I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

Sorry Cats.   I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!  The Artist Formerly Known As Spartacus (TAFKAS) needs to vent.  It has been a terrible day.

The morning started with a standard read of the Australian.  Judith Sloan is compulsory reading for TAFKAS.  But this morning …

I know Judith is a contributor and a reader of the Cat, so please forgive me, but from her piece this morning titled A deep breath before we dive into the Davos swamp, Professor Judith wrote:

This year’s survey of ordinary folk revealed that most respondents (57 per cent) believe immigration is mostly good for the receiving country. According to this dubious survey, North Americans (66 per cent) and people from South Asia (72 per cent) are particularly supportive.

Last TAFKAS checked, the benefits and costs of immigration were not determined by a popularity survey.  There is ample analysis to support or refute such claims, and Professor Judith has reference such analysis before elsewhere.  Quoting such nonsense diminshed, at least in my eyes, what was otherwise an excellent article.

Later in the morning TAFKAS strode off to the Sydney Institute to listen to the most boring, passionless and droll speech delivered by the Hon. Josh Frydenberg; where amongst the innumerable references to plans and fairness, Mr Frydenberg said that financial services firms, post Hayne, must adapt to a “culture of compliance”.  A CULTURE OF COMPLIANCE!  FFS!

Not a culture of honesty or a culture of customer service or a culture of value delivery.  A bloody CULTURE OF COMPLIANCE.  Next stop … citizens must adopt a culture of compliance … on the way to the final destination of the  Soviet Socialist Republic of Australia.

But there was more.  In response to a question from the audience about income inequality, Mr Frydenberg referenced some dry economic analysis from the Productivity Commission talking about statistical analyses and GINI co-efficients.  Yawn.  He could have said something along the lines of what an actual conservative liberal would say that he does not care about inequality and that he cares about the floor rising and not about how high the ceiling is.   He might have even quoted Abraham Lincoln who said:

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage-earner by pulling down the wage-payer. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

But no.  Apparently it is politically better to be one inch to the right of the Labor Party and the Greens.

Mr Frydenberg is the deputy leader of the Federal Parliamentary Liberal Party.  If he is the 2nd best there is, god help us to consider who is at the bottle of the totem.

And then, to top off TAFKAS’ morning, he turned again to the Australian to read someone called Geoff Edwards have a go at Professor Ian Plimer – Forget Plimer’s polemics, just play the percentages.  According to his bio, Mr (Dr?) Edwards is president of the Royal Society of Queensland.  And so writes Mr (Dr?) Edwards about climate change analysis and policy:

We are, however, entitled to expect our leaders to weigh up the consequences of acting or not acting and then to proceed according to a balance of probabilities. We also expect them to recognise ideological crusades for what they are.

No you nong.  Public policy is not determined on the balance of probabilities.  At least it shouldn’t.  Public policy is determined on costs versus benefits, into which analysis probabilities are factored.  Moron!  And yes Mr (Dr?) Edwards, we do expect our political overlords to recognise ideological crusades, including yours!

But finally, checking the Oz before hitting post on this rant, TAFKAS reads that Scott Morrison intervenes to install former ALP president Warren Mundine in Gilmore.  TAFKAS likes Warren Mundine.  He likes his ideas.  He likes his rhetorical abilities.  But what about this Liberal Party democracy business?  What happened to local members selecting their representatives?

Perhaps the word liberal in Liberal Party has a meaning different to the classical meaning as in Given, used, or occurring in generous amounts of promises and platitudes.

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24 Responses to I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

  1. stackja

    MT got Wentworth by democratic means?

  2. Sinclair Davidson

    Mr Edwards has a bachelors degree.

  3. Tel

    Last TAFKAS checked, the benefits and costs of immigration were not determined by a popularity survey.

    Gosh, if popularity can’t decide costs, that would imply that pricing of all “externalities” is a complete load of cobblers. Indeed it might even rule out the entire concept of democratic government and put us back at the Feudal system.

  4. stackja

    Geoff Edwards
    Dr Geoff Edwards is Adjunct Professor, Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University, and President of the Royal Society of Queensland.
    Geoff studied public administration (University of Queensland), and his doctorate from Griffith University for a critique of the mainstream view that the market is the optimum vehicle for determining where the ‘public interest’ lies.

    He obtained his doctorate (Griffith) for a critique of the mainstream view that the market is the optimum vehicle for determining where the ‘public interest’ lies.

    ‘public interest’ lies?

  5. Pyrmonter

    A pause … taking a breath and diving in …

    Having been a student of ‘public administration’, Edwards will at least have been exposed to (and might even understand) some of the arguments and ideas that have animated economists over the past 2 centuries. Many of which seem lost on the merry assortment of engineers, lobbyists, physical scientiests and the like who contribute so loudly on both sides of debates over climate policy. I suspect his doctoral study was nonsense, but it pre-supposes he had some idea of the arguments involved: http://www.tjryanfoundation.org.au/cms/page.asp?ID=1559

    He obtained his doctorate (Griffith) for a critique of the mainstream view that the market is the optimum vehicle for determining where the ‘public interest’ lies.

    Does this make Dr Geoff Professor Van Onselen’s boss? Mentor?

    Explains much.

  7. Pyrmonter

    (supplementing the links above – two good posts by John Cochrane. They don’t persuade me the kernel of the idea is wrong, but do need consideration):



  8. max

    People who propose and support carbon tax hate poor and middle class, they are going to be hit hardest with taxes.

  9. Pyrmonter

    A small if they’re not being hit hard already by the inefficient measures purportedly used to control CO2 output; or, for that matter, expropriative levels of personalnexertion income taxation

  10. Pyrmonter

    A small = As: in the phone.

  11. Clearly you did not read Judith’s column in the way I did. You have overlooked the important words “dubious survey” which was conducted by the Davos mob.

  12. Confused Old Misfit

    It is apparent Mr. Edwards’ degree did not include a physics course.

  13. Bruce of Newcastle

    I’d comment about Dr. Edwards except he is wrong so I won’t comment on Dr. Edwards.
    Instead I’ll give Spartacus the good news!
    Jimmy Carter has endorsed you for President!

    Jimmy Carter wants Cory Booker to run in 2020 (21 Jan)

    Oh wait, that’s the other Spartacus.
    Still, if you ask nicely, I’m sure Jimmy Carter will endorse you for President of the Royal Society of Queensland, since it is evident that the qualifications required aren’t extensive and Jimmy seems happy to endorse almost anyone, except killer rabbits.

  14. Atoms for Peace

    We have turned into a nation where the only fair way to get ahead is to win lotto.

  15. Shy Ted

    If you don’t accept Josh’ compliance he’ll bore you until you do. Can you imagine being sat next to him at a dinner party?

  16. Confused Old Misfit

    Australian Population Research Institute: 54% want lower immigration;
    Newspoll: 56% want lower immigration;
    Essential: 54% believe Australia’s population is growing too fast and 64% believe immigration is too high;
    Lowy: 54% of people think the total number of migrants coming to Australia each year is too high;
    Newspoll: 74% of voters support the Turnbull government’s cut of more than 10% to the annual permanent migrant intake to 163,000 last financial year;
    CIS: 65% in the highest income decile and 77% in the lowest believe that immigration should be cut or paused until critical infrastructure has caught up;
    ANU: Only three out of 10 Australians believe the nation needs more people.

    Sloan is 100% correct. The Davos elites must be ignored. They are all about lining their own pockets, not representing ordinary folk.

  17. Natural Instinct

    As the Artist Formerly Known As Spartacus (TAFKAS) slowly comes dwn to earth – here is one to skyrocket him back up.
    Now a while back some shifty accountants and HR got together and figured that staff eating at an onsite cafeteria could pay for their meals/coffee with pre-tax dollars. (Perpetual was one of the leaders with their new office which had a pretty swish dining floor). Now pre-tax dollars were tracked with a smart card an reconciled with the periodic wages (a bit of IT their).
    So lesser mortals pay with hard-earned. Smarties pay with tax dollars (or OPM).
    Now I just heard today that if you work for a charity you can do the same with your holidays and pay for them in pre-tax dollars. Hence, all the requests for Tax Invoices and receipts post the stay and at the end of the month.
    Sometimes one feels like a blob who is just squished on by everyone.

  18. Bruce of Newcastle

    Spartacus, you may be mad as hell, but you ain’t mad as her:

    Ocasio-Cortez calls climate change ‘our World War II,’ warns the world will end in 12 years

    “Millennials and people, you know, Gen Z and all these folks that will come after us are looking up and we’re like: ‘The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?'” Ocasio-Cortez said.

    She must be living on another planet because the data I see says nothing much is happening.

  19. Tel

    The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change because 12 is the biggest number I can think of!

  20. Squirrel

    The recent, inconvenient (and thus quickly buried) ANU survey which found that something like 7 in 10 Australians are not happy with Big Australia is instructive – or at least should be to the elites if they weren’t so busy peddling their spin and selective statistics on this subject.

    Now that we no longer have the distraction of a steady stream of boat people, the latest shell game is pretending that the “regions” – which can’t keep the people they already have – will miraculously become magnetically attractive to new arrivals to Australia.

    The popping of the credit bubble and the population Ponzi is going to be spectacular.

  21. Faye

    I am a Minnie Mouse who roars everyday at what is going on in Australian politics with not a hero in sight to save us, except Tony Abbott and he would have to stop being reasonable and turn mongrel.
    Nothing less than a Donald Trump operator will do.

  22. Percy Popinjay

    who is at the bottle of the totem

    Anyone who’s ever voted for the stupid.forking.gliberals. at any point in their lifetime has probably been driven to or felt like supping at “the bottle” for about the last six or so years.

    Stick a fork in it and turn it over, it’s done. There is no logical reason – apart from our beloved shitegeist – for three (count ’em, that’s not one, not two, but three, FFS) collectivist political pardees to exist in this joke of a country.

    Democracy, my arse.

  23. James Hargrave

    Do the new, very ‘politically correct, series of Dr Who have the Daleks, who are presumably trans-gender, shout ‘you will comply’?

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