Why wind won’t work to provide reliable power Mk III

Someone gave a tick to Mark III the Windy Odyssey video so people are invited to circulate. Still room for improvement but shorter and sharper with a clean shirt, an ad hoc teleprompter and friends standing behind it making faces and waving their arms to remind me I was talking to people and not the screen.

This afternoon we shoot The German Trifecta of Failure. Spend a trillion or so and (1) lift the cost of domestic power by 50%, (2) bring the grid to the point of collapse and (3) make no difference to CO2 emissions.

After that to demonstrate how wind and solar are not just expensive ornaments attached to your power point but they are deadly parasites that suck the economic life out of the reliable providers.

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  1. John Constantine says:

    De-electrification of Australia progresses deindustrialisation of Australia. Progresses the downfall of australia as an outpost of western civilisation.

    The coup that installed the Tyrants and Despots of the slave nations of the world as Dictators of the policies of their united nations also overthrew australia as a country.

    Our quislings running our vichy collaborator State have unswervingly pledged their loyalty to global Tyranny, so dynamiting our working power station to replace them with ruinable rort rubbish from tyrants slave labour factories is simply progressing the Revolution.


  2. min says:

    Rafe good job however I am not sure where this will be watched . For the average Barry Battler still too complicated for their understanding and would recommend larger ,simpler diagrams,
    /charts .

  3. Herodotus says:

    In the news today, the silliest report yet: some kid asks the Pope to support not eating meat during lent because it will help save the planet from climate change.

  4. Ben says:

    “…the perception of a near-term apocalypse and alignment with range of other social objectives has narrowed the policy options that we’re willing to consider.”

    “…it’s misguided to assume that current wind and solar technologies are adequate for powering an advanced economy.”

    “…Acting urgently on emissions reduction by deploying 20th century technologies could turn out to be the enemy of a better long-term solution.”

    “…It’s easy to forget that U.S. extreme weather events were actually worse in the 1930’s and 1950’s.”


  5. Genghis says:

    You may like to mention that as the Western World loses its economic power by chasing unreliable and inconsistent wind/renewables, who will benefit in say 2030 when our economy is bankrupted by stupid people. We will be selling much more at a cheaper price than Darwin Harbour.
    I hope the first thing they do is shoot these dumb people, but maybe not, because they could claim they were on their side!

  6. Forester says:

    No kid or greens politician has yet suggested the government ban hot showers on demand.

    The revolution will start the day after.

  7. Justinian the Great says:


    You should tie your argument back more directly / analogous to the government / political “trilemma.

    All the politicians and media dupes regurgitate this stupid “trilemma” as something that can be solved.

    As you make plain – it cannot.

    I think you are on to something from a marketing / communications perspective.

    Politicians invent “trilemma” fantasies they believe they can solve -(i) reliability; (ii) lower emissions; and (iii) low cost.

    Germany shows the “trilemma” of policy failure, the reality of – (i) wasted spend /debt; (ii) energy insecurity, and; (iii) no significant emissions reductions.

    Voters need to know they have a simple choice between a naive utopian fantasy or crippling expensive reality.

    And when you make this choice, remember China, India, Russia and the US (responsible for approx. 60% of CO2 emissions) have already opted for reality!!

    Perhaps some Cat with better marketing / spin credentials can refine and improve.

    A simple rebuttal to political / media spin (BS) would be very effective. Done in 60 seconds for mass viewing.

  8. egg_ says:

    The German Trifecta of Failure. Spend a trillion or so and (1) lift the cost of domestic power by 50%, (2) bring the grid to the point of collapse and (3) make no difference to CO2 emissions.

    Der GrunenFuhrer’s Fraudulent Fondant of Failure?

  9. Rayvic says:

    The video could be shown at the GetUp! Sydney Election Launch at Marrickville Town Hall next Tuesday 12th Feb.

    The Launch invitation states:

    “Picture Australia as a world leader in renewable energy.

    Now imagine all refugees on Manus and Nauru are brought to safety, the ABC is bigger and better than ever before and there’s work for everyone who wants it.

    That’s the world we can make possible together by ensuring hard right wreckers like Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott are out of our Parliament for good. But only if we match their big money and party machines with real grassroots power in communities across the country.

    It all starts with you. Come along to our Sydney Election Launch and learn about GetUp’s strategy to take on the hard right (proven and honed through several elections), find out what’s on the line, and how you can work with other locals to have the greatest impact. “

  10. Helen says:

    Rafe, is it possible to make your first chart the whole screen while you are referring to it, maybe you talking just a small square upper right or somewhere, and introduce the levels as you speak of them? I think this would have much more impact.

  11. DrBeauGan says:

    Wrong fred.

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