Dodgy weather data

Backing up Steve’s point in the post on heatwaves there was a deal of information about dodgy records reported in the IPA book Climate Change: The Facts 2017 and written up in a series of posts in June and July last year. This is one of them. The comments contain many examples of bogus temperature records published by the BOM.

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  1. I think it’s a given that everything that the BOM produces nowadays is dodgy. Even their daily weather forecasts are often so wrong as to beggar belief.

  2. Mark M

    We (CSIRO) worked with the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to produce the most comprehensive set of climate change projections for Australia ever released.

    Our scientists use climate models that are based on established laws of physics.

    Whoa. Wait. Models based on the Laws of Physics?

    “But he (Dr Andrew Watkins the manager of climate prediction services at the bureau) said “basic physics” governed that climate change would increase the intensity of cyclones in the future.

    It does not, however, explain this season’s anomaly.”

    Either the models are busted, or the laws of fizzicks are incorrect.

  3. Roger

    We are consistently failing to meet our daily max temperature targets in my neck of the woods.

    BOM will be most displeased.

    Must emit more carbon.

  4. Mark M

    JULY 11 2008, CSIRO: Petrol ‘could cost $8 a litre by 2018’

    Frustrated farmers turn on BOM forecasting

    “I’m almost getting to the point now where whatever the bureau says you think it’s going to be the opposite.”

    “It just breaks your spirit,” sheep farmer Chris Blunt from Emu Swamp told AAP.

    Q. How much longer can this go on?

    A. Guess we’re gonna find out.

  5. stackja

    A short history of the Bureau of Meteorology

    24 August 2011

    Australia’s diverse and dynamic weather has captured the imagination of its inhabitants since time immemorial. But it was not until 1 January 1908, nearly 120 years after William Dawes built his famous observatory at Sydney Cove, that the country gained its first national weather agency: the Bureau of Meteorology.

    Our foundation and early years

    The Bureau was created to consolidate the meteorological services of Australia’s States which had developed extensive records of their regional weather during the 19th century. After complex negotiations, the Bureau was finally established in Melbourne through the Meteorology Act 1906. Amended in 1955, this Act and the Water Act 2007, form the Bureau’s legal foundation.

    Our early years saw steady scientific progress, with a small group of dedicated staff and thousands of volunteer ‘weather watchers’ establishing a robust data-collection network across the country. Gradually the early thermometer and rain gauge gave way to more sophisticated instruments. By the 1940s the first radiosonde stations began transmitting information from weather balloons. This gave Australian meteorologists an insight into the vital workings of the upper atmosphere.

  6. DaveR

    It means the recent list of announcements of new summer temperature “records” has to be suspect.

    Firstly, the BOM still refuse to release any comprehensive scientific comparison of the old mercury thermometer temperature measurements and the new electronic 1 second electronic measurements from the nearly 700 AWS stations, introduced progressively across Australia since the 1980s. The time constants of the two systems are vastly different.

    Secondly, historical temperatures have mainly been adjusted downwards through a process called homogenisation, and in some cases the original measured temperatures “disappeared”. The magnitude of the adjustments can be as much as 1 deg C. There are numerous recorded maximum temperatures from the Federation Drought (1896-1903) that are hotter that the recently announced “records”. But the BOM has carefully airbrushed these out of Australia’s temperature history.

    Until the BOM publicly address these two glaring problems, none of the announced summer “records” should be taken seriously.

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    The BoM will be sending nasty e mails to Mr Climate asking why he is not fullfilling their propaganda goals . He is also remiss in the Northern hemisphere with all that ice snow and storms ,makes it so difficult for the climate propagandists to explain “you are frozen into your home by ice and snow because of global warming “ dont ring true do it ? Wankers !

  8. Leo G

    Our scientists use climate models that are based on established laws of physics.

    The climate models are a hodgepodge of mathematical reveries- principally mathematically unproven properties of Navier-Stokes equations applied to atmospheric turbulence. Often referred to as one of the major unsolved problems in physics.
    Climate change scientists pretend they have solved the problem. Anyone who doesn’t give them a nod and a wink is a denier of the law of conservation of the magic pudding.

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