Rafe’s Roundup 1 Feb

Opinion and Commentary from the Centre for Independent Studies.

Alan Moran’s climate news roundup including Judith Curry’s report that there is no acceleration in the rising sea levels.

IPA study finds 358 breaches of legal rights in Federal laws.

The IPA’s report Legal Rights Audit 2018, authored by IPA Research Fellow Morgan Begg, revealed that the legal rights of the presumption of innocence, natural justice, the right to silence and the privilege against self-incrimination are explicitly breached by 358 separate provisions in Acts of federal Parliament.

The polar vortex generating extreme cold in the northern hemisphere is probably the most interesting weather event of recent times. See Jo Nova for a commentary.

The polar vortices are the two strongest and largest “storms” on the planet. These continent scale storms are 600 miles across with winds raging at 300km per hour. Simon Clark is doing (or has done) a PhD in polar vortexes. He describes how each winter they form high over the poles. These are stratospheric, circling far above jet streams and planes.

The Stephen Hicks tour.


Join Dr Hicks on a journey to advance civilization

From the Enlightenment, to neo-Marxism through to 3rd generation postmodernism: diagnosis, perils and overcoming the obstacles

The program for the tour in four states and more information.

Book suggestions from Abe Books.

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7 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup 1 Feb

  1. duncanm

    Speaking of “IPA study finds 358 breaches of legal rights in Federal laws.”.. some trash on TV the other night (real life criminal investigations in the US of some sort) alerted me to the method by which they found the notorious Golden State Killer

    DNA from crime scenes was matched against a public geneaology database to find distant relatives, which were then cross-matched to narrow down to a couple of suspects. Final identification was done with direct DNA match.

    We are at the point where you can be identified from your DNA without giving any sample to any law enforcement agency.. forget an ID card. Its already out there.

  2. Russell

    Surely it must be time that a regular round-up was started on Catallaxy Files to draw attention to the rubbish that Their ABC produces as propaganda for the Left/Green racket. Here’s a good example dressed up as “news” that is really an advertorial for an Elon Musk product and promoted by an “energy consultant” who is clearly dependent on the gravy train. Is the ABC allowed to have advertising?

  3. Russell

    And another one … Their ABC reports BOM senior climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins saying last month’s heat was unprecedented.
    “The warming trend, which has seen Australian temperatures increase by more than one degree in the last 100 years, also contributed to the unusually warm conditions,” Dr Watkins said.
    So it’s warm because it’s warm … maybe because it’s summer?
    No hard questions from this reporter about adjustments of BOM temperature measurement methodology over the last 100 years. And he gets the inside poop direct from the BOM climate alarmist even before the report is released. So Their ABC now reports even before anyone can view the report?

  4. Mark M

    They voted for an extended earth hour, and they got it … !

    Power restored after massive outage in eastern suburbs leaves thousands in the dark


  5. Russell

    Their ABC story about BOM alarmist above has now been updated … maybe a good boot in the bom helps?

  6. duncanm

    And another one … Their ABC reports BOM senior climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins saying last month’s heat was unprecedented.

    those reports are such bullshit.

    Notice how all the states / continent was ‘warmest on record’, but all the single sites were ‘one of the warmest on record’?

    That’s because we keep adding new sites in remote (hot) places.

    I’d like to see an unadulterated ‘Australian’ average temperature based only on the sites which have a long-term temperature record.

  7. Rafe Champion

    Russell you are right, but it would be almost a fulltime job!

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