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Important briefing from Richard Lindzen on the three main groups who participate in the climate debate. These are (1) the scientists associated with the IPCC, (2) the skeptics and (3) a consortium of politicians, environmental activists and the media. There is significant agreement between (1) and (2) but the differences are beaten up by (3) to drive alarmism for their own benefit (money and power).

Germany Losing World War III – the war on CO2. The German Trifecta of Failure. New Video.

Civilization in India advancing 52 coal mines at a time.

The new mines have added 164 MT (million tonne) to India’s annual coal production capacity, marking 113% increase over capacity added during the 2009-2014 period. Since 57% of power is generated in India by burning coal, these mines allowed the government to rapidly move towards universal electricity access without creating shortages.

India aims for complete electrification of households this year. h/t James Bolt at IPA “What did I miss?”

Stephen Hicks is coming.

Join Dr Hicks on a journey to advance civilization

From the Enlightenment, to neo-Marxism through to 3rd generation postmodernism: diagnosis, perils and overcoming the obstacles

The program for the tour in four states and more information. See his contribution in The Spectator just out.

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6 Responses to Rafe’s Roundup Friday 8

  1. India aims for complete electrification of households this year.

    Thankfully, Australia plans for complete de-electrification by 2030 to compensate for those who don’t care about the planet.

  2. I also meant to add that it’s interesting that Their ABC is now calling into question China’s truthfulness because of it’s media push, but when China was saying they were getting rid of coal power, they were all over it using China as a shining example of clean energy.

  3. Rafe Champion

    The ratf…..rs! As Kevin Rudd exclaimed in a moment of exasperation when they shafted him in Copenhagen or somewhere. The very thought of the Chinese keeping something up their sleeves, They have played the Greens like trout, pretending to get into wind just so we would keep buying their windmills to hasten our deindustrialization.

    You couldn’t make this up! They needed experts to tell us this? “Experts warn China’s media is being wielded as a tool to shape public opinion and serve the ideological aims of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) across the globe.”

  4. P

    Overseas. Spiked, Cato Institute, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Dan Mitchell, The Last Refuge.

    Just found this there at citizen817, February 8, 2019 at 3:38 am on the Presidential Politics thread:
    The Ginsburg Sighting

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    There is significant agreement between (1) and (2)

    Have to disagree with you on that one Rafe.
    It’s well understood that consensus climate scientists are overwhelmingly leftist.
    Michael Mann for example is a donor to the Democrats, as are many others.

  6. Rafe Champion

    Yes and no Bruce, that is the line that Lindzen has taken to consider not so much the hard core consensus people who do the IPCC summary report but the broader group who work on the papers in the second volume that nobody reads. Some of them are not so bad. Anyway Lindzen’s rhetorical ploy is to find a more sensible consensus position that he shares with the best of the people who contribute to the IPCC. You will recall from the Laframboise book on the governance of the IPCC that there are good people involved who get into fights with the hard core. Even the leading critic of Mann got to contribute!

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