The hockey stick of power prices thanks to unreliable energy

A picture tells the story. The graph has been around for a while and this version has the green power component superimposed to emphasise the point.

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8 Responses to The hockey stick of power prices thanks to unreliable energy

  1. Just like the Hockey Stick, except that this one is real.

  2. Rafe Champion

    Thanks bemused. For people who came late the original heading was ‘On the unreliable road, a reminder’ .

  3. MatrixTransform

    The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) was established in July 2005.

    They essentially make sure the new generators get their costs and depreciation covered.

    So, we have many more generators all getting their costs covered … and we pay.

    Market? Pigs-arse … we are the crop

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    This is criminal treason ,sacrificing Australia for the global fascist communist un and its billionsire cronies this should be a capital offence punishable by hanging .drawing and quartering .

  5. MatrixTransform

    a regulated market that you can invest in with guaranteed returns aint a market.

    Crony-ism is a fair assessment

  6. Mark M

    Woe be to any future politician who thinks about making financially strapped people pay for his/her elitist climate fantasy.


    NSW Government email asking staff to switch things off because the power grid can’t cope
    Saturday, 19 January 2019
    How utterly shameful.

  8. Mark M

    Reversing Into Tomorrow.
    Turning off the air-conditioner is like putting progress in reverse:
    “It enabled the sweeping postwar development of the South, where all new single-family homes today include central air.
    In automobiles, it made the commutes between air-conditioned homes and air-conditioned offices possible.
    In the Southwest, its arrival facilitated new methods of rapid construction, replacing traditional building designs that once naturally withstood the region’s desert climate.
    Parts of the United States whose historical development never depended on air-conditioning increasingly resemble the regions whose growth wouldn’t have been possible without it.”

    How Air-Conditioning Conquered America (Even the Pacific Northwest)

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