To help you watch the Superbowl

Tom Brady during Super Bowl XLIX

Please yourself, the Boston Patriots v the Los Angeles Rams. If you don’t know the game, you won’t understand much of what’s going on. But if you do understand, North American football (it was invented in Canada) has more potential for drama and surprise than any sport I know. As for the game itself, this is how you can help to pick your team, care of CNN who are not doing their bit to keep politics out of sport: Trump stokes rage against his friends, the Patriots.

The New England Patriots are evolving into the most hated team of all time, and Donald Trump isn’t helping matters. He keeps boasting about his love for owner Robert Kraft, coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady and nearly everybody else associated with an NFL franchise that more than a few folks beyond Boston Harbor can’t stand.

Go ahead, America. You have my permission to pull like crazy Sunday for the Los Angeles Rams over the Patriots during Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

Or not. Go Pats!

And here’s when you can watch the game. Lots of pubs around, but they don’t show the actual Superbowl ads in Oz which for some people is the reason to watch the game at all.

Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart: 10:30 am AEDT
Perth: 7:30 am AWST
Darwin: 9:00 am ACST
Brisbane: 9:30 am AEST
Adelaide: 10:00 am ACDT
New Zealand: 12:30 pm NZDT

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11 Responses to To help you watch the Superbowl

  1. a happy little debunker

    Boston Patriots

    I believe that is pronounced ‘New England Patriots’.

    Interestingly they are not headquartered in Boston – but rather at Gillette stadium.

    The best a man can get?

    Nonetheless – Go Tom Brady, Go!

  2. mh

    Final Super Bowl for Tom Brady? I don’t follow it, but didn’t Tom Brady make a blunder in his last Super Bowl? He’ll want to put that to bed. This seems like the final to get on the Patriots. 💰 💵

    Pats ➡️ SOTU ➡️ Wall

  3. Nick

    Pats are favourites at BetEasy at 1.7

  4. anonandon

    Brady is remarkable.

  5. Tel

    Invented in Canada, eh? That explains why they dress like ice hockey players.

    Too much hyperbowl over this Superbowl (ha ha! someone needs to say that every year).

  6. One ScoMo doesn’t make a Spring

    Saints should be there. Shocking missed interference call in Semis.

    Pats defence allows Brady time to go have snack before he throws. So yes he great but I thought Mahomes from Kansas City Chiefs was exceptional.

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    Canadian football? No unnerstand no spik canadian .

  8. Isumbras

    Yawn, usual appreciate the skills disclaimer, meanwhile excellent stuff Wales v France in 6 nations this morning. Clock stopped for scrum time shenanigans….. Any Rugby Cats, is this a new rule?

  9. Hay Stockard

    I am happy to profess my ignorance of Americans Football. Did watch some of the Sevens up the pub.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle

    After two years of SJW carrying on I am not going to watch the Superbowl even though I admire Tom Brady (the most hated man in the NFL).

    The NFL needs to win back people like me, and a lot of guys in flyover country. The yowling from the hangers-on, like the half-time entertainers (spit), and the metrosexual cheer-squad (blech), and guys like Roger Waters telling them all to kneel before the awesomeness of Colin Kaepernick, does not inspire me with any desire to watch it whatsoever.

    I yearn for a day when football is again just football, not a social engineering opportunity.

  11. Tim Neilson

    I yearn for a day when football is again just football, not a social engineering opportunity.

    So do I.

    Poor fellow my AFL. Ain’t going to be happening there any time soon.

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