So what caused the heat wave 80 years ago?

Roads melted across Australia as temperatures soared into the 100s for the fifth consecutive day amid a record-breaking heatwave that has broken records

From The Daily Mail: more pseudo-evidence of global warming. Here’s the start but read the whole thing. You would not want to live in Australia after what it says.

Roads melt and animals drop dead as Australia suffers through its ‘most significant’ heatwave for 80 YEARS and temperatures top 120F

  • Australia is baking amid record-breaking heatwave with temperatures soaring as high as 120F in some towns
  • Town of Noona, in New South Wales, saw an overnight minimum temperature of 96.6F – an Australian record 
  • Central Sydney saw fifth consecutive day above 86F for first time in eight years, while Canberra also baked 
  • Roads melted and animals dropped dead as fire crews fought more than 60 blazes across New South Wales 
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43 Responses to So what caused the heat wave 80 years ago?

  1. stackja

    Previous heat forgotten?

  2. Nob

    It’s great.

    The more they exaggerate, the better.

    Probably the DM’s secret agenda.

  3. twostix

    QLD continues to have lovely mild summer days. in the mildest summer in years.

  4. 132andBush

    The quality and frequency of road building/maintenance is what should be questioned here.

    Also the amount of heavy vehicles these days and their configuration.

  5. Confused Old Misfit

    What caused the heat wave 80 years ago?

    Unicorn farts!

    We know it can’t be so, but…Aliens!

    It was summer?

  6. John Bayley

    @ twosticks:
    Indeed, and it never ceases to entertain me that whenever I look at the ‘Observation History’ for my regional Queensland location on my Android phone’s Weatherzone app, the data for which is sourced from the BoM, it almost always shows the current month’s minimum and maximum temps as being higher than the long term average.
    I’ve lived here for the majority of the past 30 years and the most recent spring & summer, apart from a single week before Christmas, have been some of the mildest I can recall.
    Never mind though, it’s always ‘worse than we thought’.
    Only a new tax can save us.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    Looks like someone has been using cheap road surfacing materials. My street is similar. Council just sprayed liquid bitumen over the top of it then spread gravel over the bitumen. Every time the weather gets a bit warm the gravel sticks to my tyres, even a couple years after the road resurfacing. The other end of the street was properly surfaced and has no such issues.

    As for the 80 old temperatures, that was at the height of the last peak in the ~60 year cycle. You can see it in HadCRUT 3 SH here. The peaks in 1880, 1940 and 2000 are obvious. And now we’re starting to go back down again, which is why temperature has been flat this new millennium and there’s all this white stuff in the USA and EU right now. I wonder what the white stuff is?

    (The IPCC ignores the ~60 year cycle because if they took notice of it they would have to roughly halve 2XCO2 in their models, thereby showing CO2 is harmless – which it is.)

  8. In the UK, four consecutive days of 23C is a heatwave.

    As a kid, we’d have competitions as to how far you could run on hot concrete (the bitumen would stick to your feet) after wetting our bare feet. It wasn’t very far before you had to jump on the grass nature-strip.

  9. Linden

    Melbourne 24C% perfect kind of summers day with lovely slight breeze go figure?

  10. Linden

    No aggregate! everything is done of the cheap due to the massive cost of having anything done today in Australia. So imagine what it will become under Unionbill Shorten.

  11. Linden

    did not Melbourne have 10 consecutive days of old fahion 100 % F in the mid 50’s, no such thing as aircons back then.

  12. Deplorable

    The nights have cooled where we are in Vic and the cool dewy mornings are more like a start to Autumn.

  13. did not Melbourne have 10 consecutive days of old fahion 100 % F in the mid 50’s, no such thing as aircons back then.

    I remember temperatures like that in the 60s, especially going to school and no aircon.

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    Was it caused by those socialist fascists zHitler and Mussolini ? Socialism does strange things .dunnit ?

  15. Leo G

    Roads melted across Australia as temperatures soared into the 100s for the fifth consecutive day amid a record-breaking heatwave that has broken records

    Record-breaking events do tend to break records.
    Perhaps we also have a record number of Australian roads constructed with inadequate amounts of asphalt hardener in the mix. Hint: less hardener is used in cooler years because the low temperature performance of the pavement deteriorates faster with more hardener as the pavement ages.

  16. pbw

    From The Daily Mail’s story:

    Broken Hill airport, Whitecliff, Wilcannia, and Albury all saw their hottest days since records began on Wednesday.

    That’s not very many records.

  17. EvilElvis

    The quality and frequency of road building/maintenance is what should be questioned here.

    Yep. Above photo is a classic example of massively excessive bitumen use. People, including road maintenance clowns, don’t realise the top bit of the road is a weather proof membrane to protect the lovingly laid and compacted load bearing structure underneath. The bitumen/aggregate ratio is critical or in extreme cases you get the above.

  18. win

    Chris Pleasance of the Daily Mail can only be a Scotsman writing from the Orkneys where it would be logical to say that 30 degrees is a scorching heat wave or he is playing mind games where he gives daily up dates on the latest climate change lies ,Presumably in the belief by saying it every day you can hypnotise the readers into believing it.

  19. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring


  20. Boambee John

    From a thread at Don Aitkin

    Cxxxx Wxxxx
    January 19, 2019 at 9:17 am
    What happens when what the BOM describes today as “extreme” and “abnormal”, becomes “average” and “normal” for future generations?

    Note also the BOM comment on the absence of El Nino.

    Boambee John
    January 19, 2019 at 3:06 pm
    Forty or fifty years ago, what the BoM describes today as “extreme” and “abnormal”, was “average” and “normal”. What we have today is the result of a generation or so whose life experience has been:

    Born in an air conditioned hospital.

    Went home in an air conditioned car.

    Lived in an air conditioned house.

    Went to air conditioned schools and universities.

    Shopped in air conditioned malls.

    Worked in air conditioned offices.


    Watched sport in their air conditioned homes, avoiding the un-air conditioned outside.

    They really think that a couple of days in a row at 30C is extreme.

  21. Mique

    As children in suburban Sydney in the 1940s, playing in the streets, in bare feet as was the norm, we often had to contend with melting bitumen. Our feet were like leather so it was no big deal. There was almost no vehicular traffic during the weekend days, and not a lot at any other time. The current hysteria about “record” temperatures being whipped up in the media is beyond laughable, and as Dr Marahosy and her colleagues have demonstrated, the data being circulated by the BOM and its henchmen in the media is so corrupt as to be literally incredible.

    You’d think that by now these fraudsters would be held to account.

  22. pbw

    Black Friday, 1939

    There was a Royal Commission into the fires.

    Judge Stretton also recommended the protection of forests through a strategic program of burning selected areas of forest in a controlled way during spring and autumn.

    My uncle (who worked in, I think, the Forests Commission) and aunt sheltered inside a dam wall near Beechworth during the fires.

  23. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring

    Listened to radio weather reporter. Whole report was filled with emotive words (but none that we hadn’t heard before. ‘Victoria is in the grip … heat wave … swelters thru…extreme temperatures..above average …warning residents…hot conditions …expected to continue through the rest of Summer.’ No shit

  24. Squirrel

    Just to add to the historical perspective, there’s this graphic stuff from Louisa Anne Meredith’s Notes and Sketches of New South Wales (1844), with descriptions of searing heat, hurricanes and violent storms, complete with heavy rain and large hailstones –

    and lots of similar stuff in early accounts of the wide brown land – that’s why they had to phase out the whale oil lamps (and grant land rights to the gay whales).

  25. RobK

    Yes to what Leo and Elvis said. Dud mix/workmanship.

  26. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    We must turn to socialism immediately to appease the angry gods!

  27. Faye

    Everything today is soooo dramatic. What we once took in our stride is now terrifyingly catastrophic. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic. Weatherman Graham at the ABC exaggerates the one hot spot for all its worth whilst the surrounding temps are in the mere twenties, although, I have heard him describe 29
    C degrees as extreme. (No mention of the snow depth and cold temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere.)
    The propaganda weather headquarters, the BOM, uses their participants, the Media, to spread the lies of the CO2 Scam to the gullible masses. (Will it ever end?)

  28. Dr Faustus

    Above photo is a classic example of massively excessive bitumen use.

    That isn’t asphalt, even the slackest commercial mix shouldn’t separate like that. Most likely ‘tack’ – a low viscosity water/solvent and bitumen mix that can be sprayed at a much lower temperature than the melting point of bitumen. (Tack is used to help bind layers of asphalt together – and sometimes to stick a gravel layer on top of an asphalt base.)

    Also, whatever it is, it hasn’t been picked up by a rolling wheel.

    By the look of it, someone has mixed a bit of patching asphalt with a lot of tack, poured the mixture on the top of a jacked up wheel – and then patted a few handfuls of light coloured gravel over the surface, for effect.

    Having said all that, it is IPCC-grade evidence of man’s contribution to global warming.

  29. Fang

    In Australia we us the SI (metrics system) So quoting 80 to 100 degrees F is just blubber to make it sound hot!
    26.6 degrees C to 37.7 Degrees C, not sounding so bad!!!!😡😡😡😡

  30. duncanm

    Town of Noona, in New South Wales, saw an overnight minimum temperature of 96.6F – an Australian record

    yeh well, if you keep dropping new AWS systems out in the middle of fucking nowhere, you’re more likely to find some new records. Noona has been in place since 2017, and unlike all the traditional stations, is not on in a town (ie: near a local water source).

    Its so new it doesn’t even have a site summary.

    Cobar and Wilcannia (which span Noona) didn’t break any records.

  31. Mark M

    Wait. What?

    This can’t be correct.

    We should be preparing for perfect weather. Everyday …

    Melbourne becomes first city with all council infrastructure powered by renewables

    “It’s a pretty nice New Year’s resolution to go to 100% renewable energy,” the deputy mayor, Arron Wood, said.”

  32. Pete of Perth

    No splatter in the wheel well, or the panel work. Pretty good cleanup job or lets stage a prop for getup.

  33. Dr Fred Lenin

    Seems the new word of the month for the left is “extreme” ,as in “extreme right wing”,anyone who is not a globalist fascist socialist . “Extreme “heatwave a normal summer day , “extreme racism” critics of the left .
    They love their lies ,even beleive their own lies .

  34. bobby b

    It’s -12F where I am. We pray for global warming every day.

    Why should I feel bad if Pacific Islanders have to back up an extra 9″ from the surf? If I go outside without layers and layers, I die. Scroom.


    Minnesotans For Global Warming

  35. Jonesy

    How do you get gooey bitumen dripping off a tyre, yet, have nice clean aggregate on the top of the tyre…as if…drive on bitumen amnd then a course of agg. Curious, how did the car get to the hoist without a single mark on the clean concrete floor?

  36. duncanm

    through the magic of the interwebs:

    Marco Nero’spost on facechook

    then gives us a whole heap of duplicates

    This is not from Northern NSW. This may be the original (Lufkin Texas. Road not sealed correctly).

    Fake news

  37. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Published: 10:28 AM CDT August 31, 2017

    The area was recently repaired, and police are getting numerous reports of tar and gravel stuck to tires. Spokesperson Jessica Pebsworth said some patrol cars tires were also affected.

  38. duncanm


    Oh, and the dodgy Oxley Highway resurfacing has been causing troubles for some time

  39. PB

    The DM is basically an MI6 propaganda operation, with lots of tits and arses thrown around to keep you from thinking about the articles.

  40. Eyrie

    Who in hell uses Fahrenheit in Australia nowadays? We made the change in 1973 or so when that boofhead Gough Whitlam decided we would go metric. IIRC imperial rulers were a prohibited import for a while. Shows you how much the dickhead thought about consequences of decisions.

  41. Kneel

    “… we often had to contend with melting bitumen.”

    I recall many times leaving footprints in bitumen that had seeped out from under and around the aggregate that was the road surface. Risking bindii barbs because using the tarmac or concrete was so much worse in bare feet. Numerous days of 35C+, no air con, just sweating while waiting for a nice thunderstorm and the change that came with it. People with second degree burns to their behinds/upper legs from jumping in the car with no air-con, no tinted windows and vinyl seats that had been sitting in the sun for 3+ hours.
    None of it nice, or what I would have chosen, but what choice was there? None.
    Suck it up, Princess!

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