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Rush Limbaugh discussed the dog that didn’t bark in the night: Rush Limbaugh notices something glaringly missing from border wall discussion.

He specifically noted that no meaningful polls were published after President Donald Trump delivered an Oval Office address Tuesday in which he explained the ongoing battles to the public and implored Democrat to end them by agreeing to secure the southern U.S. border.

“There has been no polling data that we could find anywhere following Trump’s speech,” Limbaugh said Friday. “There weren’t any Frank Luntz focus groups with any undecideds out there.”

“They didn’t gather any Trump voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and ask them if they’re still behind Trump. The media didn’t do any of the stuff they usually do. We have no idea what the valued and very wise independents thought of Trump’s speech.”

But polling has been done and the data are as you would expect: Polling Data Shows Nearly 80% Of Americans Consider Illegal Immigration A Serious Problem/Crisis

As it says at the link:

It’s the data most responsible for the sudden shift in Democrats’ tone this week as more and more in Congress give the media hints that they are willing to allocate funding for at least some of the border protection measures being pushed by President Trump. You see, it’s not that these Democrats in Congress think it’s the right thing to do but rather that the vast majority of Americans (nearly 80%) think it’s the right thing to do and so the hands of Democrats are now being forced to do something or face a serious political backlash heading into 2020.

And you know what? You’d get the same results in Australia if we did the same polling here.

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  1. Craig Mc

    Curious how the 20% always seem to get 80% of the positive coverage, isn’t it?

  2. tombell

    imagine if Peanut Head scrapped the Republican plebiscite and, instead, proposed a plebiscite dealing with:-
    a. immigration
    b. climate change
    c. RET
    d. superannuation and other entitlements for the political class
    e. abolition of duplicate Commonwealth departments – returning power to the states as per Constitution
    f. “Our ABC”
    g. etc. etc.

    I might even consider voting for the pr*ck. (PS didn’t say I would!!)

  3. max

    Immigration Control: Federal Social Engineering
    Gary North – December 22, 2014

    Third, the conservative says this: “Immigrants will get jobs here. They will take jobs away from Americans.”
    I want to focus on this argument, for it is the most common one. It invokes nationalism over liberty. It equates nationalism with restrictions on the freedom of contract. It says: “Not everyone should have the legal right to bid on jobs inside our borders. Only those who are legally inside our borders already, or who will be born to those already inside our borders, should possess this right.” It says: “Our ancestors got here before there were any immigration laws. We deserve the right to bid. Outsiders don’t. It’s first come, first served.”


  4. Sinclair Davidson

    You’d get the same results in Australia if we did the same polling here.

    We should build a wall on our southern border?

  5. Dr Fred Lenin

    I hate Trump and his attacks on the swampies like me , but after seeing the polls and carefull consideration I have changed my position on the undocumented refugees entering our southern border,said a decromat long serving congressman . Translation ;you dont think Im going to throw away a career in politics and all itsbenefits for a bunch of wetbacks ,dont care what soros says ,he hasnt bought t me. YET.

  6. Dr Fred Lenin

    Sinclair, Our Southern wall would keep Tasmanians like brown and wossername the malingerer out,now you cant deny that would be a bonus worth paying for ? Perhaps another wall around SA is worth thinking about ? Imagine no wong or sarah wossname , bliss!!!

  7. Confused Old Misfit

    We should build a wall on our southern border?

    I read somewhere that the majority persons removed from Australia for having committed offenses were New Zealanders.
    Perhaps a wall would help?
    Built in and paid for by New Zealand?

  8. Cementafriend

    Sinclair you are right we do not want those communist in Victoria. We also want those African criminals north of the border. Maybe we could allow certain economists at RMIT to move north where their views maybe heard.

  9. Confused Old Misfit

    “Our ancestors got here before there were any immigration laws. …”

    And well before there were any government supplied social services to draw on.
    And there is a process by which one can legitimately gain entry.
    The migrant is not being told not to come.
    Only to come via the institutions supporting the society in which he wishes to participate.
    Destroy those institutions and you will destroy the society and you will be back exactly where you started.

  10. cuckoo

    Well colour me surprised, because I saw Channel Nine’s US correspondent – the increasingly cadaverous and utterly Trump-deranged Robert Penfold – stating that 60 percent of Americans oppose a border wall with Mexico. (that figure turns out to derive from a CBS news poll.)

    The Fake News media keep presenting it as a bogus either/or: you either favour ‘dealing with’ illegal immigrants in the US by some unspecified means, or you favour a wall. As the little girl says in the Old El Paso commercial, ‘Por que no los dos?’

  11. Big_Nambas

    When exactly did politicians listen to the electorate? Certainly not in my lifetime, Death penalty, Euthanasia,
    Law and Order, Freedom of Speech, and on and on they go knowing whats best for the peasants and caring not a toss what the peasants want.

  12. mh

    Brigitte Gabriel: Mr. President, You Don’t Need Congress to Build the Wall

    If our present situation on the southern border isn’t a national emergency, nothing is.

    Here are some cold hard facts that demand the wall be built by any means necessary, and no, the President does not need Congressional approval to do so.

    Every year, more than 500,000 people are apprehended trying to cross into our nation illegally, and that’s just the half a million who are actually caught without a proper wall!

    Contrary to what you may have heard from the lame-stream media, not all of those apprehended have been innocent women and children. Thousands of violent criminals with rap sheets ranging from murder to kidnapping to rape to drug trafficking are caught sneaking into our nation every year

    Would you put a lock on your door if you knew an MS-13 gang member wanted to stay in your house? That’s why building a wall is only the bare minimum we should be doing to protect this nation.

    MSNBC host Joe Scarborough disgraced himself yet again when he responded to the President’s address to the nation by asking, “How stupid are people who still believe there is a crisis?” Does this guy own a mirror?

    While limousine leftists from their Hollywood mansions to their Manhattan high rises thumb their noses and cry racism over commonsense solutions to our increasingly dangerous immigration crisis, it’s every day Americans who are paying the price.

    Whether it’s the death of innocent victims like the late and beloved Kate Steinle, shot dead in cold blood by a seven-time deported illegal alien in San Francisco, or the tens of thousands of families whose loved ones die every year from overdosing on opioids smuggled across our Southern border, our government is failing to protect its citizens.

    In less than a year, enough fentanyl was seized crossing our Southern border to kill about 25% of our entire national population! That’s not to mention 10,000 pounds of methamphetamines and 6,400 pounds of cocaine to go along with it. If you want to help stop drug overdoses in the United States, you can start by building a wall.

    But it doesn’t stop with drugs, while radical leftists in Congress are busy trying to take away Second Amendment rights for ordinary Americans, cartels are smuggling illegal weapons across our Southern border with tremendous success.

    While fake feminists are holding anti-Trump marches that accomplish nothing for women’s rights, thousands of women are being raped by coyotes who attempt to smuggle them across a border with no barrier.

    Where are the marches for these victims? Where is the wall to wall coverage and town hall meetings for them?

    See, this is the real-life cost to open borders that CNN’s Jim Acosta won’t stand up and scream about during a White House press briefing.

    The left wants open borders no matter what the cost to America because the left hates America to begin with. They don’t bleed red, white, and blue the way that most Americans do, and they don’t care that our nation is being fundamentally transformed before our very eyes.

    President Trump made building a wall the top of his campaign platform for a reason, and the American people rewarded him for it.

    They see how their towns have been transformed before their very eyes due to a border with no barrier.

    While thousands of individuals from El Salvador tried to cross into the United States this past year as part of the “migrant caravan” the ruthless gang from El Salvador named MS-13 continues to wreak havoc throughout the U.S in some very unexpected places. MS-13 has been linked to dozens of recent murders on Long Island. Since 2010, more than 50 gang members have been arrested from violent crimes. Of the 15 homicides in Nassau county last year, six were connected to MS-13.

    With stats like that, Long Island’s residents need a wall just as badly as El Paso’s residents!

    That’s why now more than ever, the President must use his authority as Commander in Chief of the United States to protect the homeland in cases of a national emergency. For example, President Trump could tap into USDA funds, or even Obama stimulus loans, and redirect such proceeds towards building the border wall.

    Mr. President, you have given Congress every chance to do what is necessary to protect the citizens they are tasked with representing. The American people are behind you, despite whatever slanderous fallacies the media will choose to hurl at you.

    The only way this wall will be built is if the President chooses to put the interests of the American people ahead of the advice of those who have neither the interest in helping him or that of this nation.

    Brigitte Gabriel is the chairman of ACT For America.org, the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S.

  13. a happy little debunker

    Sinclair, Our Southern wall would keep Tasmanians … out,

    Brave words, when the mendicant states & territories (and worst performing economies) are SA, WA & NT.

    Especially brave considering WA’s current begging bowl after their harsh observations about Tassie.
    Barnett should be made to suck on that!

  14. Bruce of Newcastle

    The progressive religion causes self harm. If the EU had controlled their borders and prevented welfare migration, especially of muslims, it would not now be falling to bits.

    But because open borders and globalism has become part of the progressive canon the elites cannot accept what the ordinary people want. They dare not lest they be cast out as heretics.

    Instead of controlling the borders and restricting immigration they have now allowed their cherished project of generations to teeter on the edge of absolute failure. How stupid they are to throw everything away for ideology.

  15. Pedro the Ignorant

    We should build a wall on our southern border?

    Sinc at 10.19am.

    A wall across the Nullarbor at Eucla would be nice.

    A total ban on entry to WA of all Victorians towing caravans, any dogs weighing under 10kg, any hippy food invented in the 21st Century like kale, quinoa or kombucha, VB, men wearing buns on their heads, Chicom carpetbaggers, Bill Shorten, herbal tea, and any and all ABC “talent”.

    Border officers to use their discretion over who may be granted entry in case any Greenies or anti-mining activists try to sneak in.

  16. sfw

    Where’s our Trump? I guess that in effect he is an elected King for four years and that he’s not beholden to a party that he can say and do things that the average person wants. How can we get someone like that? I don’t want a US system but it seems to be working better than ours at the moment.

  17. Tel

    We should build a wall on our southern border?

    Strictly speaking, from the South Australian and Victorian perspective it would be on their northern border, but yeah … great idea. Would recommend to a friend!

  18. Genghis

    Now here’s a idea for the Liberal Party, not that they will do anything.
    Large newspaper advertisements (starting now) with small pictures of each and every Labor Candidate with a small quote of their views on border protection. As I believe about 40% of Labor Politicians want less border restrictions. Next week produce an identical one of their ther new candidates. Then tally because for whatever “Mediscam’ Bill says it will be over 50% of his party room and he will get rolled as soon as they are elected.
    Do the same for renewable energy.
    Next time perhaps the Libs will NOT be able to stop the boats.

  19. John A

    max #2905931, posted on January 13, 2019, at 10:13 am

    Immigration Control: Federal Social Engineering
    Gary North – December 22, 2014

    Third, the conservative says this: “Immigrants will get jobs here. They will take jobs away from Americans.”
    I want to focus on this argument, for it is the most common one.

    Sorry but no, Gary North. The most common argument is that ILLEGAL immigrants (wanting to climb over our back fence at night) are not the same as LEGAL immigrants (walking [flying] in via the front entrance and with their papers at the ready) who have asked politely if they may come in.

  20. Robbo

    There is nothing new about politicians not having an earthly clue about what their constituents want them to do on important, indeed vital, issues. Once upon a time, not all that long ago, we had politicians at both federal and state levels who were not frightened to make the right decisions no matter how tough they were. Now we seem to have an abundance of snowflakes who probably sleep with the light on at night and wear nappies. What have we done to deserve these inept wankers? Nobody should be surprised that most politicians are regarded with contempt by vast numbers of voters. Most are just products of the system having never held a real job and graduating through their respective party machines employed as electorate officers or Ministerial staffers. They just warm the seat that they have been given and never let an original idea enter their heads. As for making a tough decisions on vital issues please do not hold your breath waiting. Politicians in Australia are simply disgraceful.

  21. max

    John A
    #2906244, posted on January 13, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    The term “illegal immigrant” did not exist in the American lexicon of the 19th Century.

    By Peter F. Stevens:
    When it comes to the immigrants of yesteryear – especially Irish immigrants to America’s shores –historical distortions and outright lies abound. A huge number of Irish Americans refuse to accept any comparisons between their sacred ancestors from the old sod and the undocumented immigrants of today. Today’s Nativists hurl the argument that in the grim years of the Potato Famine, the waves of Irish streaming into America from “coffin ships” or across the Canadian border were not ever officially branded “illegal immigrants.”
    On the surface, the assertion is accurate. The term “illegal immigrant” did not exist in the American lexicon of the 19th Century.
    “People are shocked when I say before World War I, there were no green cards, no visas, no quotas, no passports, even. Really, you just showed up. And if you could walk without a limp, and you had $30 in your pocket, you walked right in.”
    “You walked right in” – Does that sound familiar from the Trumpian playbook? Any of us whose pre-World War I ancestors fled famine, oppression, and outright persecution from Ireland and other corners of Europe may well have simply “walked right in” to America. The borders were wide open, so to speak.
    No one in his or her right mind believes that the US in 2018 should not have border security and comprehensive immigration reform. If anyone, however, truly believes that the Great Wall of Trump will rise across thousands of miles of our southern border, he or she is either benighted by hate or willingly foolish.
    Back to our own Irish and European ancestors who “walked right in.” They arrived without documents. They faced no quota system and no immigration courts or law enforcement. Like it or not, our pre-war ancestors came to “the Golden Door of America” undocumented.
    “That was then, this is now!” President Trump and his fellow Nativists bleat today as they profess that they want only the “right kind” of immigrants. That’s where historical reality shreds the modern Nativists’ arguments and exposes either their bigotry or willing ignorance. The waves of Irish, Germans, Italians, and Eastern Europeans who came to America from the onset of the Great Famine into the early 20th century encountered the same prejudice and contempt that immigrants from Mexico, Central and Latin America, Haiti, Africa, and so many other places face today.

  22. P

    “With massive amounts of misinformation surrounding the southern border and the need for a border security wall, the following video has been produced.”

    Border Wall Construction Continues…

  23. Confused Old Misfit

    The waves of Irish, Germans, Italians, and Eastern Europeans who came to America from the onset of the Great Famine into the early 20th century encountered the same prejudice and contempt that immigrants from Mexico, Central and Latin America, Haiti, Africa, and so many other places face today.

    Yes, they faced discrimination. And there were no civil rights laws that prevented them being discriminated against.
    And there was no welfare industry to support them from the get go.
    If they failed it was a church charity or the poor house.
    They made it or they died in penury.
    But they came because there was a chance they could improve their lot.

  24. max

    The defender of liberty replies in two ways: “First, these programs should be abolished. They are based on government planning and coercive wealth redistribution. They are the main problem, not any immigrants who may sign up. Second, the sooner they go bankrupt, the better. Let immigrants sign up.” The problem is this: most conservatives approve of these welfare programs in theory and practice. The big ones are Social Security, Medicare, and tax-funded education. Conservatives do not want these programs de-funded. They see them as part of the American way of life.

    Second, the conservative says this: “These immigrants will undermine our social way of life. They’re just too different. The American way of life cannot survive open immigration. Change will overwhelm the American way of life.”

    The defender of liberty responds: “The free market changes America every day. Innovations undermine our way of life, moment by moment. Innovation makes our lives better.” Second, he replies: “Why do you think Congress can pass a law restricting freedom of travel and freedom of contract, and thereby preserve the good parts of our way of life? Why do you trust the federal government’s good judgment in matters social and economic? Why have you become an apologist for central planning? Why have you become an advocate of social engineering by federal politicians and bureaucrats?” Conservatives remain silent. They have never thought of this, and they don’t want to have to re-think what they say they believe in, namely, that Congress cannot safely be trusted on matters economic. They are saying that Congress can provide a Goldilocks solution: not too much social change, but not too little. The defender of liberty asks: “When has Congress ever legislated a Goldilocks solution? When has the federal bureaucracy ever enforced it as written, let alone as justified by members of the voting bloc in Congress that passed it?”

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