Where’s Wally? I mean wind and solar?

h/t Des Moore, world energy by source. From the Global Warming Policy Forum.

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  1. Mark M

    Where’s Wally?
    Here is a couple of green grifting Wallys at green grifter central, their abc.

    The fun starts @1.36.90 …
    Bill Shorten, who believes governments can control weather/climate, 1.39.30:
    “… and when will this government start doing something about climate change?”

    The Rudd/Gillard/Rudd governments, of which Bill was a prominent participant failed to do anything, even with their carbon (sic) tax, so what has Bill got that will stop fires & floods?

    Simon Holmes à Court, senior advisor on climate & energy at Melbourne U @1.39.40:
    “Ooga boogaloos, fires, floods, death, extreme weather events, when will we be able to kill witches if not now … ooga booga, windmills will save us … ”


  2. min

    Would someone please ask those new LINOs who are demanding more done on climate change how many turbines would it take to get to 100 % availability. When Victoriastan blacked out the other day there was no wind and cloud cover so only about 7% renewable energy . Even if it had been 50% energy available still not enough . Hammer them until they give an answer. My bet it will be answered like Steggel did when asked how often had she voted Liberal.

  3. struth

    The vast majority of people don’t want anything but cheap power, and don’t believe the climate nonsense.

    In a democracy, giving the majority what they demand is the way to win a seat in parliament at the next election……………………………..now what could possibly have someone like Friedchickenburger tell us we are getting renewables whether we like it or not.
    What could be going on?

  4. Wozzup

    Does the graph show installed energy CAPACITY by source or actual energy DELIVERED by source? If the former then the picture is even far worse than depicted here given that energy actually delivered by most renewables is typically a tiny, tiny, tiny (and unpredictable) percentage of the actual energy capacity installed.

    In fact, the red line for “other” which encompasses all forms of renewables would in that case be vanishingly small – not even a rounding error.

    All for the cost of trillions fo dollars to salve the conscience of greenies.

  5. Major Elvis Newton

    Simon Holmes à Court is a renewables shill who, when challenged as to the funding of his various benevolent interests, can only default to pathetic fact free talking points.

  6. How about the Greens leader blaming Australia’s coal industry for the Townsville floods?

    How about the Climate Council blaming Australia’s coal industry for the supposed ‘record’ temperatures this summer?

  7. bottlers battler

    Renumerables need a missing link in the form of molten salts to be able to deliver 24/7. Anytime the greens want to add that and actually manage and report back the actual power generation, we’ll then be able to assess both the true cost and the amount we need to install to deliver demanded power. I’m not entirely sure we have enough vacant ground to house the arrays

  8. Seza

    Rafe, you were asking how small-scale solar was popping up on NEMWatch, given that there is no measuring of “behind the meter” self use. It appears that it is done by (gasp) a model. See the explanation at the bottom of this page at the source of the ‘data’. http://pv-map.apvi.org.au/live#2019-01-31
    The model uses information on installations from the RET database, and quite often the installed capacity of the panels is larger than the output allowed, but the RET is paid on panel size. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/blog/oversizing-solar-arrays/
    The rest of it only appears to be what the output is hoped to be.

  9. Ubique

    We need to be demand of the government information as to the extent to which the billions invested so far in renewables has modified global warming, attenuated sea level rise, reduced the risk of bushfire and so on. We shouldn’t spend so much as another brass razoo on renewables without being thus informed.

  10. Ben

    Regarding the ABC presenter, his tone and obvious inability to take an impartial position made it quite difficult to listen to those 5min…

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