Fake ABC news on coffee extinction

Jo Nova on the alarming news that we better get coffee while we can.

Let’s check. Here’s what excess fossil fuel emissions have done to coffee production

Looks like coffee has been relentlessly increasing. It has doubled since 1977.

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12 Responses to Fake ABC news on coffee extinction

  1. Percy Popinjay says:

    The same idiots were predicting a global coffee shortage and corresponding “exorbitant price rises” about two/three years ago. Due to a drought in varous coffee growing regions.

    Never eventuated, of course.

  2. Snoopy says:

    Most coffee species at risk of extinction due to climate change, scientists warn

    “scientists warn”. That’s much more serious than ‘scientists say’. I don’t think we should dismiss this lightly.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Vladimir Putin is rubbing his hands together.
    All that space in Siberia where you can’t grow anything except straggly trees.
    Soon to be coffee heaven!


  4. Percy Popinjay says:

    oops – the drought was of course, due to gerbil worming.

  5. HP says:

    Scientists will warn in furtherance to their grant proposals, as usual.

    Not a cent.

  6. Entropy says:

    Wild coffee. OK. I am pretty sure wild coffee will look after itself, weed that it is.
    As for cultivated varieties, these scientist sure aren’t agricultural scientists. Perhaps they are scientists in the same way economists call economics a science instead of the art it really is.
    You would just selectively breed new varieties as the climate changed. Same for fruit that needs a certain number of chill nights to flower and fruit set. A decent breeding program would be able to breed new varieties quicker than the climate changes. And if you needed to go faster, gene edit.

  7. DaveR says:

    All fake news. The simplest of checking would have shown the significant increases in coffee yields as temperatures warm slightly. More likely a glut coming.

  8. bemused says:

    If only climate change would make Their ABC extinct.

  9. egg_ says:

    Not The ABC News.
    Soyboys wake in fright.

  10. egg_ says:

    More likely a glut coming.

    The Gore Effect?

  11. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    They didnt mention the most important thing ,affecting inner cityites ,the pending latte shortage !the latte farmers are suffering from an acute shortage of taxpayer subsidies ,the lifeblood of the left. The gangrenes in the sennit are addressing this urgent problem befot=re acute withdrawal symptoms set in ,a pandemic of latte deprivement woud by fer=arsome to see,all those snarling people of all genders ,uuuughhh bleedin orrible

  12. Squirrel says:

    How surprising (not) that the ABC took this angle – where are the high profile, high rotation stories about the environmental cost of ‘Straya’s addiction to coffee? We don’t get those sort of stories because it would be a very inconvenient truth for large chunks of the ABC’s rusted-on supporters.

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