Stephen Hicks on cultural studies, entrepreneurship and stuff

Professor Stephen Hicks is touring Australia this year and I presume the sponsors will start some PR soon. I only found out about this by accident and I dont even know who the sponsors are. Stephen and I have been infrequently in touch over the years and he had a permanent link in the section for nerds when the Roundup was more expansive a few years ago.

He covers a lot of things, especially the rise of postmodernism and the antecedents ever since the Enlightenment. He also conducted a fascinating series of interviews with entrepreneurs for a business magazine. Have a look at his site, there is bound to be something of interest!

There is an exchange proceeding at Facebook where Sinc has challenged some expansive statements by myself and others about the extent of Marxist indoctrination in education. Several issues are in play and there is a need to look at them separately, like the rise of POMO and its initially strained relations with mainstream Marxism, the way POMO merged with cultural Marxism that was planted like a time bomb in the US by the Frankfurt School of the ’50s and ’60s, and the way conservatives have been eased out of social sciences and the humanities in the last few decades.

The picture is complicated by the difference between campuses and individual schools on campus. For example Monash had a good economics school at the same time that Albert Langer and his small groups of Maoists could get hundreds of students out in demonstrations. And both the economics and philosophy departments at Sydney Uni and to be formally split into different admin units due to internal tensions. Someone may have painted the big picture but I doubt it and those who were there near the beginnings of these things in the 1960s are now too frail and demented to do it, like myself and Gerard Henderson. We are just hanging on in the hope that our boys will play in another grand final before we die.

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  1. Old School Conservative

    Excuse my ignorance – POMO?

  2. Ian6333

    And excuse mine too – who are your “boys”?

  3. Ian6333

    I see below … Eels and Demons. Go Eagles.

  4. Sinclair Davidson

    Monash economics department is still very good.

  5. A Lurker

    The fact that only one university in Australia gets the green light on freedom of speech from the IPA is extremely concerning.

    The audit rates each Australian university, and found that:
    Thirty-five of Australia’s 42 universities (83 per cent) are Red rated for policies and actions that are hostile to free speech on campus, an increase from 33 in 2016 and 34 in 2017;
    Six universities (14 per cent) are Amber rated for threats to free speech on campus; and
    One university, the University of New England, is Green rated for supporting free speech.
    The audit also finds that just nine of Australia’s 42 universities have a standalone policy which safeguards intellectual freedom, as mandated by the Higher Education Support Act 2013.

    Also, it should be noted that the restrictions on speech, association, religion, assembly etc are not originating from the right of the political divide. Modern day authoritarianism is a hallmark of the socialist, collectivist, Marxist Left. That the majority of Australian universities are deficient in their protection of free speech points to a majority Leftist mindset within higher education in Australia.

  6. A Lurker

    The top 5 Australian universities that are most hostile to freedom of speech (Ref: p. 10 of the IPA PDF)

    University of Sydney – Hostility Score 58
    Australian National University – Hostility Score 17
    James Cook University – Hostility Score 17
    University of Western Australia – Hostility Score 17
    Monash University – Hostility Score 16

  7. Old School Conservative

    Thanks OldFart.

  8. Suburban Boy

    Looks like Hicks is one of the growing breed of Canadian dissidents worth paying close attention to, including Peterson and Steyn.

  9. pbw

    See The Sydney Philosophy Disturbances for more info. Note the link to David Stove’s wonderful The intellectual capacity of women. Do follow the link. That alone will tell you a lot about the current situation in Oz and elsewhere.

    Albert Langer was very impressive. Sometime after his initial attention-seeking (and getting) I recall his arguing that Australia should develop its own nuclear weapons deterrent. That surprised me. It was perhaps in the early 80s. Is he still around?

  10. Win

    Am I right in thinking it was under Bob Hawke that Leonie Kramer was removed mid term from Sydney University.

  11. Suburban Boy

    Win, It was in 2001 that Kramer was threatened with the termination of her position as Chancellor of the University of Sydney. She resigned in anticipation of being sacked.

    Bob Carr was NSW Premier at the time – legally the University is under State control, not federal.

  12. Hi Rafe,

    Thank you for helping me get some exposure on the tour.
    There is no sponsorship, but rather support from some affiliates including an ad in the latest IPA Review.
    Also, Stephen requested to meet with you while he is here and therefore, I am offering you a ticket to an evening event, where Stephen will be giving a devastating critique of postmodern agendas and discussing strategies to absolve modern civilization from pomo.
    Due to Hicks’ in depth knowledge on the subject, he will also be conducting full day events in Melbourne and Sydney for those who want to delve much deeper into topics, discussion and solutions.
    If I can be so bold as to put the website here, that would be wonderful:
    Thank you,

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