for the Heavenly Hosts to watch humans lose the ability to be sceptical of their scepticism, as that nice CS Lewis used to recommend.

    Troll, you have just confirmed my suspicions about you. “Nice CS Lewis” – you lie, sir, you lie damnbably. You lie like a Calormene.

  12. nato

    I was glad to refresh my bookmarks a couple of weeks ago with your first (after the gantry crane/scissor lift fiasco took my last phone) all these new ones seem to wrk with tor, too. Very nice.

  13. nato

    Whoops, spoke too soon. Didnt have them bookmarked xos too long twixt posts ege aip

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    This angel maintains that amongst actually active working scientists who might be called “climate scientists” there are a mere handful who prominently claim that there is no problem with AGW

    Hark – I have almost fifty saved links in my “Persecution” folder. I’d list them but I can’t copy paste from a links folder in a winbox.

    The Left are vindictive. Anyone who dissents from the political line is harassed, persecuted, fired from their job, their house vandalized, death threats, the full bit.

    The reason why climate science is an echo chamber is because anyone who innocently says ‘but the emperor has no clothes’ is hounded and silenced. It’s happened to dozens of people in academia. Then the people these creatures recruit to climate positions are like themselves. That is the essence of Conquest’s 2nd law, which you can look up.

    In short there is a shedload of money riding on the climate consensus. All that goes, and all the prestige and power go, when someone notices that global warming hasn’t actually been happening for a couple decades – despite the massive pCO2 rise.

    That is why those who speak out either do so with carefully protected anonymity or have left academia and are sufficiently well off to risk approbation.

    The climate mafia are slime.

  15. max

    The Global Warming Petition Project, also known as the Oregon Petition

  16. Nob

    5) Would the policy changes do more good than harm to humanity?

    The only question that matters.

    The harm that has already resulted is palpable.

    The good is all conjecture.

  17. P

    Despite dire predictions of a necessary increase in severe weather events due to climate change,
    2018 is poised to become the first year on record with no violent tornadoes in the United States.

  18. Bruce of Newcastle

    Hark – I still don’t understand why you reject primary data like snow cover, temperature, tornados and cyclone frequency/energy. Of these temperature is the only one the climatistas bother to distort, but the others all show little or no problem.

    As for the thousands of sites you think are reputable, unless they are based on the original raw data they are just like the MSM – regurgitating fiction.

  19. Tel

    The Left are vindictive. Anyone who dissents from the political line is harassed, persecuted, fired from their job, their house vandalized, death threats, the full bit.

    Which is why you can reliably tell it’s a complete joke for them to pretend to be interested in science.

    None of them can explain the scientific method, they believe that you get science by consensus and you get consensus by bullying people until they give the desired answer. Thus, every supposedly “scientific” result has a political and moral value attached to it. Harken has done it himself, getting out there and threatening people simply because they disagree with him. There’s no more discussion necessary … you know the deal, and it ain’t anything to do with science.

    Unless such people show some interest in learning a few basic principles and being genuine in a quest for some kind of understanding … there’s no value in discussion. You cannot systematically work towards a rational conclusion when the other guy keeps resetting and ignores anything and everything that doesn’t fit the narrative.

  20. max

    Big government Big problems

    Government and Science: A Dangerous Liaison?
    The idea that science should serve social and political objectives, as opposed to seeking “scientific truth,” was not confined to America. Indeed, such enthusiasms were especially pronounced in England during the 1930s. Fueled by beliefs in the presumed success of Soviet central planning, the British government came under increasing pressure to organize scientific institutions so as to establish central planning for science.

  21. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Uhuh. Like, there’s no difference between a globe undergoing an ice age, and one which has crocs in the polar regions.

    Harken needs to up his reading comprehension skills. They are woeful.
    I specifically wrote of time frames in our assessments of climatic matters, pointing out that long term frameworks, over aeons even, are necessary for any genuine chop at such a thing as a ‘world climate’ let alone the concise measurement of such a disputable concept within the period of the past ten, thirty or fifty years, an anti-scientific modality which is the province of the current climate doomsayers.

    Why bother with the Soros idiot, Cats? I won’t any more. Troll drum him out.

    I’m off now for chocolate and a bubble bath. Why waste my time on dopey herald angels?
    Christmas is gone and so should Harken be.

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