State and local government climate change initiatives

A project is under way to list the things that State and local governments are doing to waste money in the War on CO2. This is likely to be a large and depressing list as indicated by the South Australian initiative to have a special official charged with promoting climate change initiatives across the whole rang of government agencies and instrumentalities.

Former Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese will take over as chair of the Premier’s Climate Change Council from next year with the intent to make environmental policy “a huge economic driver for South Australia”.

The appointment comes as Trade, Tourism and Investment Minister David Ridgway today spruiked France-based renewable energy producer Akuo Energy’s $12 million investment in SA.

The company is developing a 4.98MW renewable energy site in Renmark in a joint bid with SA’s Enerven, involving 15,000 solar PV panels on 10 hectares of land within the Renmark Paringa Council area.

Ridgway said the project had “the capacity to provide enough energy for 2000 homes and create dozens of local construction jobs”.

A huge economic driver indeed. Just when you though things couldn’t get any worse.

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30 Responses to State and local government climate change initiatives

  1. Suburban Boy

    Don’t worry about it, Rafe. Soon the Labor idiots will be booted out of office and a responsible, centre-right Liberal government will take office and end this lunacy.

    Oh, wait …

  2. stackja

    Large hail stones hitting solar panels?

  3. miltonf

    That’s why I wasn’t too disappointed that Guy didn’t win in Vicco.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    How’s all that solar energy going in France? Nuclear seems to be the go there.
    What’s impelling this lot to try their luck in South Australia?

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    huh? In moderation for mentioning French nuclear energy? Wot?

  6. BrettW

    Ok if this is such great news tell the 2,000 home owners their homes will only be connected to this solar plant with no back up.

    Time for the renewables to stand alone if they are that good.

    How about a journalist ask the relevant Minister if he is willing to say the power supply is a stand alone system.

  7. Rafe Champion

    Yes concrete. Consider the thousand tons of concrete under large wind turbines and you can see how some calculations suggest that the windmills consume as much CO2 as they mitigate (as if it matters).

  8. Megan

    Banyule Council in its December Snoozefest spent the first hour on this completely stupid waste of money. They stopped short of calling it a climate emergency as pleaded for by local catastrophians, but will be buying a fleet of electric vehicles. WTAF do they think is going to power these amazing, planet saving machines?

    I have a vague memory of previous idiocy where all their paper supplies come from a sustainable recycling supplier in Germany. Because it is so much kinder to the planet to fly it in than buy the local version. Honestly, we deserve everything that’s coming to us with this utter nonsense.

  9. So, for every 2000 homes in say metropolitan Melbourne, we’ll need 10 hectares (~25 acres) of land to support those homes. We’ll also need the land to be flat and treeless. Where will we find such land and how will the electrickery get to those homes?

  10. Rafe Champion

    I suppose this is what happens when teachers think it is more important to turn kids off the conservative parties thank to teach them to count and spell. Probably no point in teaching them how to read.

    Recalling the joke about pop music journalism, stories written by journos who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk for other people who can’t read. More true now than it was.

  11. Dr Fred Lenin

    Megan this folly goes back to the kirner communist gang who imprted politically correct toilet paper for government toilets from WA at huge cost . It arrived in Victoria where it was found to be too big to fit in the paper dispensers fitted in toilets , it spent a few years \ hiding in a Sunshine warehouse, the rent paid by the taxpayers ,untill Kennet found it,the media of course ignored bthe story,cant embarass the comrades .

  12. Terry

    “South Australian initiative to have a special official charged

    I see no reason to limit this to South Australia or even to just the “special official”.

    We need to see far more holders of public office charged…

    …with Treason.

  13. Rafe Champion

    Terry that is why i posted under Terrorism!

  14. RobertS

    “The ACT has set a nation-leading target to achieve zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.”
    “The ACT is on track to be powered by 100% renewable electricity and to achieve 40% emission reduction target by 2020”
    2020 is, friends and neighbours living in this socialist paradise, exactly one year from today.

  15. yarpos

    Im sorry but 30% of 5MW will not power 2000 first world homes , containing normal families and assorted humans with average demands for power. Once again the great distraction of talking about nameplate power that rarely, if ever, happens.

  16. yarpos

    “So, for every 2000 homes in say metropolitan Melbourne, we’ll need 10 hectares (~25 acres) of land to support those homes. We’ll also need the land to be flat and treeless. Where will we find such land and how will the electrickery get to those homes?”

    Resume everthing north of the Geelong road for 100kms or so, simples.

  17. Art Vandelay

    Don’t worry about it, Rafe. Soon the Labor idiots will be booted out of office and a responsible, centre-right Liberal government will take office and end this lunacy.

    Oh, wait …

    Also from the SA ‘Liberal’ government:

    From October 2018, 40,000 South Australian households can access $100 million in State Government subsidies and $100 million in loans to pay for the installation of home battery systems.

    Read it all and weep.

  18. Rafe Champion

    SA is being deindustrialised so where is the money coming from?

  19. Art Vandelay

    SA is being deindustrialised so where is the money coming from?

    GST allocations courtesy of NSW and WA.

  20. RobK

    In a reverse climate-change manoeuvre, the council my son lives in (Bassendean, Perth) has banned staff use of glyphosate and taken to steaming weeds in foot paths and road verge control. Steam is inconvenient, energy intensive, slow, hazardous to make, store and deliver. It requires fuel, generates co2 and will not be as effective. But there we are.

  21. …and taken to steaming weeds…

    And do they drive around in steam driven carriages?

  22. C. Paul Barreira

    The front page of The Advertiser on Saturday quoted the Premier saying that he was acting openly for the technology to reduce power prices, not “ideology”. It wasn’t true, naturally. Otherwise coal would be included. And nuclear considered seriously (see, e.g., Bill Gates Backs Advanced Nuclear Power to Solve the Climate Crisis).

    This generation (sic) is even more hopeless than those who formed the South Australia Company in (I think) 1834. Their purpose was speculation, the result bankruptcy (stupidly bailed out by the House of Commons). Well, speculation is back, with a vengeance. Who will meet the bill? South Australians: that is, those who have not benefitted from the actions of today’s abominable elected and unelected political classes.

  23. Mark M

    Prepare for more extreme heatwaves in SA …

    Under current policies, residential batteries increase emissions in most cases

    “Optimizing battery use to minimize emissions is possible, but generally overly expensive.

    Another year, another reason to take the promises of residential home batteries with a grain of salt.”

  24. Mark M

    The report confirms what should have been obvious from the start: the more “variable” wind and solar are introduced into any electricity system, the more they make it both more expensive and less reliable.

    Amid hundreds of graphs, charts and tables in the latest World Energy Outlook (WEO) released last week by the International Energy Agency, there is one fundamental piece of information that you have to work out for yourself: the percentage of total global primary energy demand provided by wind and solar. The answer is 1.1 per cent.

  25. John Constantine

    Once south australia finishes dewesternising and deindustrialising and rewilding, there is always funding through signing up to one belt one road one way loansharking.

    Is directly borrowing from the Tyrant to buy chicom slave labour solar panels more open that indirectly borrowing for the same thing?.

  26. John Constantine

    If victoria can sign up to chicom one way loanshark loans, can bankrupt local councils sign up for one belt one road loans?.

    Getting a free new shire council office building would be irresistable to unelected council orcs.

  27. John Constantine

    Local councils repainting the lines in parking bays so only new fuel efficient tiny cars can park in the good parking spots.

    In rural towns surrounded by crap roads, four wheel drive utes are not an indulgence, but they can’t park in the main street anymore, because the planet has to be saved.


  28. Win

    Renee Gorman should galvanise her conservative libertarian crew at the universities to do a bit of writing lampooning the more obnoxious socialist idiocies that are open to ridicule. It won’t get printed in the MSM now but it’s there for the future.

  29. Delta

    Here we go: NSW’s largest solar project gets green light.

    It will consist of 565,000 solar panels installed on 550 hectares of land.

    EnergyAustralia has committed to buy 100MW of renewable energy from the solar farm through a 12-year power purchase agreement (PPA) — whatever that is supposed to mean because MW (demand or power) is not same as MWh (energy). Never mind there are sure to be huge subsidies in the exercise as well as the ability to seriously disrupt the proper operation of the grid with all this weak asynchronous intermittent energy.

    Yes the Boondoggle continues with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) committing $30 million in debt finance to the project! And — the CEFC has provided a further $150 million in debt finance to Neoen solar farm developments in Dubbo, Griffith and Parkes.

    Money down the drain. As for the numbers at the end of the story, it’s a 150MW output to generate 390,000MWh per year. Well that equates to an availability factor of 29.7%. How useless can you get? It would assume that all the power could be absorbed by the grid .. well good luck with that idea.

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