Shutting down the Speaker of the House

Aside from anything else, the cleverness of this tactic is in that everyone will read the letter and its final para. That is the message the Democrats want to bottle up. And who would have known she was heading off to Europe in the midst of it all? Will she still go? It’s not the money.

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  1. Old School Conservative

    Surely this is a hoax.
    Ain’t nobody ever stood up to the leader of the Deep State before.

  2. Dave in Marybrook

    “I look forward… and even more forward” !
    So much winning. Many… many winnings.

  3. John64

    “excursion” – LOL

    If only he’d called it a “junket”.

  4. Beertruk

    The Man is THE Master Troll.

  5. Tom

    The US public — even those who normally take no notice of politics — is now realising: a) Democrats, with their childish stunts and antics, are among the stupidest people ever born; b) they’re on a power trip to Get Trump and nothing else matters c) the mainstream media, which pipes anti-Trump propaganda into middle America 24/7, is a Democratic Party lapdog.

    This is the most important presidency in American history because of what it is revealing about the entrenched self-appointed ruling class.

  6. P

    You’re GROUNDED, Nancy!
    White House press secretary said: ‘We want to keep her in Washington’
    ‘If she leaves, she guarantees that the second round of paychecks to 800,000 federal workers won’t go out,’ Sanders explained

  7. Speedbox

    Oh my. That will cause a storm! The Left must be gagging with apoplexy.

  8. candy

    All these useless at this time trips can be cancelled forthwith, Dems or Repugs. It’s very sensible and very appropriate.

    The “seven-day excursion”. Like a holiday bus trip for seniors. lol. Trump is so funny.

  9. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Pelosy is hopeless

  10. Roger

    ‘If she leaves, she guarantees that the second round of paychecks to 800,000 federal workers won’t go out,’ Sanders explained

    This is political tag team wrestling.

    To mix metaphors, the b^ll’s in your court, Nancy.

    Let’s see what you’ve got.

  11. Infidel Tiger

    We will never see his type again.

  12. C.L.

    Pelosi can always do what Trump can do: take her private airliner.
    Oh that’s right; she doesn’t have one.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    Hark! The bubble universe here seems to be unable to absorb the information that Trump’s polling has worsened significantly during the shutdown.

    That’s really weird because the Pew poll says 82% of Republican and GOP leaning voters want the Wall.

    Pew: Biggest divide ever on wall, Trump approval gap widest in 60 years (16 Jan)

    •Trump’s support among Republicans and Republican “leaners” remains high at 80 percent.
    •96 percent of Democrats and Democratic “leaners” disapprove of his job performance, the widest gap in six decades.

    Could it be another shy-Republican skewed poll Hark? Why would Republican voters be scared to tell pollsters infested with lefty activists what their views are? It’s, as I often say, a mystery.

  14. Tiny dancer

    CNBC polls are about as reliable as CNN polls. The Pew poll simply reveals what a bunch of pathetic hypocrites the democrats really are. All gung ho for it when Barry Obongo and Killary are trying to get votes and shafting Americans when the oompaloompa wants what they previously wanted

  15. Infidel Tiger

    Derek Hunter

    Personally, I wish
    would’ve canceled the trip after Pelosi and her cabal were already overseas. Let them figure out how to get back.

  16. JohnA

    NB #2910560, posted on January 18, 2019 at 10:36 am


    Less insulting than “madam”, maybe?

  17. Old School Conservative

    Harken Now
    #2910558, posted on January 18, 2019 at 10:33 am
    Come on – I’m all ears.

    Noddy’s best mate.

  18. Bear Necessitites


    I thought you would support the cancellation. All those carbon emissions now being saved.

  19. OMG, please don’t stop Mr President! This is his response for Noncy Palooza trying to stop his SoU address.

    Add with the videos coming out of The Corruptocrats enjoying their Hawaii getaway (complete with lobbyists and corporate donors) the lefty greedy, thieving, lazy spivs that live the high life off the backs of the productive are being exposed for the lefty greedy, thieving, lazy spivs that they are.

    If only there were a Noble Prize for trolling…

  20. Roger

    ‘Madame’? Less insulting than “madam”, maybe?

    Madam Speaker is the proper form of address.

    The French Madame makes her sound like an effete and pretentious upper class woman who relies on poorly paid immigrant servants to run her hosue, i.e. about as far from the average American’s experience as you could get.

  21. ACTOldFart

    What the hell was Pelosi thinking in the first place, taking a junket like that, when thousands of US civil servants (a lot of them Democrat voters) are not even being paid? It would be hard to think of a more short-sighted, narrow minded example of sheer self-serving and selfishness. Looks like that senile dementia is really setting in strongly.

  22. Mater

    how do you reconcile your claim about how the public is perceiving things with the actual polling?

    The same polling that indicated that Trump couldn’t possibly win the election?

    How did he do it then? God alone knows. Perhaps you might ask him for us, Harken.

  23. Up The Workers!

    Nancy is in the “Naughty Corner” with the Dunce’s Cap on her head.

    If you want to go swanning overseas now Nancy, it’ll be by Mark 1 Broomstick!

    I’d call that: ‘Being comprehensively “Trumped!”‘

  24. Buccaneer

    Apparently democrats don’t have a history of requesting oversamples from polling companies. According to Hark anyways. I suppose it’s easy to live in a bubble when the msn won’t report on it?

  25. What the hell was Pelosi thinking in the first place, taking a junket like that, when thousands of US civil servants (a lot of them Democrat voters) are not even being paid?

    Who in the MSM would have reported it? Tucker would have but that’s about it.
    This is how they get away with shit like this. Happens here all the time; Anning spends a few thousand on trips and it’s headline news. Burke and Combet take their bints on 30k Euro jaunt… Fatso takes her daughter whale watching (when she could have just gone swimming at the local pool and let her watch)…RAAF jets commandeered for routine trips…

    The only reason the jaunt will now be reported is because Trump cancelled it and CNN and co. will delight in running a “Trump cruelly cruelly, evilly evil ” story then realise 3 days later the maestro has played them like a fiddle yet again.

  26. JohnL

    Madame – used as a title for women in artistic or exotic occupations, such as musicians or fortune-tellers.
    Madam – used to address or refer to a woman in a polite or respectful way.
    Go figure!

  27. Hark everyone!

    Fartin’ Now has found a whole website and…wait for it…A WHOLE LINE on a WaPO article (after the election) that …err…completely post-hoc “debunks” the gazillions of videos, articles, reports and opinions that Hillary was a shoe-in and Trump would go home crying.

    It’s just like that one hurricane that “proves” MMGW!
    And that one heatwave, or dead hedgehog, or coin landing on heads…or tails.
    ‘Cos Hark! All these things were predicted somewhere, by someone…once and that just proves it so no need to go on!

    Go back to watching the sun orbit the Earth you utter fucking clown.

  28. Dr Fred Lenin

    Harks polls were done by a totally impartial neutral group set up by CNN ,NYT,WAPO and the klingon foundation ,it showed Trump polled 3 per cent of the people and hilarity 96 per cent with 1 per cent undecided ,these polls have been held daily inCNN offices in NYC and the results have never varied ,so dont vote for Trump hes a loser.
    ( klingon foundation ,used to be clinton foundation but name was changed after criminal investigations got too close to the truth ).

  29. max

    The Longer It Lasts the better for people.

    95% of government departments that you have today did not exist before 1913.

  30. Ellen of Tasmania

    b) they’re on a power trip to Get Trump and nothing else matters c) the mainstream media, which pipes anti-Trump propaganda into middle America 24/7, is a Democratic Party lapdog.

    ABCnews radio overnight – Climate Change, Trump-the-devil, Brexit stupid. Over and over, with just a few interesting snippets in between. So that’s their ABC, U.S.’s NPR and the Brit’s BBC.

    Propaganda is nothing new, of course, but what is surprising is that now we actually can check facts and have an alternative media, people are prepared to swallow the ‘conspiracy-theory-racist-bigot-phobe-russian-lies-don’t-listen-to-any-of-them-just-trust-us’ story.

    And the Harken-Monties of this world believe them.

  31. Dr Fred Lenin

    Madame many years ago I met an elderly aristocratic French lady ,who was visiting a lady in Melbourne I knew ,I was introducedto her at a luncheon (no not a lunch , a luncheon ) I put on my best Parisian manner and somehow inpressed her ,seems I was a gentihomme ,a gentleman of breeding . Madame Fouquet was an imperious elegant impressive figure her husband had been an important government official in Paris and she was used to moving in high circles a graduate of the Sorbonne extremely inteligent and interesting in conversation . To call these common women speakers madame ,is totally inappropriste , missus speaker would be more apt or you there .

  32. Terry

    Harken Now
    #2910552, posted on January 18, 2019 at 10:26 am

    Come talk to me about polls on 3 Nov 2020

  33. Bruce of Newcastle

    very high profile poll analysing blog 538

    That would be the “very high profile poll analysing blog 538 owned by Trump-hating ABC/ESPN”?
    Why yes it would be that blog!
    Nate has been losing his mojo lately.
    You can see why that might be.

  34. You are such an utter fucking clown Fartin’. I didn’t “ignore the link” you stupid fuckwit, read what I wrote you dissembling retard.

    “Waaaah! Hillary won da popylar vote!” The U.S is a REPUBLIC you dickless, witless shit for brains.
    Thus 306 is higher than 232, and the Earth orbits the sun, not the other way round.

    But do go on ignoring facts.

    And that is what they were predicting – that Hillary would be PRESIDENT, i.e. win the electoral college NOT the popular vote. We know you leftards love changing goalposts and definitions but we aren’t actually stupid on the right. It’s how Trump won the election you spastic.

    The popular vote only became popular because more dead people voted for a corpse. Everyone knows if Trump had won the formerly unpopular popular vote and Clinton the EC the “popular” vote would suddenly be unpopular again.

    But what would you know? 74 seats down is losing narrowly! Bwahahahahahaha!

    Oh there are SO MANY of these for you to enjoy Fartin’!

  35. Pedro the Ignorant

    Trump’s cancellation of the USAF VIP aircraft for the Pelosi European junket is a political masterstroke.

    The cherry on top was his suggestion that Madame Speaker could pay her own way and fly commercial.

  36. Ivan Denisovich

    Hark rusty: how convenient of you to ignore the link to the pre-election post by the very high profile poll analysing blog 538 that warned people that Trump was within normal polling error reach of winning.


    Donald Trump predicts he’ll have a ‘beyond Brexit’ election win, but pollsters say he’s already lost.

    HAYDEN COOPER, PRESENTER: The role of the political polling analyst is a crucial one in any election and in this year’s US presidential vote that’s doubly true.

    Donald Trump has been written off many times already – wrongly, as it turns out. But now in the final fortnight, it seems his actual demise could be imminent.

    The majority of polls have him losing by a margin of at least five points. No candidate in US presidential history has recovered from such a position.

    But the Republican contender is hoping against hope that the pollsters are wrong; and he looks to Brexit for inspiration.

    North America correspondent Michael Vincent reports.

    (Footage of Donald Trump at opening event for hotel)

    MICHAEL VINCENT, REPORTER: In Donald Trump’s world, his brand is good politics and good business.


    MICHAEL VINCENT: But taking time out of his campaign for the official opening of his new Washington hotel, with days left to the election, has been criticised as bad politics. But Donald Trump appears unfazed.

    In the fight to the finish line, the Republican presidential nominee is stick to his rallying cry.

    (Montage of Donald Trump addressing rallies)

    DONALD TRUMP: I think we’re going to have ‘Beyond Brexit.’ I think we will go beyond Brexit. You know about Brexit.

    I mean, you can’t believe anything you see. I don’t even believe the polls. I see these polls and they’re not terrible. They’re sort of good. Actually, if the people come out and vote – (chuckles) they’re very nervous – I feel this is another Brexit.

    This is going to be Brexit-plus.

    (Crowd whoops. Montage ends)

    MICHAEL VINCENT: Meet a polling heavyweight.

    MARK BLUMENTHAL, HEAD ELECTION POLLING, SURVEY MONKEY: I think in US presidential elections things are fairly locked in.

    MICHAEL VINCENT: Mark Blumenthal’s been in the business for 30 years and rejects any comparison between the 2016 race and the surprise Brexit result that Mr Trump was banking on, because it was a one-off vote.

    MARK BLUMENTHAL: You know, the one thing about the Brexit example is: the polls there were actually very close and the result was reasonably close. It was just that the polls in the last weekend tended to show the “stay” vote ahead by a point or two and it ended up losing by three or four.

    MICHAEL VINCENT: So it’s in the statistical margin of error?

    MARK BLUMENTHAL: I think it was in the real-world error that polling is subject to. If we were looking at one or two points separating Clinton and Trump, I’d say we’d be well within that historical potential for a polling error.

    MICHAEL VINCENT: But there’s another reason why American pollsters have confidence in their numbers: there is a massive amount of data collected on who is registered and who votes.

    MARK BLUMENTHAL: If the margins separating Clinton and Trump narrow over the last two weeks of the campaign dramatically, then we’re in a situation where we’re not going to know.

    But I think as of today, the snapshot we’re looking at as of today, is big enough that most of us are going to be confident. It’s really more of a question of how big the margin.………………

    HILLARY CLINTON, US DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice.

    (Congregation cheers)



  37. mh

    When you consider what is across the border from the US, it is utter madness to have a porous border.

    Tracking Mexico’s Cartels in 2018

  38. candy

    The popular vote would mean nothing to the Left if Trump had won the popular vote but Ms Clinton won the election, so the whole thing is just Dems trying to get rid of Trump – which is all the Dems are interested in. They have not moral belief in the popular vote itself. Well, we all know that.

    Policies don’t enter it this situation anymore. It’s basically a ‘war’ to the Dems with the goal to get rid of Trump.

  39. Confused Old Misfit

    the high profile 538 warning that it could be much tighter than people might expect.

    But that Clinton would still win.
    “Let facts into your head for a change.”

  40. Tiny dancer

    Mor0n has a new challenger in the wrongology stakes. Care for a doughnut as well?

  41. candy

    If the shutdown doesn’t work in getting rid of Trump, nor the lies about Russian collusion, I think the Dems will go to trying to get his daughter and son-in-law jailed. I think that would be on Ms Pelosi’s and Chuck’s agenda.
    But there’s a while to go yet with the shutdown/funds for wall. I don’t think anyone can guess how this will pan out at all.

  42. Ivan Denisovich

    your article is from 26 October. Polling just before the election however was such that USA today on 7 Nov 2016 opened its report on the polling as follows

    Overwhelmingly, this was the message to the public (from my link above):

    The majority of polls have him losing by a margin of at least five points. No candidate in US presidential history has recovered from such a position.

  43. Bruce of Newcastle

    Let facts into your head for a change.

    Quite so.

    Up to 5.7 Million Noncitizens Voted in Past Presidential Elections, Study Finds (2017)

    As many as 5.7 million noncitizens voted in the 2008 election and potentially more voted in 2016, according to a new study by Just Facts, a New Jersey-based research group, drawing on information from other studies.

    The study—based on data compiled from Harvard University’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study, an analysis published in the journal Electoral Studies co-authored by Old Dominion University faculty, and Census data—also provides some support for what then-President-elect Donald Trump tweeted in late November, when he asserted he won the popular vote if the fraudulent votes were deducted.

    You can see why the Republicans are so keen to have voter ID brought in, and to include the citizenship question in the next census. And why the undemocratic Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to oppose both initiatives.

    Democrats love to steal elections as we saw in the recent congressionals and the Alabama senate byelection. The problem for them in 2016 is they were sucked in by their own distorted polls so didn’t think an expensive effort was needed.

    Why is the Left so dishonest Hark? Does that extend to climate science too?

  44. mh

    The Daily Caller
    The Daily Caller
    Live footage of Nancy Pelosi after finding out Trump grounded her flight

  45. Dr Fred Lenin

    Polls Schmoles ,depends a lot on who is in the sample and if the are lying about their preferences . I used to say the Victorian labor gangsters used to hold their polls outside the trades hall in Carlton ,then they got a few people passing who didnt say what was needed ,so the held the polls inside trade s hall , safer that way . The leftist media would then publish the polls as gospel. Seems the left do this everywhere .

  46. JohnL

    …if about 50- 70,000 or so people in 3 key states had voted differently, Hillary would have won.

    And if the dog did not shit it would bust!

  47. Tim Neilson

    …if about 50- 70,000 or so people in 3 key states had voted differently, Hillary would have won.

    They were Blue Wall States – remind me of what the political experts were telling everyone about them prior to election day 2016? Same pundits who are now giving us these polls?

  48. stevem

    My favourite reason given to vote Democrat came when Hilary said she deserved the vote because Trump would be a poor loser!

  49. Clam Chowdah

    Hark! The bubble universe here seems to be unable to absorb the information that Trump’s polling has worsened significantly during the shutdown. Even in the always heavily GOP favouring Rasmussen.

    So you can high five yourselves all you like about how your boy/man has “owned” the opposition again – it’s all culture war illusion that you are “winning”.

    And the polls had Hillary winning the 2016 election in a landslide. Have you learned nothing?

  50. Bruce of Newcastle

    Hark – There’re very good reasons why Nate is no longer the guru he once was, even aside from the fact that ABC owns his testicles now.

    First – as I mentioned above the problem of shy righties. That is because of the rise of Antifa, lefty doxxers, persecution of righties especially in government service positions and academia, and fear of losing jobs, family, financial ruin and lawfare. Why risk answering the questions of someone who is probably a lefty who obviously knows your phone number and a lot of your personal details?

    Second – A large fraction of the right in the US are Christians, who are inhibited from lying. Very few Democrats are Christians, and those who are tend to be from the liberal churches. Thus you have one side willing to lie for political advantage and the other side much less willing. That translates to polls. When a pollster rings up a lefty activist what are they going to say? Some of them are going to say they are firm Republicans then go on and recite a progressive wish list of garbage because they want the RINOs encouraged.

    We see this in the ABC audiences in Q&A which reputedly are quite balanced but actually turn out to be stacked with GetUPers.

    Then thirdly as was mentioned above the pollsters are overweighting Dem respondents in their poll data, which is a transparent tactic to get rightwing voters to stay at home and also to create the bandwagon effect.

    Fourthly the rise of cell phones has made contacting people harder, and conservative voters are harder to reach than liberals because they tend to be busier.

    Taken together polling is not especially meaningful these days. Except in like-vs-like cohorts like Trump approval by Republican voters that I mentioned re the Pew poll. But for the obvious reasons you vary rarely see such numbers reported, and certainly not in the Trump-hating MSM.

  51. Bruce of Newcastle

    All polling has been getting worse for Trump lately.

    Actually no. It is just the reporting of it that has been getting worse. Hence the raw data I gave you in the Pew poll.

    I admit Trumps numbers were down a bit recently amongst Republican voters because he was looking like not building the wall. I suspect they’re firming up again now he’s again shown his spine.

    As to your fantasyland (Disney owns ABC which owns 538…) the left is a herd. Members of the herd are terrified of being cast out for saying one wrong thing. That is why the left has become such a resounding echo chamber in the last couple of decades. No lefty dares say the emperor has no clothes, the sky is not falling or the wolf is imaginary lest they be metaphorically burned at stake for heresy.

  52. Confused Old Misfit

    The beauty of it all is that TRUMP WON!
    And in spite of the delusional Harken Now, Monty and Iampeter,
    There is not one damned thing any of them can to to change this fact.
    That is REALITY writ large.
    Real people, not semi literate, supercilious, egotistical children (see above), elected an unknown quantity because they saw, in the brief period of the nomination and presidential campaign, some one who would fight.
    Some one who would not be awed by an Overton Window proscribed by the self anointed “great and the good”.
    Some one who was connected to REALITY .

  53. Robbo

    Several people commenting on this topic have asked what was Pelosi thinking when she made arrangements for this trip to Europe. You are wasting your time asking such a question. Pelosi is (a) a Democrat so having your snout in the public trough of taxpayers money is automatic, and (b) she is also a stark raving lunatic who should be in a secure institution wearing a straitjacket. Pelosi is Trump’s secret weapon because as long as she is leading the Democrats in Congress his re-election is pretty well guaranteed.

  54. Old School Conservative

    Bruce of Newcastle
    #2910746, posted on January 18, 2019 at 2:13 pm
    No lefty dares say the emperor has no clothes, the sky is not falling or the wolf is imaginary lest they be metaphorically burned at stake for heresy.

    Yep. As Victor Davis Hanson wrote recently, the left’s push for Politically Correct speech and behaviour is nothing more than a drive for power and the right to harm others.

  55. struth

    When people like Harken get excited, you know they’ve just taken another Hit from Trump (peace be upon him) that really hurts.
    They go ape shit like this when you escalate ……………………and Trump’s doing just that.
    Lovely to watch.
    They haven’t had to fight in decades and the spoilt brats are used to having their fixed game played by all.

  56. Mother Lode

    Shock Poll: Trump Gains 19 Points with Latino Voters During Border Wall Shutdown

    It is worth noting that when there is a shock – it is due to the ‘shocked’ whose expectations were so wide of reality, not the ‘shockers’ who are simply doing what they do.

    When the immaculately coiffured but lamentably vacuous talking heads were sitting mouths agape, slowly turning to each other unblinking at the news that Trump had won, the essential problem was that they were so out of touch with America.

    They outsourced that skill to PR companies, pollsters, politicians’ staffers and the like. I was going to say they also got their ideas from other programs, but the ignorance of the other programs was of the same provenance.

    Yet, instead of introspection and remedy, they blame it on the people they had so profoundly misread.

    They would blame the spoon if they lost an eye drinking their coffee.

  57. Mother Lode

    Fark is growing quite frenetic and spittle-flecked.

    I think he is having a bad day, and whatever relief he might have thought to gain from being a tit on the Cat just ain’t happening.

  58. Confused Old Misfit

    …as I am sent to remind you.

    The only thing of which you remind me is that our Dear Lord left creatures like you on earth to remind the rest of us to give thanks to Him for granting us sentience and the ability to perceive reality, denied to such as you.

  59. Buccaneer

    Hark didn’t read Podesta’s email, facts don’t permeate the left wing bubble because the msn refuses to report them, even when they come from the former darling of the left Wikileaks. I bet Hark spends the time when not posting here rewriting history on Wikipedia…

  60. Kneel

    Hark: “Also great of you to ignore that Hillary won the popular vote…”

    This is something that NO-ONE knows – yes, she won the majority of the COUNTED vote, but they stop counting in a lot of places once a candidate has an unassailable lead. Since postal votes are counted last, and since traditionally, postal votes are about 70/30 GOP/DEM, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to know who the majority of people voted for.

    Besides the obvious that winning California, NY (state) and DC, which is pretty much the Dems home turf, is enough to win the “popular” vote. This is the exact reason the EC exists – the Union could not exist without this – the smaller, less populous states would never agree to be ruled by LA and NY.

    Bleating about the popular vote is just another “we knew the rules beforehand, but when we lost, we realised it wasn’t a fair system – who other than the deplorables votes for someone like DJT?”

    Oh, and don’t forget what happened in Florida – where one of the candidates was also the person responsible for counting votes. Those Dems…

  61. calli

    It must be terrible to be on an endless thought treadmill. C.S. Lewis wrote about it in The Great Divorce.

    The location of the treadmillers? Easy guess.

  62. struth

    if Harken was around a few years ago he’d be the type nailing those “the end is nigh” signs on trees.

    Refuses blindly to see facts, and can’t explain how the UN can be panicking about coal burning in the west, yet feels ok with the whole emergency glowball warmening situation to let the rest of the world tremendously increase their coal burn by hundreds of power stations because it’s their “turn”.
    There’s either a problem or there isn’t one.
    Corruption of the message about climate change, basically cash for comment , taxpayers billions poured into insuring the right answers and the correct propaganda cannot be even fathomed because it’s religious, and Harken’s church (the government), couldn’t possibly do wrong, in the face of the entire history of the world.
    Worse than just being gullible, once religious extremism like Harken’s is the dominant force, insanity wins.
    That’s why we have suicide bombers, and basically that’s what Harken is.
    Trying to destroy the evil west, because the government Marxists told him it was.
    His high priests.

  63. sabena

    Oh dear,and her party were on the bus ready to go to the airport!

  64. Hark Bruce – have you ever read the thorough debunkings of that stupid study that you keep reposting as if it had credibility? The methodology was clearly ridiculous.
    You must be a pretty crap scientist if that study convinced you it had credibility. You been huffing lab chemicals for too long?

    Yeah Bruce, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Don’t you know The Ministry of Truth has a totally independent checker of The Truth that it releases?

    How dare you question the Ministry of Truth’s version, anything that disagrees with them obviously has no credibility! They have top scientists don’t you know, from all 28 different genders and some Aboriginies who know everything about science because they have been here for 40,000 years. They definitely know that today is much hotter than the 1930’s because the BoM says the hottest temperature in 1936 was 38. It’s true! it was written in a line on a website! Another website we fact checked said that the economy would collapse if Trump was elected which is of course impossible because Hillary won and the economy was restored by Obama who copied Wayne Swan and the four budget surpluses he delivered under the Government with no carbon tax.

    How dare you be skeptical about the left and their Truth. Hillary actually nearly won the election, not Trump! She had the support of all 39 different genders and all 200 million Native Americans who were wiped out just like the Australian Aboriginies who have been here for 60,000 years and can tell us that in 1936 the hottest day ever was 32, a huge 16 degrees below the hottest day ever, which will be next week. Do not question The Truth! It has been Fact Checked don’t you know.

    Just like the scientific fact that there are 57 genders, always has been always will be. Just like the 80,000 year old Aboriginies who all knew each other personally and had one culture and language and even a flag that dates back to 81,975 years ago to prove it! It’s all real! There’s a line on a website that the Fact Checkers have quoted on their Fact Checking website which is powered by much cheaper and more reliable wind power, even though the wind isn’t blowing and Gough Whitlam freed the slaves, all the genocided Aboriginies who were stolen…and then genocided by the 8 billion Nazis that are real and living somewhere in Dandenong where there is no Sudanese crime because they are all awesome people, like the Muslims and all those thousands of people currently trying to enter America illegally who don’t really exist just like the hottest day in 1936 which was actually freezing cold and the hottest day evah is today until we all drown under the 100m of sea rises, caused by the discrimination against the 79 genders which will lead to the death of the GBR…again…which will be the first time it has died since 100,000 years ago when the Aboriginals were the Guardians of the Galaxy alongside the black Romans, lesbian Cleopatra and Polemarch Custer who defeated Fleet Admiral Patton at the Battle of Endor.

    How dare you question The Truth of The Left. It is always accurate and never, ever changes and if it does then you are a debunked bigotty bigot who doesn’t understand there are 97 different genders!

    And whatever you do in the future don’t you dare claim that the age of consent was anything other than 8 years old or you’ll find your choco ration cut from 15 to 25 grams.

  65. Kneel

    “Let’s be honest here – he [Trump] is incredibly ignorant…”

    Maybe. But it’s worth considering the results first, to see where that goes.

    “MAGA” – main campaign tag-line. Economy going well, stocks up, profits up, wages up, jobs up, unemployment down. Lowest Hispanic and Black unemployment numbers EVER, companies re-starting manufacturing in the US and so on. Sounds like it’s working, but I guess he could be just lucky, right?

    Meets “rocket-man”, makes a start. Puts the south off side. This pushes both North and South onto the same “side” – against the USA. Looks like they might even reunify – no-one else has come close to getting this happening. Note to that he decided to “pull out” of the meeting, allowing NK to “save the day” – why not, the MSM won’t say anything good about him anyway, so who cares if the results are there?
    Puts Japan “off-side”, pushing them closer to China – a pair that have been warring for centuries are seriously talking about being friends.
    Takes the “go hard or go home” line on wars – essentially says to his generals “win or quit”. Hard to say if they won or quit, but either way, they want to get out of Syria.

    Yeah – he COULD be an ignorant populist with a great deal of good luck, or he could be so much smarter than you think because – in case you missed it – he actually managed to keep his promises! Not to the letter, no – but in principle. Hillary, you can be sure, would have kept to the letter of her promises – “I’ll give you the world!”, followed by “here’s an atlas – promise kept”.

  66. JC


    Any chance you could place the word “Hark” in moderation? It’s so annoying.

  67. a happy little debunker

    Like the one about making Mexico pay for the wall

    There are lots of ways that Mexico will pay for that wall OR did you think it was a matter of the invoicing?

  68. Buccaneer

    Hark often pays tradesmen for their services before they start the job. Normal folks realise it helps to know how much it’s going to cost before you settle your debts. Obviously not in lefty la la land though…

  69. JC


    The Presidential election does track the popular vote somewhat. The Electoral College is apportioned according to population at the end of a census, which must occur every 10 years as a constitutional requirement. Having said that, even the census is a unfair to Republicans if we take account the 20 plus % of the US population who aren’t citizens. The census counts the population and doesn’t exclude those that aren’t for electoral reasons. So get this, a state like California with a large over-weighting of foreigners are included to apportion electoral college votes thereby making California more important despite the large numbers who aren’t citizens. This also applies to the lower house.

    Therefore, it makes it more difficult for the GOP as its vote tends to be focused in regions with higher levels of citizens.

    It’s an appalling situation.

    As someone explained for instance, precincts for the lower house must have population totals of around 700,000 people. Therefore, Ocassional- Cortex coming from a high non citizen precinct was voted in by far less voters than say a Republican.

    Look what happens where population breakdown between citizens and non citizens doesn’t occur. The senate! It’s a slight majority GOP.

    Fuck the D’rats.

  70. The BigBlueCat

    Harken Now
    #2910842, posted on January 18, 2019 at 3:54 pm
    Live tofu exports to the Middle East is the way forward.

    This explains why everyone thinks Hark is a cretin. Whether he is or not is anyone’s guess.

  71. Infidel Tiger

    Presidential Elections are much closer to Senate elections in distribution.

    There’s a long way to go.

    Only Biden can beat Trump.

  72. The A.D.

    Another thread wrecked by a single fat mouth.

  73. Infidel Tiger

    Another thread wrecked by a single fat mouth.


    I’m lonely.

  74. stackja

    The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.

    The Electoral College process consists of the selection of the electors, the meeting of the electors where they vote for President and Vice President, and the counting of the electoral votes by Congress.

    The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state’s entitled allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators.

  75. The A.D.

    I scroll the troll, but the rest of the content is contaminated by replies to it.
    Wake up to yourselves and show some discipline.

  76. JC

    Presidential Elections are much closer to Senate elections in distribution.

    You can’t say that at all. South Dakota has two senators and so does California, irrespective of population numbers or swings. After a census, the relativity of population size between states is allocated proportionally and you can lose or gain electoral college votes. It follows population, otherwise the prez election wouldn’t be impacted at all by population as isn’t the senate.

  77. Fartin’ thinks of himself as a comedian but can’t recognise when someone is taking the piss out of him (and his retarded ideology).

  78. The A.D.

    Just because an idiot shows up looking to derail a thread does not mean you have to reply to it.
    It will not reply to you in good faith, ever.
    Make your point without reference to it, and do not cram up the thread with shit.

  79. Clam Chowdah

    You can live in a fantasy world in which all polling is now and forever completely discredited because most predicted a Hillary win. Or you can look at what actually happened and know that this would be an extremely stupid conclusion to draw, but hey, it is Catallaxy.

    We shall see Darken Cow, we shall see.

  80. Confused Old Misfit

    It all boils down to this: every so often you have to shoot a troll, the better to encourage the others. It’s fun!

    Sinclair Davidson.

  81. JC

    Tiny edit, dickhead.

    Going back to polling: obviously, given their election system being complicated by having to organise to just get people to vote in the first place, polling in the US is always more complicated than in the happy situation of Australia where voter turn out is basically compelled.

  82. Bruce of Newcastle

    I have a perfectly good faith position that reality rarely gets a look in to the minds of participants here.

    The Green-Progressive religion?

    It’s amazing how it has firmed up in about the last 15 years, with food laws, sins, asceticism, doctrine, high priests and now a cross between the book of Revelation and Dante’s Inferno courtesy of the IPCC.

  83. a happy little debunker

    Promise kept, hey?

    So you do think it is a matter of the invoicing.

    What a shame you didn’t follow the links embedded in your supplied link to substantiate those claims.

    On day 3 tell Mexico that if the Mexican government will contribute $…Billion

    Mexico must pay for the wall

  84. Anne

    Nancy Pelosi, the first U.S. Senator to be on a no fly list. 😂

    Meme compilation. 👇 7mins

  85. Iampeter

    This is a great thread.
    Harken the silly leftist vs cat regulars, who are even sillier leftists.
    Who will win?
    Who will lose?
    Who gives a shit?

    Tune in next week, for anothter exiting installment of, “Morons Pretending to Discuss Politics”.

  86. a happy little debunker

    Mexico to agree to pay billions for a wall

    How many Billions?


  87. Bruce of Newcastle

    How is failing to implement that plan, but instead shutting down government to force US money to build the wall, not a failure to live up to a campaign plan to make Mexico pay for the wall?

    I’m sure there will be an invoice in the mail once it’s built.
    A 10% tax on remittances to Mexico and Central America would pay back the $5.7 billion in less than a year.

  88. Confused Old Misfit

    make Mexico pay for the wall

    The God Emperor moves at his own pace and cares not for the concerns of #FakeAngels.

  89. Tel

    It weird Harken, you used to be really concerned about that gerbilling stuff… but now all of a sudden you are really concerned about Trump and this shutdown business. Almost as if you picked up the wrong personality script this time around.

  90. Tailgunner

    The God Emperor moves at his own pace and cares not for the concerns of #FakeAngels.

  91. Tailgunner

    Harlem is the one with the aboriginal sister in law under the Broome wharf, right?

  92. mh

    Donald J. Trump
    Donald J. Trump
    “In 2018 alone, 20,000 illegal aliens with criminal records were apprehended trying to cross the Border, and there was a 122% increase in fentanyl being smuggled between ports of entry. Last month alone, more than 20,000 minors were smuggled into the U.S.”

  93. Boambee John

    Barken Mad at 1941

    Tick to all, except, apparently, the killing on a whim.

    That is reserved for others (Arkancide)!

  94. Bruce of Newcastle

    All part of his “I’ll blow out the budget; who cares, I won’t have to pay for it when the chickens come home to roost” plan

    Is he up to $8 trillion yet?
    Oh wait that was just what Obama borrowed.
    He spent a whole lot more than that with nothing substantial in return.
    A wall is something substantial, you have to admit.

  95. Atoms for Peace

    I’ve always found it particularly cruel that a troll’s parents send them forth into the interwebs without informing the golden child that they are really quite stupid.

  96. mh

    This story is even funnier with a recent quote:

    “She’ll cut your head off and you won’t even know you’re bleeding,”

    – Alexandra Pelosi

  97. HP

    He’ll cut your wings and you won’t know 2 hours before take-off.

  98. Helen

    How many Billions?

    many, many billions …

  99. Helen

    Brown Study in the speccie is very good, and explains about a lot of things, old and new – full bottle after absorbing this. You see it depends on who is winning and who is losing as to what the rules are and should be.

    The third reform, again based on hard and recent experience, enables us to revisit our old favourite, the most recent presidential election in the United States. As you know, Hillary Clinton clearly won that election because she won more votes than Donald Trump, and also because she was supposed to win, the media wanted her to win, she was a saint and Donald Trump was clearly unacceptable to every elite in the country. So Trump’s election was invalid, despite the pathetic argument in his favour that he won according to the electoral college vote, the constitution, the law and all precedents. According to all sound-thinking progressives, the sole test of electoral success is whether you won the popular vote, i.e., whether you won more votes than your opponent and not when the votes are muddied around in an electoral college with the votes of hillbillies, rednecks and millionaires.

    But a recent Australian election shows conclusively that that principle need not apply if the progressive candidate who is pre-ordained to win, in fact does not win the popular vote, but has to scrape home by using some loophole like the electoral law and is able to juggle the preference votes of hillbillies, rednecks and millionaires. Thus, Dr Kerryn Phelps was elected at the by-election in Wentworth, but did not win the popular vote. She won a modest 29.19 per cent of the personal vote, but was beaten by the Liberal candidate, Dave Sharma, who won 43.08 per cent. Even when preferences reared their ugly head to determine the two party-preferred vote, Mr Sharma surged ahead and had 60.75 per cent of the vote, whereas Dr Phelps had a mere 39.25 per cent. On the Clinton principle, Mr Sharma clearly won the popular vote. But Dr Phelps is a saint, was the favoured candidate of the media and all progressives and sensible people. So she was entitled to win on preferences, the Australian equivalent of the electoral college and eventually did so. You may think this result unfair, but look at it this way. It shows how right the Clinton principle is. It has only been slightly modified so that the rule now is that the sainted candidate may lose the popular vote but should still win if the true intention of the voters is ascertained only by preference votes and even if the vote in an electoral college goes the other way.

  100. Oh come on

    Harken Now
    #2911023, posted on January 18, 2019 at 7:21 pm

    Your gimmick is achingly lame.

  101. struth

    Suck it up AD.
    When you get deadshit lefty trolls you get to see just how dumb these pricks are and if yku notice just like Monster, they just ignore the too hard basket and grand stand like true fuckwits.
    Just look at the immature dummy spit from iampoopoo as well.
    Nothing but emotional crap.
    Personality defects.
    It’s kind of nice to be constantly reminded the enemy are all, without fail, sheeple.

  102. Oh come on

    I’m calling it – ‘Harken Now’ is septimus.

  103. Anne

    The SES is about to be RIF’d. KEK

    The whole point of Trump’s Government shutdown was to get rid of the Senior Executive Service, the Handlers (the real Deep State) who direct Government and Bureaucratic policy.

    It’d be nice if 50% of the rest of the “non-essential” public servants got pink slips too.

    We’ll find out in two days. 🍿🍿🍿

  104. The A.D.

    They come here specifically to derail threads.
    They know one stupid and provocative post will generate many replies of people eager to point out how stupid the deliberately stupid original post was.
    Then the whoke thread becomes unreadable.
    Please stop falling for this deliberate leftwing tactic. You will get more of them here if you do not show some discipline.
    If they make a point you think is worth refuting, you can do so without cutting and pasting their shit or replying directly to them.
    Understand. It is a deliberste tactic and it works for them because your replies clog the thread with multiple cut and pastes of absurd rubbish.
    I’m sorry, but a hundrd comments at a ten- year olds level of comprehension is not readable.

  105. Myrddin Seren

    Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch on Princess Nancy and her predilections for travel paid for by the taxes of the Deplorables:

    Congressional spouses could fly for free on military planes, which is why Pelosi staffer pushed for military planes….

    Nancy and hubby are multi-millionaires.

    Purchases for one Pelosi-led CODEL on May 15-20, 2008 included: Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewar’s scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin…
    Jack Daniels whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine.

    Rare security camera film from one of Nancy’s USAF VIP flights ( colourised ).

    [email protected] used the Air Force aircraft for a total of 85 trips, covering 206,264 miles, from March 2, 2009 through June 7, 2010.

    85 VIP flights in fifteen months. With occasional interruptions to be Speaker of the House.

  106. The A.D.

    They do not really read your replies.
    They scan to see if they got a response and respond to keywords with set responses.
    You are not arguing with someone. You are denying others the space to discuss the original topic.
    Which was the shutdown and Trump’s tactics in dealing with Pelosi.
    Which no other republican would have had the balls to do.
    Trump is again righteous and most excellent.
    He may even delay the ultimate end a decade or more. I’ll take that over nothing.

  107. The A.D.

    They do not really read your replies.
    They scan to see if they got a response and respond to keywords with set responses.
    You are not arguing with someone. You are denying others the space to discuss the original topic.
    Which was the shutdown and Trump’s tactics in dealing with Pelosi.
    Which no other republican would have had the b-alls to do.
    Trump is again righteous and most excellent.
    He may even delay the ultimate end a decade or more. I’ll take that over nothing.

  108. Iampeter

    It weird Harken, you used to be really concerned about that gerbilling stuff… but now all of a sudden you are really concerned about Trump and this shutdown business. Almost as if you picked up the wrong personality script this time around.

    Just like you guys never cared about that “gerbilling stuff” and repeatedly voted for governments that led in building the green bureaucracy even as late as the 2000’s.
    Wrong script indeed.

    They know one stupid and provocative post will generate many replies of people eager to point out how stupid the deliberately stupid original post was.
    Then the whoke thread becomes unreadable.

    This is a description of most cat posters here.
    Harken may be a totally wrong-about-everything leftie, but he hasn’t done as much to derail any thread as most of the regulars here do, when they’re very shallow understanding of topics is exposed.

  109. Empire 5:5

    If Pelosi was only travelling for a few days (as now claimed), why so much luggage?

  110. Jonesy

    Just wow! Pelosi thinks she’s clever by delaying The President’s State of the Union address. Trump sinks that ship with well placed travel torpedo. Then escalates with banning ALL congressional junkets out of the States. Winning! The lefties hate it, the guy is using their own schoolkid tactics against them.

  111. The BigBlueCat

    what you call trolling is, for the most part, responding to particular claims and pointing out, with links, how they are wrong.

    Pointing to leftist-biased links doesn’t prove anything other than dangerously high levels of leftist gullibility on your part. You are claiming that one issue (the shutdown) represents a trend that will lead to Trump’s demise. It may or may not. The recent mid-term elections point to a re-affirmation of Trump’s popularity; despite losing the House (mid-terms rarely go the way of the incumbent, and Trump’s loss there was far less than his predecessors) the GOP retained control of the Senate, which is likely more important.

    The list of Trump’s successes is long, and those successes resonate particularly well with the American people (especially those not in California) who have done it tough under Obama. While Trump’s personality (and his peccadillos?) grates with many, he is getting the job done.

    Trump’s letter to Pelosi is a particularly good political moment – if she now goes off on her PR tour, she is effectively deciding not to address the impasse that has resulted in the shutdown. That won’t be seen favourably by those affected by the shutdown. If she stays at home and still does nothing, then likewise it won’t be seen favourably. Trump, in this one letter, is telling her to engage in negotiation and get this impasse resolved, or if she doesn’t she will be seen as uncaring. It is a good political move on Trump’s part.

    Once the shutdown is done and dusted with the Dems deciding to do the right thing by the people they represent, it will be interesting to see what the polls do then. Until then, any claim that Trump has all-of-a-sudden become unpopular is just pissing in the wind.

  112. struth

    Bullshit AD.

    Has the western world become so slack it gets tired using the scroll button.
    You can scan read yourself as you claim they are doing.
    So far, Harken Now (wants to believe fake propaganda that suits his doomsday cult personality) and Iampeter (he really has nothing left, can’t do anything now but insult, because he thinks anarchism is centre right, and if you believe in the nation state, you’re a leftist) have been outed.

    Beware, that leftists will not debate those who they can’t win against and also ignore points they can’t win against.
    It’s childish and idiotic.
    Yet you want us to act like leftists and just ignore it, as if it’s not easily beaten.
    Most lurkers are far more intelligent than these guys and see them being pounded by common sense, and ignoring stuff they can’t argue against.
    We win exactly by taking them on.
    Let them be the silencers and the sooks.

    You and I both know they will tire and be dust shortly.
    The only one that’s ever lasted is the guy who has the ultimate skill of having absolutely no grey matter and still breaths, Monty.

    And moaning about others responding to them is the greatest form of recognition of their trolling as hit the spot, you could ever give them.

    They kill themselves off, they never win.

  113. Tel

    Just like you guys never cared about that “gerbilling stuff” and repeatedly voted for governments that led in building the green bureaucracy even as late as the 2000’s.

    So back in 2000 you were the lonely voice offering an alternative to the two party system?

    Prove it. Bet you got nothing. You are a fraud.

  114. Iampeter

    So back in 2000 you were the lonely voice offering an alternative to the two party system?

    Prove it. Bet you got nothing. You are a fraud.

    I can confirm back in the early 2000’s I was as ignorant about politics as you still are.

    The difference is, I made the effort to learn, while so many of you have decided to evade instead.
    You don’t have the intellectual honesty to concede how little you actually know.

    That makes YOU the real frauds.

  115. Tel

    Now you change story.

    Fake Randian … bunch of buzzwords running in a loop. Always about to tell us the most amazing wisdom… but strangely never actually says anything. Total fraud. Not even vaguely amusing anymore.

  116. candy

    Unemployment in USA has been around the lowest for near 50 years. The North Koreans have decided on peace after talks with D. Trump, to de-nuclearize.

    Surely your angel friends think that is good? not joking. do you think these results are good or bad?

  117. Iampeter

    Now you change story.

    Fake Randian … bunch of buzzwords running in a loop. Always about to tell us the most amazing wisdom… but strangely never actually says anything. Total fraud. Not even vaguely amusing anymore.

    I answered your direct question.
    I always do this and am met with “now you change the story”.
    Evade, evade. That’s ALL you idiots know how to do.

    It’s not my fault you’re dumber than dirt. Stop taking the fact that you are on a blog covering topics you know nothing about, out on me. Why even do this to yourself?

  118. The BigBlueCat

    Harken this … you make way too many assumptions about me. I don’t like Trump personally, and I feel he has been less-than-presidential in the way he treats the media (who in many cases certainly deserve much disdain for their undermining the office of POTUS – it shouldn’t come from Trump though) and others. Someone needs to take his Twitter account off him.

    While his White House administration may appear shambolic, one might wonder if this is strictly due to Trump or due to other forces trying to derail Trump and his agenda. That he has seen many of his detractors leave the White House can also be seen as a good thing. Trump is good at getting his way – time will tell about border protection. I’m sure Trump is guilty of many things … but being a bad POTUS doesn’t seem to be one of them.

    But on the whole, Trump has been good for the US despite his way of dealing with people. On the other hand, the Democrats obsession with losing the 2016 presidential election to Trump and trying to derail him any way they can has not been good for the US, and has pushed the Democrats so far to the left even many of their own in Democrat Congress Representatives are starting to worry (I suspect the DNC will weed out the worriers before too long, and the DNC will be the de-facto Socialist Party of the USA – up against the wall Comrades). I suspect that you, Harken, were bitterly disappointed when Hillarity Clinton lost … cry all night did you?

    But as others have observed, there is much that Trump has achieved, and I don’t believe any of it can be attributed to Obama, who famously said much of it couldn’t be done! But I guess you’ve outed yourself as an Obama lover … a president who spent his youth binging on drugs and alcohol, who has sympathies towards Islam and Socialism, who spent much of his presidency playing golf, and who avoided working in the interests of the USA and their Constitution while more concerned about his own image. If Obama is your gold-standard for POTUS, then you are worse than Cats suspect.

    Or perhaps Hillarity Clinton really is your POTUS gold standard? Remember Benghazi? Her email servers? Whitewater? Her treatment of Bill’s accusers? The Clinton Foundation (a front for political donations if ever there was one)? The US chose between the lesser of 2 quite poor choices. That Trump has actually worked out the way he said he would is OK in my book, despite me not liking him personally. That you persist in denying his successes and believe current polls make him a failure speaks more to your own myopia than anything else.

  119. The BigBlueCat

    Obama came to the job with little by way of experience, but enough to understand how politics works. He improved as President over the years and will long be regarded as an intelligent and sound President who made only relatively minor missteps.

    Bwhahahahahahaha. Harken, you really know how to tell. good [email protected]

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