Monday Forum: January 28, 2019

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  1. A second desalination plant could be built in Sydney …

    Speaking of weapons grade dumb …


    Has anybody asked the hark: “Are you feeling lucky punk?”

  2. Twostix says:

    Court documents showed that at age 14 he brought a stick of gelignite onto school property.

    It eas probably just a bunger.

  3. Exit Stage Right says:

    A second deslination plant could be built in Sydney…

    There is a secondhand plant in Tugun Qld going cheap. Never used, slightly (quite a bit) rusted pipes and incompatible fittings made in France originally but no longer available.
    People like Piano teeth Peter Beattie have a lot to answer for.
    But they still appointed the dickhead in charge of the Commonwealth Games on the GC, where hundreds of so called competitors did a runner and still cant be located.

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