Peter O’Brien on Morrison and bullying

Scott Morison has some good qualities and he’s a country mile better than his predecessor but, you’ve got to admit it, essentially he’s a dunce.

You may remember that his ascension to the top job was marred by accusations from a number of female Liberal MPs, eg  Julia Banks and Lucy Gichuhi,  tacitly supported by Julie Bishop and Kelly Dwyer, that the overthrow of Turnbull was facilitated by ‘bullying’.  No details were forthcoming but this narrative eventually morphed from a putative scandal confined to the leadership spill into a general culture of bullying of women throughout the Liberal Party.  Ann Sudmalis, member for Gilmore, weighed in on this claiming she was bullied by her challenger for pre-selection.  She then announced her decision to retire, ostensibly because she could take no more, and took off on a three month sabbatical to New York, courtesy of us.

Next it emerged that the ‘bullying’  (let’s call it lobbying) of Julia Banks was actually at the hands, not of the dreaded right wing supporters of Peter Dutton, but of ‘liberal’ supporters of Turnbull who were afraid a vote for Julie Bishop (Banks’ choice)  rather than Scott Morrison, would split the anti-Dutton vote.  Naturally, nobody at the ABC bothered to point out this inconvenient truth, so the general perception remains today that the Liberals are rife with ‘bullying’ – whatever that means.

So you would think the last thing a Prime Minister on a knife edge would need is any more distractions such as a re-emergence of the ‘bullying’ meme.  You’d think he’d crawl through verbal barbed wire to avoid using the word ‘bullying’.  But no, here he is parachuting Warren Mundine into Gilmore and accusing Grant Schultz of ‘bullying’ Ann Sudmalis.  Morrison was walking on thin ice over ruling the decision of a local Branch but he had a better reason for it than punishing ‘bullying behaviour’ – that would be his estimation that Mundine has a better chance of holding the highly marginal seat than Schultz.  So why not just say it?

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10 Responses to Peter O’Brien on Morrison and bullying

  1. Fred

    Isn’t it funny that as soon as Warren Mundine becomes a Liberal candidate, he’s a wifebeater.

    But when he was ALP President, no one said a word.

  2. Dr Fred Lenin

    We socialists have our principles. We stick together ,too cowardly to go alone ,but we will expose every fault of any defector whether its true or not , though an aboriginal wife beater has a true ring to it . Wonder what the female comrades in the liberal wing of the globalist party will say if he bullies them as aboriginal men are inclined to do .

  3. Cassie of Sydney

    #2917251, posted on January 25, 2019 at 3:47 pm
    Isn’t it funny that as soon as Warren Mundine becomes a Liberal candidate, he’s a wifebeater.

    But when he was ALP President, no one said a word.”

    Yep, I noticed that…Fauxfax have this allegation against Mundine on the front page today…..strangely I don’t ever recall seeing anything on the front page of any newspaper about the Shorten allegation….a much more serious allegation too.

  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    He is a defector needs a new name and re location so the union mafia cant get at him ,another captains pick like that fat shela giliard got from the NT ,never works. If I lived in the electorate I would put him last on the ballot ,you want to represent the people live there and win your job .

  5. Zyconoclast

    Scott Morison…essentially he’s a dunce.

    Saving pixels so Victoriastan can have more electrickery.

  6. Leo G

    What does it mean when a Prime Minister appeals for media support against an “harasser of the weak”?
    Are PMs really such an oppressed minority group that they need to articulate their suffering using the tools of identity politics?
    I don’t believe so.
    Scott Morrison must be unaware of his cultural Marxism conditioning.

  7. Miltonf

    You’d think they’d at least parachute Mundine into a seat he could def win. Is he really OK with this. Give him Bradfield or Mackellar.

  8. Robbo

    If Mundine actually wins Gilmore then just watch the pain begin for the Liberal Party. Call me old fashioned (I know you will so don’t hold back) but I have always believed that political party’s should only endorse people to stand for them who actually believe in what the Party stands for. Celebrity candidates, or Captain’s Picks, usually end in tears. If he wins, like others have before him, Mundine will be convinced that the victory was due to his personal magnetism and that he has a mandate to do and say whatever he likes. Good luck with this one ScoMo, you’re going to need it.

  9. Old Lefty

    Meanwhile, on Bishop and Ms Wintour, see Johannes Peak’s wonderful cartoon in the Oz’s today. He’s living up to his father.

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