Defining deviance up

From Cut & Paste at The Oz: Once a jolly polly offered an apollygy, and other neologisms to celebrate Australia Day.

From the cool cats at Catallaxy Files during the past two years:

Abbariginal: Fair-skinned blonde claiming Aboriginality for money, money, money

Acadumbic: Professor who dumbs down students

Accusuals: Usual accusers

Alt-Racist: Reactionary throwback who believes man should be judged by content of character not colour of skin

ATMs: Australian Taxpaying Machines, ie taxpayers that pollies raid

Apollygy: Apology made by a hopeless PM about something they had no involvement in to seem more virtuous than the previous PM

Balance of poorer: Control votes in Senargy so prosperity never realised

Bolshie Ballet: Choreographed routine when crimes of socialism are brought up, such as “but that wasn’t real communism”, “but Scandinavia”. “but outside forces”

Bloodger: One who uses race to suck from the taxpayer’s teat

Canoebaya: Imaginary state in which all parties are in the same boat

Climatocracy: Upper echelons of climate science and activist fraternity, made wealthy as dauphins by immeasurable government largesse

Dimwitterati: Energy policy masters

Disasterati: Airhead commentariat that thrills about latest research proving catastrophic impact of climate change will end world as we know it

Dodgeridoo: Fake Aboriginal artefact

Foregasm: Wonderful feeling when Treasury forecasts balanced budget some time in next 20 years

Flannery: Unit of rain. “We’ve had over 75 ‘Flannerys’ in the past week”. one Flannery being 50 gigalitres

Fragilista: One who fights by whining for rights of snowflakes everywhere

Fauxphobia: 1. Pretending that sticking “phobia” on to a randomly chosen word is meaningful. 2. Fear of people who create meaningless words

Fleffers: Far-left activists who routinely stack audiences at ABC TV shows such as Q&A in order to whoop, cheer and vigorously applaud their ideology and its espousers

Fridgicide: Thanks to a US intellectual we know this, not Islamic, terrorism is the real threat to Western civilisation

Gendercide: Destruction of bio­logical gender as we know it

Gendercreep: Public education on just how many ways to have sex

Gorebulls: Utterances of Al Gore

Insulterati: (see Offendopotamus)

Intaxication: Wonderful feeling when government spends $ on you but you know a headache is coming

Islamofauxbia: Pretence that being wary of homicidal jihadists is somehow irrational

Leftwaffe: Mechanical formations that carpet-bomb social media with hashtags and believe they are superior to all others

Marxist Stream Media: … formerly known as mainstream media

Neo-Apartheid: Progressive, compassionate policy … (of) locking sections of community into non-Western culture (which) magically result in improved standards of living

Offendopotamus/offendopotami: Full-time offense taker

Phallinked: Person associated with “Safe Schools” child grooming

Pollicock: Political correctness

Pollycy: Policy for political purposes

Preposterist: One who expects others to believe their preposterous views

Rearviewergy: Rear view energy. Politicians in cahoots with crony capitalists who decide way forward is to fix sight in rear view mirror, ie windmills

Slacktivist: Someone who only ­attends demos after midday

Socialislam: Unofficial alliance ­between the Left and Islam

Social license: Inalienable right of those who don’t produce anything to hector and humbug those that do

Spitcoin: Currency, the more spitcoins one accumulates, the higher on the virtue ladder one is elevated and the more deplorables one can spit on

UNuchs: Fawning obsequiousness at international diplomatic gatherings

Woking Class: Demographic educated just sufficiently to assign relative degrees of morality to every member of the population except themselves

And a lovely Australia Day to you all.

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45 Responses to Defining deviance up

  1. Tom

    A tour de force by Muddy. And funny as. A pleasure to read and reread.

  2. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    Fleffers: Far-left activists who routinely stack audiences at ABC TV shows such as Q&A in order to whoop, cheer and vigorously applaud their ideology and its espousers

    Also known as NPCs

  3. Helen

    oooh yeah! Ridicule is a rapier – a light art in the practised hand of a master cat.

  4. Mullumhillbilly

    Newspeak for the Great Unlightenment

  5. Old Lefty

    With acknowledgement to Gerard Henderson:

    Goat’s-cheese Curtain: the Green-ledt laahers in inner Sydney and (especially) Melbourne

  6. iain russell

    Go with The Zipper on Fleecers. Perfect!

  7. Nick

    Goat’s-cheese Curtain: the Green-ledt laahers in inner Sydney and (especially) Melbourne

    Lefties have never heard of the phrase, lol.

  8. Yes, phallinked got a gig.

    I am so proud

    Well done to all for your pithy wit

  9. Oh – a new one for the dictionary

    “Pith-head” one who uses witticisms as a bludgeon for PC speak

  10. Harken Now
    #2918196, posted on January 26, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    The Shakespeare generator describes you as a – “beslubbering fen-sucked hedge-pig”

    The Bard knows all.

  11. Woohoo! Nice one Muddy.
    I hope Cut and Paste do updates on the Catictionary.
    Just wait till they find out that SocialIslam and Leftwaffe also come in graphics.

  12. Tom

    It’s inevitable that illiterate, diseducated 13-year-old girls have no way of understanding Muddy’s Catictionary. So sad you missed out on the joys of a sense of humour, sweetie. Blame it on your humourless Marxist indoctrinators.

  13. Shy Ted

    Aw, they missed out ScoMo – that brief moment in time when you were PM.

  14. Boambee John

    Barken Mad

    But this is what happens when you convince yourself that the half of the public that votes Labor/Green is evil incarnate.

    Actually, it is left fascists like you who consider non-lefties to be evil incarnate.

    Hence their regular (incessant?) use of insults like “denier”, “homophobe”, “islamophobe” and all the other hate terms left fascists love to use. Indeed, they know no other way to converse than in insults.

  15. Boambee John

    That said, denier is accurate

    I am not aware of anyone who denies that there is a climate, nor that it changes, as it has been doing for millenia.

    The key questions, not answered by any CAGW protagonist that I am aware of, are, what is the scale (measured, not modelled) of human influence on climate, and will the effect be catastrophic, beneficial or neutral?

    Care to offer some expert opinion?

  16. Mullumhillbilly

    Farken Wit, to appreciate witticisms one needs wits. Being an F- wit doesn’t count.

  17. JC


    You’re such an NPC it’s not funny

  18. MatrixTransform

    Here in Australia we have a new electrical unit to add to watts, joules, volts, amperes, ohms, etc.
    It is called the “Hazelwood”.
    Victoria was one “Hazelwood” short yesterday.

    from Jonava … # 6.2.1

  19. Tom

    Poor Hark is so congenitally dumb she blames her parents for her own stupidity. Don’t tell me: you’re going to vote for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez — even though you can’t.

  20. Muddy

    I can understand people being triggered by quality trolling, but perhaps we could switch on our Predictability Meters & assess what we are responding to? If the meter reads 7 Harkens (torrential), then go for your life. If it’s only 2 Harken (light drizzle; promises much but fails to deliver), I’d be saving my energy.

  21. Tel

    Poor Hark is so congenitally dumb she blames her parents for her own stupidity.

    Do angels have parents?

    Socks have hands stuck up them … but that’s a slightly different concept (not having tried it).

  22. Tel

    One Hazelwood short of a lamb BBQ.

  23. Carpe Jugulum


    Your efforts over the years are appreciated

    Thanks for collating the witticisms

  24. Percy Popinjay

    Mr Rusty, our peerless graphic designer in residence is being way too modest. Muddy merely compiled the list, Rusty contributed most of it.

    Let’s give some credit where it’s actually due.

    SocialIslam and Leftwaffe also come in graphics


  25. Muddy

    Thanks, Carpe. Right back at you for the ritual self flagellation of the Queer & Atrophied Interruption Lotto.
    Folks, I propose that Interruption Lotto be renamed Carpe Lotto.

  26. Muddy

    Agreed, Percy.
    Without a handful of creative sparks like Mr Rusty, the Catictionary would simply be the outline of a spit bubble on the inside of a car window.

  27. Boambee John

    It seems that the angel is not singing in response to my post at 1750. Desperately googling for arguments?

  28. Bill Clark's nephew

    Hippopottimouth? a large person who shouts obscenities

  29. struth

    The world started going to crap when women got the vote.

  30. struth

    Oh and I don’t necessarily have anything against pillow biters , because I don’t respect people based on their sexuality.
    Because you obviously do harken, you are accorded no respect.

  31. Up The Workers!

    I see in the U.S. headlines that over 1,500 private jets are scheduled to land in Davos for the latest taxpayer-funded champagne-and-caviar eco-gabfest and international carpet-baggers convention.

    That is 1,500 private jets – quite apart from all the Jumbo Jets, A380’s and other regularly-scheduled commercial jet aircraft carrying these useless wastes of space and breath to their latest eco-envelope-opening.

    And no doubt, ‘Earth-Mother Gaia’ is happy with all this?

    They must all be exclusively using “clean-green ” jet-fuel!

    Interestingly, only 22% of attendees are wymminses – not much diversity going on there and no information on how many of the other 78 different Leftard “genders” will be in attendance, either.

    George Soros will apparently be there, ‘Der Fuhrer’ Angela Merkel will be there, half the U.N. will be there with there with their begging bowls and receipt books, Fat Al, assorted Flannerys, Halfwit-Bungs, some of Pachauri’s Indian Railway pals will be on duty to keep up his dirty book concession in the alleyway out back…all the regular gang of freeloading gillarders.

    Trump should immediately declare war on Switzerland and nuke Davos.


    Ninety-nine percent of global eco-problems would be solved in one split second and a flash of brilliant light – and think of all the jet-fuel that would be saved on return trips!

  32. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    The world started going to crap when women got the vote.

    fact check: TRUE

  33. Ragu

    Harken Now

    Where in the ABC do you work?

  34. struth

    The classic lefty is our Harken.
    Just throws his opinions out there as facts.
    They’re not really his opinions, but the opinions he’s told to have.
    The hypocrisy of the left is to be found in every statement, without fail.
    Like this;

    Tom, you may not realise it, but you always sound like a very sour man who resents the way your crankiness has prevented your charming any woman into your bed for the last 30 years

    A person claiming the end of the world is nigh, is happy, apparently.
    You’re the saddest doomsdayer we have here, Howling Harker.

    Charming women into bed…………………………lefty speak for agreeing with their every lunacy for sex.
    Beta male problem, not one right wing men have.
    We keep our women, and I can guarantee you if they ever did the stats, a very very interesting fact would emerge regarding divorce and lefty men.

    Seriously, where else can we read repeated theorising that the world started going to crap when women got the vote.

    Certainly not in many Mussie countries.
    The proof that women voting has become a problem is there for all to see, but hey, Harken won’t have that discussion, he’s too busy on his knees to feminism trying to get a root.

    The obsession with the details of what some men do in bed is pretty tiring too.

    No one here has ever talked about what they do in bed sexually, ever.
    The cat women, are saucier than the men generally, but you won’t experience a right wing women Harken, they’re not going to let you one step near them.
    And what you are missing out on there, we won’t be telling you about.
    I’d be the closest in relating that Mrs Struth doesn’t like me putting on an accent in bed.
    A bit of self depreciating humour, might be a bit ol’ school for you tender beta cucks.
    If this is too much for your left wing wowser immaturity, may we suggest you find another site .

    Could do this all day…………………..slightly hung over this morning.

    The obsession with the details of what some men do in bed is pretty tiring too.

  35. ACTOldFart

    HarkeNow: A word of warning, that what follows will be tedious, contentious drivel.

  36. Nigel

    Stevadoring: an obsessive man crush usually associated with crooked US President

  37. PB

    “The world started going to crap when women got the vote.”

    It really went down the shitter once they started receiving the vote.

  38. max

    For Australians who feel ashamed about their country history:

    “The Fringe Dwellers”:
    These are the people, some of them genuine Aborigines, some of them Aborigines of dubious credentials, many of them of wholly European stock, who have been converted to a belief that Australia is a society ridden by race-prejudice in which Aborigines have been robbed of their birth-right and in which they are even now systematically discriminated against, deprived and maltreated.

  39. Up The Wukkas!

    I see in the U.S. headlines that over 1,500 private jets are scheduled to land in Davos for the latest taxpayer-funded champagne-and-caviar eco-gabfest and international carpet-baggers convention.

    I want one of these over Davos.
    Nukemap gives hours of fun and laughter for the whole family!
    …and it’s free!

  40. Nato

    I’d submit ‘populist” for possible inclusion as a derogatory adjective to identify a policy which enjoys broad democratic support, or one who advocates for it, but rejected by the commentator who employs this word to signal moral superiority over the rest of us.

  41. Shy Ted

    The Oz daren’t include “lessbian” – the female so unattractive even the lesbians don’t want her.

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