Advice on how to run our economies from the last people who would know

An organisation made up of third world tyrannies wishes to teach the rest of us how to run our economies. A couple of examples.

From Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise

Capitalism as we know it is over. So suggests a new report commissioned by a group of scientists appointed by the UN Secretary-General. The main reason? We’re transitioning rapidly to a radically different global economy, due to our increasingly unsustainable exploitation of the planet’s environmental resources.

Climate change and species extinctions are accelerating even as societies are experiencing rising inequalityunemploymentslow economic growthrising debt levels, and impotent governments. Contrary to the way policymakers usually think about these problems, the new report says that these are not really separate crises at all.

Rather, these crises are part of the same fundamental transition to a new era characterized by inefficient fossil fuel production and the escalating costs of climate change. Conventional capitalist economic thinking can no longer explain, predict, or solve the workings of the global economy in this new age, the paper says.

And then this from David Archibald: Stop The Climate Stupidity wherein we find:

You should read David’s article right through to savour just how mad you would have to be to follow the UN’s lead. And how could we leave this out from just today?


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  1. I think it is a mistake to read the UN’s plans for us as simply being about controlling our economies. It is not dirigisme they are after, to use the French term, but the Soviet term Upravleniye. They want to also control people and societies from the levl of the mind and have openly and repeatedly said that is the nature of Sustainability. makes it crystal clear that all the UN entities see education globally, preschool, K-12, higher ed, and professional programs, as the “key facilitator” for the achievement of all SDG goals.

    It’s also not coincidental that this paper came out of Finland, which has been piloting new education paradigms that have little to do with subject-matter and everything to do with transforming worldviews and what motivates likely future behavior.

    It’s also why the Australian linked GELP–Global Education Leaders Programme–held one of its first transformational conferences in Helsinki back in 2014.

    Dangerous agenda that needs to be fully understood.

  2. Muddy

    To quote the great Artisanal Tiger:

    Afgiffy* And Finally, Go F#ck Yourself.

    *AFGFY = Afgiffy.

    Translation: This is the best we limp lizards can or will do; verbally vent. We’re not prepared to disrupt, disturb, or destabilise, but we can be rather tricky with hurty words. By the way, I’ve shaved my belly as requested, so the disemboweling knife can simply be rinsed with Moet afterwards.

  3. 2dogs

    rising debt levels

    Given they are making this statement about the Earth as a whole, what exactly is the concern on this point? If someone owes money, then there is someone else they owe it to. It’s not as though people are becoming indebted to aliens from other planets.

  4. NuThink

    Graffiti on a toilet door “If it were up to me I would rule the world”.

    @2Dogs, the debt is owed to Gaia. Just ask Bob Brown or Tim Flannery.

  5. struth

    Unfortunately the greater percentage of people are only now waking up to the pure evil of Gutterres UN and it’s socialist “rule ze vorld” agenda.
    I was still called a conspiracy theorist just the other day.

  6. The Fourth Reich is still an aim for these people and they are using the same methods that gave rise to the Third Reich.

  7. max

    worried about world government.
    worried about the United Nations.
    Ever since the 1950’s, we have seen the proliferation of international governmental organizations, known as IGO’s.

    One of the better-known ones is the World Trade Organization, better known as the WTO. It supposedly regulates the terms of international trade.
    I have never figured out how it does this. It has no enforcement arm. Its agents do not wear badges and carry guns. The bureaucrats who receive their high salaries at the WTO can issue directives. They can tell a national government what it is allowed to do. But they cannot impose fines and collect them. The WTO cannot make Congress comply. It cannot tell the British Parliament to comply.
    None of these agencies has operational sovereignty. They have paper sovereignty only. They cannot enforce the law. They can only issue directives.
    What, exactly, is the WTO, UN, or XYZ organization going to do in response? Send in an army? No. Tax the non-cooperating national government? How? Send in a squad of uniformed agents and arrest every member of the legislature? I don’t think so.
    If a law is not backed up by physical sanctions, it is not a law. It is merely a suggestion.
    The WTO, UN, etc. can make all the suggestions they want. No national government has to take any of these suggestions seriously.
    There is a potential domestic political threat. The government might be taken over by global warmers, and they might use the nonbinding, unenforceable agreement to justify domestic rules governing carbon emissions. But any national government can do this anyway. It does not need a piece of paper signed by 200 other governments calling for reduction of carbon emissions.

    The new government may decide it won’t comply. What can the WTO do about that? It can issue a formal complaint.
    This is why nobody should worry about the rise of a one-world government. These IGOs are not coordinated by general rules. There is no agency with sanctions above any of them. There is no appeals court system. There is no enforcement mechanism. There is no central plan.
    If national governments cooperate with the rules issued by some IGO, that can be a problem. But the problem isn’t the IGO. The problem is the national legislature or some bureaucratic agency that was created by the national legislature, and is funded by the national legislature. The IGO’s directive is simply window dressing for the control freaks in national bureaucracies. “See? We have to enforce this. The XYZ agency has said we do.”
    What should be the response of the national legislature? The best response would be to eliminate the particular agency. But that never happens. The second-best response would be to cut the agencies funding. But that never happens, either. The third-best response would be to pull out of the international agreement. That might happen.
    World government means international bureaucracy. International bureaucracy means dozens and dozens of separate, virtually autonomous bureaucracies. There is no way to coordinate these bureaucracies. There has never been a United Nations attempt to coordinate them. Some of them are not UN agencies.
    A directive of an IGO has authority only if a national government decides to cooperate. For all of the screaming about the loss of national sovereignty, there has been almost no loss of national sovereignty as a result of IGO’s. The only authority that an IGO has is the authority granted by a national government through voluntary submission.
    Here is a general rule governing sovereignty. Without physical sanctions and the threat of physical sanctions, there is no sovereignty.

  8. duncanm

    They put their foot in their mouth regarding renewballs and the climate scam.

    For the “first time in human history,” the paper says, capitalist economies are “shifting to energy sources that are less energy efficient.”

  9. Up The Workers!

    It might be -75 degrees, but with gerbil worming, it is a very warm -75 degrees.

    It’s OK though – you won’t be warmed to death in the -75 degree warmth for long, as any moment now, the rising sea levels will drown us all in warm -75 degree waters, as has happened to all those people who have since had to relocate to all the KFC stores in Australia.

    The good news is that there will be no carbon tax; by 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty; the Australian car industry will be in top gear and full of jobs (in China) and neither Bonking Billy Clinton nor Short One, ever had any sex with any woman they shouldn’t have.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle

    The climateers are furiously spinning that Chicago freezing its nuts off is due to global warming.

    Funny how that global warming makes places freeze.
    Does global cooling cause them to freeze too?

    Nolte: Experts Claim Every Kind of Weather Proves Global Warming Is Fer’ Real

    America enjoys a winter filled with tons of snow and frigid cold weather and out pops the Climate Hoaxsters to assure this kind of weather only further proves our planet is getting, uhm… warmer.

    This current Climate Hoaxster freak out is largely in reaction to President Trump’s tweet earlier this week mocking the Climate Hoaxsters.

    Naturally, this launched a million reactionary headlines from our oh-so objective, unbiased, not-at-all left-wing media.

    “Look at This Embarrassing F*cking Moron,” screamed Esquire.

    “Debunking the utter idiocy of Donald Trump’s global warming tweet,” pouted CNN.

    “Here’s Why the Crazy Cold Temperatures Prove Global Warming is Real,” Forbes says reassuringly.

    “What Trump keeps getting wrong about Global Warming,” the Washington Post helpfully reports.

    But here is my personal favorite headline from, where else?, NBC News…. “Yes, it can be this cold outside in a time of global warming.”

    There are three Party slogans in George Orwell’s 1984, his masterpiece about an all-controlling centralized government that runs on lies, terror, and propaganda. See if you can pick out which Party slogan I invented among the four:

    •War is Peace
    •Freedom is Slavery
    •Ignorance is Strength
    •Frigid Weather Means Our Planet is Getting Warmer

    If Trump said the Sun was in the sky the Left would one and all put bags over their heads and say “no it’s not” in unison.

  11. Mother Lode

    It is a bit like our government.

    You can hardly imagine more inept organisations than the public service and government departments.

    Inefficient, unfocused, dismally incapable of delivering on its core function but bursting with unconnected little side projects, sclerotic, rigid, unimaginative etc.

    And yet with this appalling record they insist upon laying down laws for businesses – and then wonder why the economy suffers.

    They think nothing of just adding flurries of paperwork (because that is what they love to do themselves) in the name of compliance regimes where the reason flickers into and out of existence like quantum particles – but the paperwork must go on. They mandate the increase of wages without productivity gains, they ban (or render uneconomic) innovation because someone somewhere would be inconvenienced, and so on.

    And why not? Money just flows in regardless. Well, it does in the public service.

    Ministers are the idiot CEOs of these idiot organisations.

    Each time a minister, bureaucrat, or trap-flapper from some QUANGO starts telling businesses how to run, they should be taken outside, doused in petrol, birched, set alight, and served to their families and friends unawares as hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party in honour of their brilliant ideas.

  12. struth

    Max, here’s a word you may wish to look up.


  13. Mark M

    Meanwhile, the the elites at the WEF, Davos are working hard on making your life harder …

    These 8 innovations could help us dramatically reduce our fossil fuel use

    As usual, the elite flying pigs are not bound by such deplorable laws …

    Record private jet flights into Davos as leaders arrive for climate talk

  14. Dr Fred Lenin

    So its not going to be that “big brother”bastard but thst “big sister”bitch ,a female stalin hitler,mao,polpot ,castro left wing murdress . Thes maggots must be exterminated with extreme predjudice ,a nice Gulag in Chicago at the moment comes to mind .

  15. Rob MW

    Advice on how to run our economies from the last people who would know

    The Davos Dream (TDD) – when wanking becomes currency.

  16. old bloke

    And then this from David Archibald: Stop The Climate Stupidity wherein we find:

    Why isn’t this man our Prime Minister?

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