How does one deal with people this ignorant?

Ignorance double plus with an extra dash of stupidity: POLL: Socialism Popular Among Democrats.

A Gallup poll released on Sunday shows 57-percent of democrat respondents view socialism positively.

For comparison, 16-percent of republicans polled had a positive outlook on socialism.

In the same poll, young Americans are more-likely to favor the political ideology than those who are older.

To which may be added:

Ocasio-Cortez Calls Trump Racist…
Says She’s Creating Another Sweden, Not Venezuela… 

She is actually too ignorant to know what she’s creating, but she is young and Democrat so she represents her demographic. Such as here:

Julian Castro cites 90 percent tax
on rich in defending Alexandria Ocasio-
Cortez on tax hikes
Washington Examiner, by Naomi Lim    Original Article
Likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro agrees with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that tax rates on some of the wealthiest Americans should skyrocket. “Oh, I can support folks at the top paying their fair share,” Castro told ABC News´ “This Week” on Sunday when asked directly whether he could endorse the high-profile New York Democrat´s idea. The Obama-era Housing and Urban Development secretary, who is expected to officially announce he´s running for the White House this week, made the comments after Ocasio-Cortez caught flak for suggesting people earning more than $10 million could be taxed between “60 or 70 percent.”

Speaking of Castro, this is a different Castro, but no doubt from the same ideological family: Grandson of Fidel Castro shares his life of luxury aboard yachts and more on Instagram.

There is no reasoning with these people. I wouldn’t even mind if they got their wish and they had to live in the world of their own creation, but they intend to take the rest of us along with them into the new Venezuelas they are creating.

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34 Responses to How does one deal with people this ignorant?

  1. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Bunch of loud mouths calling for state sanctioned theft, what’s new.

  2. post

    Tits knows exactly what she is doing. Socialism is quite the life for those in power.

  3. stackja

    FDR Dems liked socialism.

  4. Fred

    Ocasio-Cortez has got a good rack. That’s reason enough to vote for her.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    AOC should do a fact finding trip of Malmö in her preferred utopia.
    She may need to insure her rental car in case it gets BBQed.

  6. stackja

    Socialist elite live well.

  7. Mark M

    Whoopi Goldberg Rips Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Before You Start Pooping on People…You Got to Do Something’

    “The specific section to which Goldberg took apparent exception was the Congresswoman’s apparent calling out of establishment Democrats.”

  8. Confused Old Misfit

    If the media employed people who had any intelligence at all one would not have to contend with the stupid being continually thrown in one’s face.
    This has all the makings of the machinations of the broadcasting fraternity to create and foster content for their ever more vacuous excretions.
    They find something or someone and exhaust themselves hyping what ever they conceive to be the bete du jour until there is nothing left.
    It takes a VERY STRONG personality to stand up under that pressure.
    That says quite a bit for the POTUS.

  9. W Hogg

    Nobody cares if they tax 70, 90 or 100% on people richer than themselves. GOP messaging can’t use socialism as of itself bad – people don’t know anything of history.

    Simple responses: Venezuela was trying to create a Sweden too. Her tax policies will reduce revenue so when it fails she will come looking to you. In Sweden middle class tax is 55% too. How did the Kenyan’s “well meaning” healthcare work out for you? Pelosi lied to you. AOC like Illary considers you a basket of deplorable – her rhetoric is beginning identically.

    Making AOC a younger Illary is a good long term plan. She will be a POTUS nominee soon.

  10. lotocoti

    This has all the makings of the machinations of the broadcasting fraternity …
    In related news.

  11. 16-percent of republicans polled had a positive outlook on socialism


  12. IainC

    This was tried in the UK in the seventies – up to 98% top rate at one stage. Result: all the top earners moved overseas. Under capitalism, the cow is fed and watered and milked every morning. Under socialism, the cow is milked to death once. 57% of Democrats (not to be confused with democrats) like socialism because it won’t apply to them. Except, as in Venezuela, they’ll wake up one morning and the cow is dead.

  13. Tim Neilson

    16-percent of republicans polled had a positive outlook on socialism


    Social conservatives. The equivalent of our old DLP voters. Or Tony Abbott, when he’s not paying attention to what he’s thinking.

  14. Ellen of Tasmania

    Says She’s Creating Another Sweden, Not Venezuela…

    Maybe – but the Swedes stopped reproducing themselves enough to keep the socialist ponzi scheme alive so now they’re importing people. Is that success?

    If Sweden becomes a country full of people with other-than-Swedish culture, then is it still Sweden? What exactly makes a country a country?

  15. egg_

    Ocasio-Cortez Calls Trump Racist…
    Says She’s Creating Another Sweden, Not Venezuela…

    Try the veal.

  16. Candy

    The terms socialism and even communism cause no revulsion to many people now.

    I notice our Lefty peoples do no not mind being called socialists now. Perhaps history must repeat.

  17. Iampeter

    How does one deal with people this ignorant?

    This from a guy who just made a post confusing “censorship” and “free speech” and calling for the former, while thinking he’s advocating for the latter, on blog where no one has the wits to point out that you’ve got it backwards.

    Hint: you are not smarter than socialists. At least the fact that they are socialists doesn’t need to be explained to them.

  18. John Constantine

    Income tax, Medicare levy, budget repair levy, council lab rate tax on capital, water authority rate tax on capital, ten percent gst, fuel tax, beer excise, smoke excise, electricity tax, all the registrations and fees and fire services levies and the like.

    Not hard to have the godless commo State take nearly everything.


  19. MatrixTransform

    #2901929 – Iampeter

    from a guy who just made a post confusing …

    assuming your premise was correct (which it isnt), at least the person youre trying to hang sh!t on (wasn’t it you complaining about ad homs in another thread?) … at least they manage to post their responses in the correct thread.

    Have another go numbnuts.

    try not to look and sound so stupid this time


  20. Iampeter

    assuming your premise was correct (which it isnt)

    It is correct. Steve Kates posted a thread earlier in the day supporting the idea of regulating private enterprise.

    at least the person youre trying to hang sh!t on (wasn’t it you complaining about ad homs in another thread?)

    I’m not “hanging shit”, I’m making what I would think would be a pretty important point. You don’t think someone calling for regulating private enterprise is all that different to socialists?
    Also the ones complaining about adhoms in every thread, are the ones that throw them at me, only to cry when they get them in return. I’m just pointing out ONLY my ad homs ever get policed by the moronic white knights here.

    … at least they manage to post their responses in the correct thread.

    You don’t think pointing out the hypocrisy of someone advocating regulating private industry in a thread where that same person is attacking socialists for being ignorant is the correct thread for that?

    Have another go numbnuts.

    try not to look and sound so stupid this time

    So…yea. Maybe it’s you who needs to have another go?
    But then again this IS the cat. Being totally wrong on every level doesn’t mean anything.
    Idiots here tend to just double down.

  21. MatrixTransform

    Idiots here tend to just double down

    they do indeed

  22. Iampeter


    Anyway, I’ll leave you confused leftists to criticise less confused leftists about being “ignorant”.

  23. Tim Neilson

    It is correct. Steve Kates posted a thread earlier in the day supporting the idea of regulating private enterprise.

    Kates didn’t say whether or not he supported Pat Condell’s views. He just posted the video.
    Sometimes people post clips from, for example, Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers or climate alarmists. Do you assume that the people putting them up support them? Sometimes people put up a clip just so that people are aware of it and can discuss it.

    So your assertions have to be fact checked as “unsubstantiated and based on an unacknowledged unproven assumption”.

  24. MatrixTransform

    news for ya, private enterprise is regulated.
    pretty much everywhere.
    across the board.
    across the seas,
    the whole globe
    and even into space.

    For instance one cannot just decide to be an Electrical Contractor or a Solicitor and set up shop.
    And if able to, your conduct in that capacity would indeed captured by Law.
    As a matter of fact in many cases, those laws are actually described as ‘Regulations’ and as such carry non-negotiable legal responsibilities.
    One cannot for example burn a house down with shoddy wiring practice nor spend somebody’s trust fund on a JetSki.
    and ya can’t post a d!ck-pic on the interwebs.
    you can have an opinion.
    you write or blog about it.
    as long as the tech giants that operate their businesses on our public(ish) infrastructure permit.
    it used to different but lately no, some opinions are preferred.
    some are promoted and endorsed.
    some arent, and silenced.
    and here’s the thing using Peter’s own dichotomy, you cant have it both ways.
    Consumer Law here says you cant sell me something and not warrant it.

    So big tech is selling the platform … but theyre throwing in (or out as the case may be) the politic for free … all without accountability.
    and the reason Regulation exists in the first place is to have the accountability land somewhere.
    Peter’s rhetoric assumes it is ok that there is no skin in the game.

    The point of the matter and the video is that an unfettered freedom to act in the best interest of the company may not be in the best interests of the share-holder, responsibility takers, the general public, the Nation, the economy.
    The imbecilic notion that big tech has a ‘right’ to be free to plunder other’s ‘rights’ is one that indeed must be floated in the public sphere and then shot down for the anti-social gibber that it is.

    Dear Peter’s rhetoric runs that arguing against such freedom is fundamentally against the principles of true Right-Wing-ishness or against libertarian values.
    To make his point whilst bleating about Ad Homs, he furiously deploys Ad Homs and finally settles on the No True Scotsman defense.
    None of which go anywhere near dealing with the obvious reality that a self interested few seek to either intentionally or naively rend asunder laws and practices that are foundational.
    Some have been standing for a 1000 years.

    Peter should make a point rather than banging on about how ‘right’ he is.
    Unless of course his whole point to do nothing whilst complaining that doing anything is wrong.

  25. Iampeter

    Tim, even a certified imbecile couldn’t play THAT dumb.

    MatrixTransform, I would think my point is pretty obvious, in that someone who wrote what you just did, those that make the kinds of posts Steve frequently does, along with those that argue as they do in these threads, including the thread I’ve provided a link to, and many others I can easily pull up on the cat, are not in a position to call socialists ignorant.

  26. Tim Neilson

    Tim, even a certified imbecile couldn’t play THAT dumb.

    Poor old Iamashiteater once again caught out in a pathetic logic fail, and having no way whatsoever of justifying his self-beclownment just goes the sneer.

    You don’t fool anyone.

  27. MatrixTransform

    Sorry Peter, I still cant find the point that you’re trying to make.

    Is it that you narky about socialists being called ignorant?
    Are you saying that not being right-ish enough isn’t an adequate polemic?
    Like, if they’re not literally Pinochet then they cannot comment?
    Or, is it that what ever anybody says its not h!tler enough for you?

    Seriously I dont get it what is your beef?

  28. Iampeter

    Tim, you know very well what Steve was endorsing by posting that video. It’s not the first thread from Steve on this topic. You know very well that many conservatives are calling for regulation of tech companies, many are doing so on the cat and you probably support it too.
    You know that I’m making a good point by pointing out that confused leftists calling for the regulation of the last free-ish industry on the planet have no business criticizing socialists for being ignorant.
    You know all this and so does Steve and every other poster and reader here. It’s obvious. There’s no arguing against it.

    So all you do is evade this fact by playing dumb, lying and ad hominem.
    You’re doing this because you need to evade the fact that you know absolutely nothing about politics and have no business being on a political blog. You need to keep lying to yourself that you are an informed individual, when you’ve never undertaken any effort to become informed and have instead found a home, role-playing “political discussions,” with similar fools at the cat. Because of this, you remain way more ignorant than any socialist.
    So there’s nothing you won’t say, no lie or act you won’t put on, in order to continue to evade having to concede. You and others too, who aren’t posting, but have engaging similarly in other threads.

    I can only imagine what a stupid, unscrupulous and incompetent individual you must be and pity anyone who has to deal with you.

  29. MatrixTransform

    the ‘point’ seems harder to find than C-cell batteries at an Aldi checkout

  30. Iampeter

    That’s because you’re a moron.

  31. Iampeter

    And are proving my point with each new post.

  32. MatrixTransform

    if you say so.

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