Slovakia’s nuclear transition to green energy

A machine translation from French. h/t Atomic Australia Facebook Page

In Effect The Slovakia Had In 2017 57% of electricity Outcome of the Sector Nuclear.

If they can do it….?

Slovakia : A mix Energy That Looks like To That of France. In November 2018, International Energy Agency devoted Its report Special to the transition Energy Implementation In Place by the Government Slovak.

Why The example In the Slovakia Interests-t-The The IEA ? Because that the country Is Particularly Concerned By The Dependence Energy To Hydrocarbons. In addition, the country Is Also Widely Depends on Of Its Imports for Cover Its Needs Energy. And YetThe Model Energy In the Slovakia Is In Full Mutation. The country is Now The Equal In the Diversity Energy To ensure its Future. As of issues That Are The Heart Of Strategies Defended By The IEA, and WHO Looks like To Problems French.

With A Surface Of Only 49 000 km2, the Slovakia Is A country of Size Modest That makes Least of a Tenth In the Size of France. Yet, This Country European Sharing A Similarity Amazing With The hexagon. In Effect, The Reserve A part Important To The energy Nuclear In His Consumption of electricity. The Slovakia Is The Second Countries in the world to Have The strongest share of energy Nuclear In his mix Electric. A place that Located Just Behind France. In EffectThe Slovakia Had In 2017 57% of electricity Outcome of the Sector Nuclear.

Nuclear And Energies Renewable : A tandem Electric Winner

The Model of transition Energy Chosen By The Slovakia is based on A tandem Nuclear-renewable. With already 57% share of Nuclear In his mix ElectricThe Slovakia Wish Capitalize on This Strong point for Out Of His Dependence To Hydrocarbons And Reduce Its Imports. From here 2020, the country Account Put In Two new service Reactors In His Central Nuclear Of Mochovce. With the NuclearThe Government Slovak Hope Same Become Exporter of electricity To The future.

Parallel, the country Seeks Also To Develop The Energies Renewable For Secure His Consumption Domestic. The Biomass Monte In Power, and She MustTo Term, Take the Relay Of Coal In the Mix Electric national. But The main Asset Green of the Slovakia, This is Hydroelectricity. This Resource Account Already for 17% in the mix Electric 2017 of the country, This That makes of it The Second source of electricity National. The Slovakia Benefits In Effect Wide Resources For the Development Of Hydroelectricity, starting with his Access to the Danube. The most Great Central Hydroelectric Slovak Is By the way Built On the Danube. Gabcikovo Is In service Since 1992 and She Account Eight Turbines. She Product To She Only 11% of Hydroelectricity Consumed In Slovakia.

Strong Drop Of The intensity Energy

Despite the Growth of the country and its Development IndustrialThe Slovakia Knows A Consumption of energy Relatively Stable. She Consumes Each Year Between 15 and 20 Mtoe Since Near Half a century. As a Comparison, In 2016, France consumed 244.3 Mtoe. For Explain This relative stabiité, The IEA Evokes Particular Efforts to Isolate The Housing. According to The agency Of The OECD, 60% of Apartments Have Already done The object of a Renovation Energy.

Who more Is, The entire of the park Real estate Slovak Did The object of a national plan of Strengthening Of The insulation Thermal. This Project Will Finished To The horizon 2030, But The has already Widely Worn Its fruits. The effectiveness Energy Is Also Integrated In the Strategies Of Development of the Sites Industrial. As of efforts That is Reflected On the Consumption Global of energy of the country. As Of Progress That Have Permitted to the Slovakia, In The space Of Only Ten Years, Of Decrease His Consumption Of Coal of 17%, and His Consumption Of Gas NaturalMainly Imported Of Russia) from Near of 24%. Always According to The IEAThe Emissions Country’s GHG Have By the way Strongly Reduced Since The Years 90.

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21 Responses to Slovakia’s nuclear transition to green energy

  1. iain russell

    This is a stellar example of why machine translation is years from outperforming humans.

  2. egg_

    What’s Flim Flam Man’s view on Nukes?

  3. Big_Nambas

    I don’t know about Flim Flam man but I’d like to see a few Nukes used to sort out the Radical Islam.

  4. Bruce of Newcastle

    How to make enemies of everyone: lurve nuclear, lurve hydroelectric dams, hate coal, hate gas.
    I wonder how much of their country the dam on the Danube flooded?
    On the other hand they are one of the saner countries in the EU.
    Pity they exported Tanya’s parents to Australia.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    Oops, I was thinking of Slovenia.
    I should’ve czeched before I posted.

  6. Tim Neilson

    This is a stellar example of why machine translation is years from outperforming humans.

    On the contrary, the Australian education system is ensuring that very soon these machine translations will outperform original English written by most of the Australian population.

  7. Fred

    I read it with Borat’s voice in my head.

  8. JohnA

    Of this Translation, Approve would Yoda.

  9. Rafe Champion

    Beats not being able to read it at all.

  10. Confused Old Misfit

    Examples of energy sanity abound all around the world.
    Examples of energy insanity abound in Australia.
    Is there a level of government anywhere in this benighted country not committed to economic suicide in the name of the environment?

  11. bobby b

    This would have been easier to read in the original French.

    And I don’t speak French.

  12. Anthony

    Fuller picture here.

    Slovakia has four reactors providing ~50% of their electricity. Two more reactors being built now that should bring that to about 65% by end of 2019 or so.

    Two more units are planned next decade.

  13. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Of this Translation, Approve would Yoda would


  14. P

    No trouble with the translation here.

  15. Confused Old Misfit

    The population of Slovakia is over 5.4 million. Australia 25 million.
    We have effectively no opportunities for increasing the hydro contribution to our energy mix.
    Our governments are denigrating coal, of which we have an abundance.
    We have ONE nuclear reactor which does not contribute to the energy mix.
    Australia has never had a nuclear power station.
    Australia hosts 33% of the world’s uranium deposits and is the world’s third largest producer of uranium after Kazakhstan and Canada.
    Our governments are afraid to even mention nuclear.
    Yes, we are insane.

  16. Dr Fred Lenin

    It reads better translated back into French , the government Slovak english ,le gouvernment Slovak French .seems like a literal translation . Suppose you expect that from a machine ,its just words to then not language , just like numbers .

  17. Dr Fred Lenin

    We shoukd build a nuclear plant in SA near the mine , we could dedicate it to that helen caldicott sheila , ,and a coal fired one on the site of the one the carpetbaggers blew up in Whyalla , we could dedicate it the weatherill memorial coal burning reliable supply station . How about that guys ?

  18. Nob

    Slovakia is about the size of Gippsland with the population of Victoria.

    They have a bit of oil and gas topped up with supplies from Russia.

    You can see that the pipelines traverse the whole length of Slovakia. Very Central Europe.

    They could only dream of having the superabundant natural sources of energy that Australia has but instead of dreaming they get on with building nuclear capacity.

    The Slovnaft oil refinery isn’t huge but probably does more refining than anywhere in Australia these days.

  19. iain russell

    Rafe, it’s French, allegedly. We’re not talking Inuit. Surely you speak the language of les gilets jaunes?! How standards have dropped.

  20. classical_hero

    I could translate the article better. It’s been awhile since I spoke French, but I can read it fairly well.

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