Wednesday Forum: January 23, 2019

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  1. Underage sex is statutory rape. He could be up for 8 years imprisonment for each offense.

  2. feelthebern

    Singer will never spend a day in jail.
    Unlikely he’ll see in the inside of a courtroom.
    One rule for us.
    Another rule for gay, powerful, multimillionaires.

  3. feelthebern

    If Weinstein was gay, he would have gotten away scott-free.

  4. cohenite

    The Aboriginal industry: a new religion?

    Frank de Sousa The Spectator Australia 24 January 2019

    So what should we want for the Aborigines? Should we seek to “Stanisise” them, turning them into various versions of Stan Grant, that is, people who successfully embrace and engage in Australia’s eudaimonia?

    Stan Grant is Aboriginal, but only in conformance to hypodescent, to our one-drop rule, to the automatic identification with the subordinate Other; not in the sense of living traditionally as an Aborigine. The likes of Tony Abbott, when seeking to tackle Aboriginal disadvantage, would have someone like Stan Grant in mind as representing the end product to be desired: Aboriginal, but in name only, otherwise indistinguishable from the rest of us.

    This, however, would rob progressives of their “noble savage” who needs to be protected from the corruption of the modern world. So the appalling states of dysfunction in Aboriginal communities must at all costs be allowed to continue unabated as if representing some idealised state of nature that remains innocent and unspoilt, a remnant of an Ede that existed in the time before the Fall.

    But most of all, the abject state of Australia’s Other ultimately offers progressives the opportunity to practice the tenets of their faith, a bastardised version of the Judeo-Christian worldview. The mantras of “Apology” and “Reconciliation” are not so much an effort to remedy anything in practical terms as they are the religious utterances of penitents engaging in ritual self-flagellation for the expiation of their sins…..

  5. JC

    Roger Stone arrested in Florida on charges of witness tampering.


  6. Ruby Rose held her own in the second John Wick.

    Only because she had nothing to say.

  7. zyconoclast

    If Weinstein was gay, he would have gotten away scott-free.

    Kevin Spacey?

  8. feelthebern

    Where’s monty?
    He’ll be here in a jiffy if there is any meat on the bones to the story.

  9. Leigh Lowe

    Joie Henney, 65, said his registered emotional support animal named Wally likes to snuggle and give hugs, despite being a 5-foot-long alligator. The York Haven man said he received approval from his doctor to use Wally as his emotional support animal after not wanting to go on medication for depression,

    I’d like to see them get Wally into the overhead lockers.

    Q :- “Where can Wally sit?”
    A :- “Anywhere he fucking likes.”

  10. zyconoclast

    Michael Keenan bowing out.
    Another chicken-shit.

    Michael Fayat Keenan

    What sort of name is Fayat?

  11. EvilElvis

    Can’t wait until we are truly a cashless society. Should mesh well with a truly energyless society.

  12. EvilElvis

    Does my arse look Fayat in these jeans?…

  13. feelthebern

    Keenan was a real estate agent before entering politics.
    Maybe he can go sell used cars now.

  14. feelthebern

    The spaminator should ban CNN links.

  15. Infidel Tiger

    Michael Keenan bowing out.
    Another chicken-shit.

    Zero loss.

    He was to conservatism as alfalfa is to prime rib.

  16. feelthebern

    He should have been made to campaign & get the electoral spanking he deserved.

  17. zyconoclast

    Does my arse look Fayat in these jeans?…

    Yes it does.

  18. feelthebern

    Watching a doco on John Hinckley.
    Not a well chap.
    I didn’t know he went to Yale with Jodie Foster.

  19. zyconoclast

    The Ruling Elites Love How Easily We’re Distracted and Turned Against Each Other

    I eschew conspiracy theories because I don’t feel humans are smart enough or cohesive enough to pull them off. Usually self-interested people pulling in the same direction create the conditions that some people view as conspiracies.

    With that preface stated, it seems to me that Right and Left elites, who share the common goal of making the world work for themselves, and who do not have to live with the consequences of their policies, have co-opted non-elite people with cultural and social issues meant to distract them from what’s going on economically.

    Right elites take the bread out of the non-elites mouths by coopting non-elites on the right with the circuses of religion and nationalism. At the same time, the left elites have done the same by coopting left non-elites with the circuses of political correctness, multiculturalism, etc.

    None of these things – religion, nationalism, political correctness, multiculturalism, feminism, anti-racism, etc. – are necessarily bad in themselves, particularly in moderation. However, to distract people from having the economic wool pulled over their eyes, they need to be amped up into a public shouting match, which is what we see happening in media outlets controlled by, you guessed it, the elites.

    The Old Left was concerned with bread and butter issues and extracting a bigger piece of the economic pie from the elites. The Old Right, in turn, was concerned with order and the stability of the system, and was prepared to give up some of the pie in order to stave off the pitchforks.

    However, the stateless super-rich of the New Left-Right Elite Alliance no longer need to buy off the non-elites with money. They have no fear of the pitchforks because they can flee behind bodyguards (private armies as in the Middle Ages are coming) or gated communities, or they can flee the country in an instant if they need to, taking with the large chunks of their wealth, which is now either offshore or mobile thanks to international banking. They have become insulated from the consequences of their policies.

    The non-elites are mad as hell, but don’t know exactly where to direct their anger, because the social and cultural issues the elites have used to co-opt the non-elites are also incredibly effective at keeping the left and right non-elites in a constant state of anger at each other. The Elite’s greatest fear is that left and right non-elites realize who their real enemies are, and that their fighting with each other over cultural issues is what the Elites want them to be doing.

  20. zyconoclast

    Sadiq Khan makes rent control key plank of mayor re-election bid

    Khan told the Guardian the arguments for rent control were “overwhelming and Londoners overwhelmingly want it to happen”, but said he could not make the change within his current remit.

    “London is in the middle of a desperate housing crisis that has been generations in the making,” Khan said.

    “I am doing everything in my power to tackle it – including building record numbers of new social homes – but I have long been frustrated by my lack of powers to help private renters.”

  21. Roger Stone got raided at dawn, lol.

    Trump jnr wouldn’t be sleeping well.

  22. Memoryvault

    #2917638, posted on January 25, 2019 at 11:06 pm

    Well, that’s one Cat finally beginning to get it.
    At least it’s a start.

    A good summary of where we are now.
    Well done, Zyco.

  23. Snoopy

    “London is in the middle of a desperate housing crisis that has been generations in the making,” Khan said.

    A no deal BREXIT will fix it.

  24. pete m

    So m0nty dislikes media who protect their sources.

    Also loz at media saying such and such proves co-ordination between trump official and stone – wikileaks does not take orders from any third party.

  25. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    The Fascist hyena of the blog awakes.

  26. Infidel Tiger

    No collusion! Straight process charge.

    Stone is a degenerate and was always likely to end up in jail.

  27. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    chill time

  28. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Good evening, Memory Vault.

    I have submitted my body to all the indignities that modern medicine can contrive, and I am having my first large Scotch in a week. Sliante.

  29. sdfc

    What would NSW Day be these days without the change the date bullshit.

  30. struth

    here’s something to think about.
    The ruling elites are socialist, or they wouldn’t be ruling elites!
    No matter what you think they are, or They think of themselves.

    No, zyconoclast, the ruling elite are corruptocrats, which is socialism.
    Ruling from the top down.
    There is not a right winger amongst them and don’t let that babble try to fool you there is.

  31. struth

    Monty……………………the nine o clock bus leaves at nine o’ clock.
    Just in case you were wondering.

  32. struth

    I’ll be having quite a lot of scotch tomorrow night, I hope.

    A big glass topped solid with ice, and the scotch gently smothering the ice as it is poured!

  33. Memoryvault

    I am having my first large Scotch in a week. Sliante.

    Well at least you’re on decent medication.

    Call me Peter.
    I’ve come out of the closet.

  34. sdfc

    Just add coke and away you go.

  35. Memoryvault

    Struth, one day, eventually, you’re going to realise that there is no “right” and “left” wing.
    Not up where it counts.
    It’s all smoke and mirrors to keep everybody outside the loop running around in circles.
    Go read Zyconoclast’s post at 11.06pm.

  36. struth

    Struth, one day, eventually, you’re going to realise that there is no “right” and “left” wing.
    Not up where it counts.

    There most certainly is, MV, there most certainly is.

    read my response, carefully.

    No matter what they think , they are indeed socialist.

  37. MatrixTransform

    just as fucking well… I heard somebody was adding coke to whiskey!

  38. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    What would NSW Day be these days without the change the date bullshit.

    The great Australian historian, Geoffrey Blainey summed up the situation. Two cultures came face to face. One had never discovered how to boil water, the other had just invented the steam engine.

    I’d like to ask some of the sleek and well fed ladies of the “Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance.” How would you like to go back to 1769.? Married off to one of the old men of the tribe at puberty – they had first pick of the young girls – three or four children, taught your place with your lord and master’s waddy, subject to all the mindless savagery of tribal punishment with it’s endless taboos, given to the young men of the tribe when your husband tired of you, and left behind to die, when the tribe moved on, and you couldn’t keep up?

    No, didn’t think so.

  39. EvilElvis

    #2917636, posted on January 25, 2019 at 11:01 pm

    Ahhh, good times. 😁

  40. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare

    Straya Day. Common Cause Day. Coming together day. It’s the End of the Holidays Day. It’s a BBQ, beach and family day. It’s an established holiday, part of the Nation’s culture, celebrating the arrival of the modern world in settlement of Australia for all of its current people, including aboriginal people. Just let it be. It’s our Straya Day.

    Happy Straya Day, Cats and Kittehs.

  41. Top Ender

    Lifted from a Facebook post:

    Craig Kelly

    To keep the subsidies flowing and the public hoodwinked, green-rent-seekers have peddled the delusion that the intermittency of solar/wind can be solved with ‘’big batteries’’.

    This conjob was first sold in South Australia, as with their experiment of a 50% Renewable Energy Target descending into a costly farce, and to cover-up the fact they needed spend several hundred million on emergency diesel generators to keep the lights on just before the state election, with Hollywood fanfare SA announced they were installing ‘’the world’s largest battery’’ to save the day.

    And unsurprisingly, the green useless idiots of the left have swallowed this hook, line and sinker – as rent seekers continued to go laughing to the bank to cash their millions from subsidies.

    Well the performance of the ‘’world’s largest battery’’ last Thursday exposed what a complete con job it’s been – and delusion that we can power our economy on solar panels, wind turbines and big batteries is as dangerous to the economy as rabies is in a dog.

    Let’s look at the evidence from 24th Jan …

    As wind power collapsed into the afternoon, prices in South Australia surged to $14,500 Mwh (they averaged around $40 Mwh before all these ‘cheap’ renewables flooded into the grid) at around 4.30pm ‘’the world’s biggest battery’’ started to dribble in 30MW to the grid.

    The 30MW was less than 1% of South Australia’s total demand, and less than 0.1% of the National grid’s demand.

    The world’s biggest battery continued to dribble out around 30MW until 7.30pm, then it ran flat, rendering it completely useless as peak demand hit at 7.30pm.

    Meanwhile the emergency diesel generators (chewing through a reported 80,000 litres of diesel an hour) were doing the real work in SA, pumping out over 400MW at a time on demand – and they continued to so as demand peaked at 7.30pm, when the world’s largest battery had given up the ghost.

    So at peak demand, in the renewables paradise of South Australia, 97% of their electricity was coming from fossil fuels.

    Over the afternoon, I estimate the ‘’world’s biggest battery’’ delivered only around 100 Mwh of electricity – compared to 2000Mwh by the diesel generators.

    The facts should be clear from the evidence that it’s a dangerous delusion that Australia can run the economy with solar/wind backed up by big batteries.

    But sadly once leftists have been radicalised by green propaganda – evidence, engineering & economics no longer matter, because their belief is a semi-religious one based on feelings and emotions and their minds are closed to rational thoughts and logic.

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