Peter Costello for PM

With Kelly O’Dwyer about to vacate Peter Costello’s old seat of Higgins, the scenario writes itself. Peter Costello must become the leader of the Liberal Party and contest the next election on behalf of the Coalition.

He understands how to run an economy better than anyone in Australian history.

He will continue to stop the boats.

He will unite the party.

And as an added bonus, Malcolm has now gone, the miserable incompetent who would never let any partly leader alone until he was the leader himself has disappeared into his fully earned oblivion. There will be no instability among those who will recognise just how crucial stability must be.

I know that politics is a hard game, but there is no one I have ever seen dominate Parliament as he did. You don’t lose the touch. Your country needs you.

Peter must run for his old seat and the Libs must make him their leader to face Bill Shorten at the next election.

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  1. Behind Enemy Lines

    Happy dreaming, Steve.

  2. Typo! partly -> party

    Costello is not the saviour, he’s just naughty party hack.

    Only accidental self destruction by Shortening and the CFMEU ALP can save the Liberals.

  3. The LNP needs a member representing every gender (what is it now 137 or so?) to become relevant in this new world order.

  4. DD

    Giving us Abbott and Costello; the ultimate two man tag team to troll the socialist bottom dwellers from all parties!

  5. Roger

    The same Peter Costello who is a true believer in AGW and more than a decade ago indicated his support for an international carbon emissions trading scheme?

  6. mc

    O’dwyer isn’t moving over before the next election…he would have to campaign from outside parliament.

    Also, just as we found out that it was Abbott that made Morrison look good (regardless of Abbott’s other failings and successes), I fear that there is a chance that we don’t know the real Costello and that Howard made him look good.

  7. Exit Stage Right

    Unfortunately Steve, Costello is yesterday’s man.
    Did not have the cojones 10 years ago.
    He was able to produce the goods in a favourable economic climate, but I agree with other comments here-we don’t really know the real Peter Costello.
    I don’t think it will happen with the current Liberal chieftains.

  8. stackja

    PC is making money at Nine. Why would take a loss? PC could have stayed in parliament. TA stayed and became PM. PC chose to quit. PC chose not to be PM.

  9. mh

    Peter must run for his old seat and the Libs must make him their leader to face Bill Shorten at the next election

    This makes no sense. O’Dwyer won’t be recontesting the seat, that’s all. There is no by-election coming up, so Costello cannot ‘face Bill Shorten at the next election’.

  10. mh

    Oh I see. A bit like the Campbell Newman scenario.

    Won’t happen.

  11. Cynic of Ayr

    In his heyday, yes, Costello would have been “the man”.
    All Costello’s skills and “mongrel” have atrophied dramatically since then. Now, he’s not even a player!
    Costello is not going to give up a monthly deposit onto his bank account of an amount most of us couldn’t get actually working, for sitting on his arse!
    Plus another amount equally beyond our reach, for sitting on a few quango boards.
    Costello is now a tired, lazy dole bludger (more or less)
    He had his chance. He would be PM now, if he’d stayed long enough to take on Rudd.

  12. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    If PC had any fight in him he would’ve been PM after little JH.

  13. For the love of god. In as much as a Prime Minister does NOT run the country, a Treasurer (as was Costello) does not run the economy; at best he runs the Treasury. He was the Treasurer and not the Grand Commissar.

    The very fact that this is a credible suggestion, and it is a credible suggestion, shows what a hack-ocracy the Liberal Party has become. When a parliamentary party is so baren of talent that people like Greg Hunt, Kelly O’Dwyer and Alex Hawke are in cabinet, that says plenty.

    Sure. Bring back Costello. Make home leader. Make him Queen for a day. But as long as he would surrounded by the current crop of Liberal Party “talent”, the Parliamentary Liberal Party will continue to be an unprincipaled, vacuous, cabal of clowns.

  14. Herodotus

    He was an excellent performer and it was a delight to watch him schooling stupid reporters.
    Agree Spartacus, the Libs are not worthy of him (or several others) and he was right to leave.

  15. Tom

    Steve, my first reaction was: who has a better idea? But I am afraid I have to agree with Spartacus:

    … as long as he would surrounded by the current crop of Liberal Party “talent”, the Parliamentary Liberal Party will continue to be an unprincipled, vacuous, cabal of clowns.

    If the Liberal Party is to have a future — and at the moment it does not — it needs to reclaim its Menzian roots from Johnny-come-lately communists like O’Dwyer. That means a renewed and united commitment to the individual, to families and small government. It can’t happen until the Photios Big Government crony capitalist left is purged.

    In any case, Costello has shown zero interest in the future of the Liberal Party.

  16. Goanna

    You can’t wash the filth of the current Liberal Party.

    Costello should run the other way.

  17. Tombell

    Will a so called Liberal government led by PC abandon the climate change hoax, hold the ABC to account and reduce its funding, shy away from the diversity wars, get the UN out our lives, lower taxes, abolish necrotic quangos like the HRC, take on CFMEU muscle, actually ove our embassy to Jerusalem, put in a pre- selection process which has a 50 % chance of selecting conservatives? Sorry but the answer is NO. What’s needed is a new party. Not a new leader.

  18. miltonf

    With the benefit of hindsight, I don’t think Howard and Costello were what we liked to think they were i.e. a 90s version and Menzies and Holt.

  19. Bruce of Newcastle

    As Judith Brett wrote last year, the key thing preventing the Liberals from having a coherent economic narrative is the substantial element of climate change denial within the Party

    That’s improved somewhat now that Malcolm Turnbull and Julia Banks have left the party.
    Hopefully the rest of the warmists will see the light and come around to the rational position too, based on the real world data.

  20. DaveR

    Peter Costello was the obvious successor to Howard, but at the end of his career Howard made one of the greatest Australian post war political mistakes and thought he was more important than his party, and refused to move on. Costello left and we have had a wonderful leadership history of Rudd-Gillard-Rudd-Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison.

    Oh wait a minute…….bring Costello back! He would be better than most of the current lot and could probably reunite the Libs under their traditional values, not the divisive progressive push of today.

  21. Hark,

    What nonsense from the yonder winder break.

    Why? Because climate change as a human caused thing that deserves pretty urgent decrease in the burning of fossil fuels is a strong scientific consensus (you only have to look at position statements from hundreds of key science professional groups around the world to know this.

    There is a generally accepted consensus amongst the clerical “experts” that there is an all caring, all intervening god. Yet there is no evidence.

    There is consensus that the climate is changing. There may also be consensus that climate change is caused by human emmissions and there may also be consensus that cutting emissions will reverse climate change, sadly there is however no evidence to support the later of these consensuses. Much like religeon, they require faith.

    Spartacus’ children believe there is a Santa Clause and a tooth fairy. They get presents at Christmas and money for baby teeth. They believe that is evidence. Spartacus does not agree.

    Costello was not up for the gig before and there is no evidence that he is now. What has changed? The benchmark for Liberal Party talent fell so much that it appears that Costello is a genius.

  22. Confused Old Misfit

    Costello for PM?
    Not the best suggestion I’ve ever heard.
    Though far from the worst.
    He’s out of sequence though.
    Might have been better before Turnbull.

  23. Louis

    …he’s the same moron that started and fuelled the Australian housing bubble, blew most of the GST windfall by heavily expanding the Federal government, and did nothing to reduce a single red cent of Federally funding leftist institutions (e.g. the ABC and AHRC)

    There is no saviour for the Liberal party Steve.

  24. Anita

    “There is no saviour for the Liberal party Steve.”

    I’m afraid so.

  25. Vicki

    Peter had his chance when Howard lost to Rudd & Costello spat the dummy & retired from politics. He could not bear the thought of being in Opposition, even as leader of the Coalition. Yet, if he had contested the 2010 election as Leader, he would surely have won & saved us from the catastrophe that were the Rudd/Gillard years.

    Because he lacked the “ticker” to sit in Opposition after the golden years of the Howard/Costello government, we all suffered. I for one could not stomach him coming to “save the day”.

  26. iamok

    He had his chance. He would be PM now, if he’d stayed long enough to take on Rudd.

    Probably not – he left because he knew Turdball would do to him what he did to Abbott, and basically cnbf with all of that.

  27. miltonf

    Is that why Howard brought Turnbull in? I still cannot understand this.

  28. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring

    Ok I get it, Things are desperate, is it now time to panic?

  29. Squirrel

    The honeymoon for the Shorten government is going to be brief, even by contemporary standards and having worked so long and so hard to get the top job, he won’t be making way for a more likeable replacement when the opinion polls start falling.

    What’s left of the federal Liberal Party after the next election needs to spend its time in Opposition developing plausible, ready-to-go policies in key areas, avoid making unnecessary promises, and quietly prepare options for non-legislative strategies to deal with anti-Coalition elements – most notably, of course, the ABC.

    Let nature takes its course, and be ready when the tide turns again – as it will.

  30. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring

    Shorten is a package deal. Climate change religion, open borders, Human Rights Commissioners in all their glory, and whatever oddball virtue signalling taxpayer funded mob fueled rage is limpet mined to the economy.
    Ye shall not cherry pick.

    The meak shall inherit some less than what was started with

  31. miltonf

    How not to vote Liberal without voting for Labor? Depends on the electorate I guess. If necessary vote informal. Talking HoR here.

  32. mh

    I still don’t see the scenario in which Costello becomes PM.

    And I can’t see him coming back to be Opposition Leader, or an Opposition backbencher.

    One thing is almost certain: Labor will be in power as housing prices collapse. It may be fun.

  33. Fat Tony

    Farken How – as soon as i see you rabbiting on about CAGW, I automatically think: FUCKWIT

  34. Faye

    Farken How – as soon as i see you rabbiting on about CAGW, I automatically think: FUCKWIT

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  35. Crossie

    I’m not impressed with Costello’s work at Channel Nine, still the same leftie crap as before. Buying Fairfax and then letting it carry on as usual was even sillier.

    I always felt that he secretly dispised Coalition voters.

  36. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Tell us again Haaaarrrk squaaark, you silly headless chook running around without brains, how many electorates Abbott pulled in for the Libs when he ran on a ‘No Carbon Tax’ ticket. Current polices around matters climatic are expensive, chaotic and won’t make one iota of difference no matter what you believe about anthropogenic elements in any warming climate.

    Australia needs to dump the current expensive and nonsensical energy policies, review and deeply revise the so-called science in line with empirical evidence and vote out the Green socialists and those who have a strong agenda against the natural human family by denying the existence of fundamentally two genders that are procreatively complimentary. Talk about denying the real science!

    I don’t think Peter Costello is the man to do all of this.

  37. Muddy

    It is not now and has not been for quite some time, simply a matter of finding a leader. A leader by him/herself, without a team to lead (inspire, instruct), will achieve nothing, create nothing, go nowhere.

    Let’s suspend our disbelief and say that POTUS Donald Trump agrees to lead the Liberal Party (somehow ticking all the boxes regarding citizenship etc) … what does he have to work with? Will he trust the Liberal ‘team’ enough to delegate responsibility?

    You could almost argue that finding a leader for the Liberals would be easier than finding a team for the leader to lead.

    Continually putting forward names (Abbott, Costello, Credlin, Elmo, etc.) as though a functional group of individuals will magically appear when the new golden one clicks his/her fingers, is not getting us anywhere. So why keep doing this?

  38. Texas Jack

    I want Peta Credlin to step in. If not Higgins, then somewhere. It’d be a master stroke of epic proportions.

  39. Tim Neilson

    #2912604, posted on January 20, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    Also some halfway sane and coherent policies might just help.

    But that’s no more likely than acceptable personnel somehow emerging from the Photios Party in its current state.

  40. David Archibald

    Costello was too lazy. He would have liked to have been PM if it was given to him on a plate. Otherwise he couldn’t be bothered. Tony Abbott is so stupid he barely has the power of speech.

  41. Baldrick

    No thanks.

    Howard and Costello were responsible for the middle-class welfare we’re still paying today, with borrowed money.

  42. Destroyer D69

    Possible time line….. Labor win…. shock realisation..civil unrest.. hard line civilian control(repression)… The populace finally reaches breaking point and ITS ON.

  43. Peter D Jones

    Oh well, that might solve the immigration issue. Peter has instructed young women to have 3 children with “one for Mummy, one for Daddy and one for Australia”, so we can cut immigration and maybe get more people outside of Melbourne and Sydney. Personally I think the Liberals need a spell in the wilderness to sort the party out, regardless who steps up as the next leader. Ideally they would would just split into an Alt-Right conservative party and a genuine Liberal party so we could get away from the two party system and move towards coalition politics with some genuine debate.

  44. Note how I am appealing to rational pragmatism here, and am taking a somewhat meta view – no amount of whining “but it is a crock, people will see that!” based on your own insular views reinforced by talking to each other here for 18 hours a day will cut it as a useful response.

    I don’t talk much Hark but I do read.
    Climate sensitivity has been shifted from the first consensus number to a new lower consensus number.
    Will this change again?
    Steve McIntyre showed clearly that articles of faith, the hockey stick, were based on thin data sets and did not forecast or hindsight climate.
    The current skill set cannot predict with any certainty an ENSO event. The largest weather/climate system to effect the planet is still somewhat of a mystery.
    Hasten very slowly is my approach until I can see more proof of concept.

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