Stephen Hicks, interviews with entrepreneurs

Stephen Hicks is coming to town in March to talk about postmodernism and many other things. He has several strings to his bow and one of his interests is the way that entrepreneurs go about their business. He has conducted many interviews with entrepreneurs for the Kaizen Newsletter. Talking to Davit Checketts, a mover and shaker in sports.

David Checketts is Chairman of SCP Worldwide, a sports, media and entertainment company that owns the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League, the Scottrade Center, the Major League Soccer team Real Salt Lake, and a number of other sports-related enterprises. Prior to founding SCP, Mr. Checketts was president and CEO of Madison Square Garden, overseeing its operations and its three sports franchises, the New York Knickerbockers of the NBA, the New York Rangers of the NHL, and the New York Liberty of the WNBA. We met with Mr. Checketts in St. Louis, Missouri to explore his thoughts on sports, the business of sports, and success in life.

Inside Enron with Robert Bradley.

Hicks interviewed by Glenn Beck.

This is the program for his visit and this is his website.

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  1. Dr Fred Lenin

    Entrepreneurs , the word brings back memories ,an entrpreneur is a thief in a suit,and Arthur Daley from Minder called himself one ,neither a reccommendation for the expression. Been watching Daley on you tube lately ,entrpreneur indeed !shiftiest bugger on the manor scruples ? Morals ? Honesty? Truth ? None of these apply ,he reminds me of the leftists and their media who have a similar lack of anything of value morally. He woukd have had a great future in modern one part state politics fit the mould? He was probably the pattern for the mould they are so much like him

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