Rafe’s Roundup 18 Jan 2019

A New Year message to our partners, the liberal/conservative groups around the nation. Tell your members about Catallaxy unless you can recommend a better site. A better ‘ole.


The 10 Saltbush reasons to exit from Paris. Double standards at James Cook University, sack the skeptic but a very slow response to fraud.

Dan Mitchell on the US Government shutdown.

The second lesson is that some parts of government should be shut down permanently.
If people don’t care or notice that a department is temporarily closed, they probably won’t care or notice if it is permanently closed.
I think that message applies to bureaucracies that are affected by the current shutdown (such as HUD and Transportation) as well as to some of the bureaucracies that are unaffected (Education, Energy, Agriculture, etc).

STEPHEN HICKS. This is the programme. It is all happening in March with events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

German power prices for small business.

Across the nation, thousands of companies are desperate to mitigate the hit from electricity costs that have doubled since 2016. These smaller, often family-run firms are collectively known as the Mittelstand and form crucial links in the supply chains for Germany’s biggest firms, employing almost 20 million people and producing more in sales than Spain’s economy.

For nerds, a profile of Harold Demetz.

Another feature. Shelley Gare’s upside down world commentary coming to you from the Sydney Institute.

The Portal to Our partners

In no particular order. Australian Institute for Progress, The Institute of Public Affairs IPA, the Centre for Independent Studies CIS, The Sydney Institute, Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, Quadrant On Line, The Australian Taxpayers Alliance, Tim Blair, Andrew Norton, the classical liberal in Carlton, Rite-ON admirable Queensland activists!, The Menzies Research Centre, Jim Rose Utopia You Are Standing in It. LibertyWorks. On Line Opinion.
Still building and looking at more specialised sites.

Overseas. Spiked, Cato Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Dan Mitchell, The Last Refuge.

Climate. Viv Forbes Carbon Sense, Watts Up With That?, Jo Nova, The Global Warming Policy Forum, Global Coal Plant Tracker, Tony From Oz,

Education and Culture. Quillette. Heterodox Academy. Accuracy in Academia, Intellectual Takeout, Institute for Humane Studies.

For Nerds. Rafe’s Rathouse, Critical Rationalist Blog, My bookstore.

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  1. Mark M

    No offence, but the idea of preventing imaginary carbon (sic)-induced bad weather by taxing us and then allegedly giving the money back is ultra-stupid …

    via twitter: “An all-star lineup of economists, including all living former Fed chairs & former presidential advisers, just endorsed a plan to combat climate change by slapping a tax on carbon dioxide emissions & then distributing the revenue to American households.”

    From Greenspan to Yellen, Economic Brain Trust Backs Carbon Tax


    via Tom Nelson ([email protected])

  2. max

    Stossel: Government Shutdown Shows Private Is Better

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