The dogs that didn’t bark in the night

Yesterday I asked What is the Democrat response to the Venezuelan counter-revolution?. Today we have the answer: That weird silence from Democrats over Venezuela’s massive rejection of socialism . “Weird” is not the word I would use, more something along the lines of “repulsive” and “terrifying”. These people are not sickened by the outcome in Venezuela nor do they see any reason to support those who are trying to get rid of its vile socialist regime.

What we can conclude from this is three things: That the collapse of socialism is an embarrassing topic for Democrats who are trying to sell it here. That supporting Maduro, as is this inclination, automatically puts them in the same camp as Vladimir Putin, the man they claim President Trump is in bed with. And three, it suggests that they’ll do anything to oppose and undermine President Trump, even if that means throwing Venezuelans under the bus. No wonder they’re too petrified to say anything. Here they could be scarfing up Venezuelan and Latino good will by siding with President Trump against the clown dictatorship in Caracas, and they just can’t bring themselves to do it, not even for the Latino vote.

And what about Miss Ocasio-Cortez as we also asked yesterday?

Now let’s turn to openly socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is she ignoring it, too? Where is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on this massive popular rejection of socialism in Venezuela? The gabby congresswoman is opining a lot about … herself on her Twitter feed and the government shutdown. But then there just this one little tweet that just came out: Amazingly, she signaled support for Putin’s stance, saying Maduro is the legitimate leader of Venezuela and Trump shouldn’t be supporting the crowds calling for change or the leader who was just sworn in under the rules of Venezuela’s Chavista constitution. She used the fig leaf of the Vatican’s and Mexico’s outlier support for Maduro to encourage Maduro to stay in power under the guise of ‘dialogue.’ … Her past claims on 60 Minutes to not envisioning anything like Venezuela in her socialist scheme of things now rings hollow. She’s effectively endorsed Putin and Maduro even as the regime collapses.

This is the kind of thing that should tell you everything you need to know about the modern left.

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  1. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV) says:

    Widespread poverty is the correct and expected outcome of socialism, there is no contradiction in the democrats stance. The more poverty the more excited leftists get.

  2. The BigBlueCat says:

    Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)
    #2916886, posted on January 25, 2019 at 10:06 am
    Widespread poverty is the correct and expected outcome of socialism, there is no contradiction in the democrats stance. The more poverty the more excited leftists get.

    Indeed, Zippy – this is what they call “equality”. The vast majority of millenial Socialists (like AOC) believe in a Socialist utopia where nothing ever goes wrong, and when it does it wasn’t Socialism that caused it.

    All we have to do now is wait for Iampeter to call us all Socialists / Collectivists and join the dots, etc , and Hark Now! to sing the praises of modern leftism. And … go!

  3. John Constantine says:

    “Francis is nearby on a visit to Panama for World Youth Day.

    The statement said the pope “is praying for the victims and for all the people of Venezuela.” It adds that “the Holy See supports all efforts that help save the population from further suffering”.

    The Vatican has a delicate line to balance in Venezuela. Local bishops vocally oppose the socialist regime of President Nicholas Maduro, but the Holy See has kept up diplomatic relations with the government, to the extent that it sent its interim charge d’affaires to Maduro’s inauguration earlier this month. ”

  4. metro70 says:

    But eternal undergrad Quiggin has the answer to all Australia’s problems again….STILL…as he tries to flog his Australian Socialist Utopia to the poor indoctrinated brainwashed creatures Australia’s dysfunction factories posing as universities are producing.

    As always his projected outcomes are all assertion …no analysis …and anyone who’s tried knows Quiggin very quickly slaps a ban on anyone who questions his dogma on any subject…especially the Socialists’ new MEANS to their Global Wealth Redistribution/Global Socialism ENDS…the CAGW HOAX.

  5. a happy little debunker says:

    Progressive media is already blaming Trump for the plight of the Venezuelans and are pointing to the likelihood of a US intervention visiting death & misery upon those Venezuelans already visited with death and misery under their socialist betters.

    Narratives must be maintained

  6. herodotus says:

    Yes, we know.
    However, western societies have been so comprehensively marched through that speaking sense and hoping it will catch on in the public square is a vain hope. Politics is broken.

  7. tombell says:

    trouble is “the modern left” comprises a fair chunk of so called conservative parties. look at Ms Bishop fawning over the Wintour woman. Most of our Liberal politicians in this country are in favour of The Big State run out of Canberra. And they seem themselves having an important role in TBS – surprise,surprise. So when most of the political elite on either side of the aisle see more government as “the solution”, are we really surprised things are going as badly as they are?

  8. Nob says:

    Trump is the least interventionist US President since ww2.

    But hysterics gonna hystericise.

  9. Dr Fred Lenin says:

    The soviets. Mao. Pol pot castro etc ewere never criticiseed by the left when they were killing millions . The German national socialists were criticised after they attacked stdlin but not before ,its standard procedure to praise them ,even psycho killers like che were heroes ,nothing changes .
    Equality to the left means reducing everyone to the lowest common denominator (except for the nomenklatura ) , it is much easier to reduce standards than to raise them ,raising them involves skill and competence things sadly lacking in doctrinaire leftists .
    I cite examples, krudd,giliard,turnbull.shorten etc in Australia ,may and corbyn in the UK obummer ,clinton ,pelosi schumer mueller, gore ,e soros etc . Lot of them about arent there ? time for cleansing .

  10. lotocoti says:

    And what about Miss Ocasio-Cortez …

    I gather she isn’t socialist enough for the true believers.
    Via my favourite revolutionary marxist.

  11. Waz says:

    The 2nd link is wrong? Takes me to a cat post about Davos, nothing to do with the referred Democrats silence.

  12. Gene says:

    Who says the Venezuelans have rejected socialism? They’ve rejected the stupid thugs who brought them to this situation, but they voted FOR socialism in the first place, when Chavez was alive, remember? Now they’re trying to toss out the idiots WHO DID SOCIALISM WRONG. You’re assuming their causal explanations for this mess are the same as ours. I wouldn’t bet any of my own money on that.

  13. bespoke says:

    I hope Iampeter will be along shortly to point out the error of you ways, Steve.

  14. Kneel says:

    “That supporting Maduro, as is this inclination, automatically puts them in the same camp as Vladimir Putin,…”

    Russia’s official response was “we do not interfere in the internal political affairs of other countries”.
    Now, whether this is in actual fact what they do or not is irrelevant – the point is, that they are saying that Venezuela should sort it out themselves, then tell everyone else who the president is, while the USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, NZ, et al are ALL saying “we recognise the interim president” – effectively “picking a side” in the internal politics of another country. The very thing that the Russians were accused of (although they deny it, of course) and are even now being pilloried for.
    Hypocracy, much?

  15. JohnL says:

    Steve, who outside of Washington DC takes any notice to what AOC got to say?!?!

  16. Mr Rusty says:

    Steve, who outside of Washington DC takes any notice to what AOC got to say?!?!

    Quite a few, unfortunately. There are thousands of videos on YT about her now and the right are making their usual mistake – criticising her policies, vacuousness and imbecility by using facts. Stop giving her oxygen. Mock her, have some lookalike ridicule her in a regular comedy routine and laugh her out of the public space. But stop giving her oxygen. The left don’t give a damn about whether “free” Medicare is affordable or desirable, facts don’t matter. She is a very, very dangerous person, she is intellectually stupid and extremely evil but very good at politics.
    Anyone remember the last Socialist that ticked all those boxes?
    Charlie Chaplin knew what to do with him.

  17. metro70
    #2916911, posted on January 25, 2019 at 10:45 am

    Thank you for that.
    Fantastic reading – in every sense of the word.
    About halfway down the page you start to realise Quiggin is off his rocker.
    It just gets better & better as you get toward the end of the story.

  18. PB says:

    ” Steve, who outside of Washington DC takes any notice to what AOC got to say?!?!’

    The US Mainstream media, that’s who. They seem to amplify every brain fart she pops out, leading her to keep popping them out because Thots love attention and she thinks everyone’s listening.

    At least it keeps her away from posting endless duck-face selfies on Instagram, which seems to be the career choice of most young attention-seeking women now.

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