Australia the runaway gold medallist for electricity grid destruction

A killer piece by Jo Nova on the ludicrous claims for the benefit of leading the world in unreliable energy. OK the grid will not literally be destroyed, indeed there will be an awful lot more of it but it will be very expensive to build and maintain and it will deliver more expensive and less reliable power. In the distant future storage options may make wind and solar viable but in the meantime we will have to shed power-intensive industries like ore-refining to keep the household lights on.

Jo describes this as a legendary paper and very helpful!


•Australia is installing renewable energy (solar photovoltaics and wind) far faster per capita than other countries.

•The Australian deployment rate is 4-5 times faster per capita than the EU, USA, Japan and China.

•Stabilising the electricity grid when it has 50-100% renewable energy is straightforward using off-the-shelf techniques that are already widely used in Australia.

•The electricity sector is on track to deliver Australia’s entire Paris emissions reduction targets five years early, in 2025. This is one of the world’s fastest sustainable rates of emissions reduction.

•Remarkably, the net cost is zero because expensive fossil fuels are being replaced by cheaper renewables.

•Australia is on track for deep and rapid greenhouse emissions reductions through deep renewable electrification. Much of the world can readily follow the Australian path. Renewable energy offers real hope for a future liveable planet.

Circulate Jo’s commentary widely! And see the videos as well, why wind wont work until we have mass storage and the expensive failure of the German green energy transition.

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17 Responses to Australia the runaway gold medallist for electricity grid destruction

  1. As I said in Jo’s forum, the pain will be immense. I wonder for how long Australian’s will put up with all that pain for no worthwhile gain?

  2. John Constantine

    The Tyrant for life of all the chicoms lost the American market for his peoples liberation army slave labour solar panels when Trump saw through the scam.

    Another market was needed, so Australia’s quisling compliance class was invited out for a Chinese buffet and given brown paper bags full of fivers of their very own to take home with them.

    Next minute our cheapest power plants are dynamited and ruinables are bought in on loanshark debt to replace them.

    Unswerving value for money, delivered by the cheapest political class money can buy.

    Comrade Maaaaates.

  3. John Constantine

    If the Tyrant for life of all the chicoms puts tariffs on Australian barley, why do we have to subsidise his solar panels?.

  4. Chris M

    I know of a couple of people who have gone off-grid with their own significant energy storage. This isn’t cheap and isn’t an option for most businesses though. Maybe they will start to charge a fee even if you aren’t connected to the grid?

  5. Up The Workers!

    If it is true that so-called “renewables” are cheaper than coal, then obviously they need zero subsidies and other such financial prosthetics to compete.

    If load-shedding is ever required, it should be done first and foremost to the houses/businesses (if any)/electorates of Greens and their dumb acolytes, the Labor(sic) Party, whose policies all come from the Greens.

  6. struth

    The most expensive electricity in the world caused by government.
    The most expensive housing in the world caused by government.
    Generally food, grog , cigarettes, and even water, some of the most expensive anywhere in the world, and caused by government.

    All of these things should not only be as cheap as other countries , but due to Australia’s natural resources and land area, infinitely cheaper.

    I travel Australia and see it closing down, yet the socialist Liberal Government of Australia tells us that we are a growing economy and quote the socialist economic yard stick, GDP.

    Now where do you think this is all heading?

    When the population believes that power prices matter only for domestic use, due to Australia being highly insulated urbanists, with no clue about industry, they can all have a solar panel on their roofs and a battery, but the reality will be no food in your cupboards, no fuel in your car, crime souring in your street, and you contemplating eating your dog, I hope you feel secure knowing you defended your country against this by trying to solar power your little home.
    But you gotta have food to put in your electric frying pans, wankers.

    I’ve seen this before in Australia, and already learned the mindset.

    In Alice Springs, replace the Solar Panel with a high fence around your property, and the mentality is exactly the same.

    People in Alice Springs had to deal with Alarming criminal behaviour in the streets, by our locals, who were derelict because of socialism and welfare.
    Instead of confronting the actual problem, Australians built higher fences around their yards and sat inside their own little fortresses while the streets went wild.
    Of course Tourism dropped off, every industry relying on each other, meant the whole place descended into what it now is, a complete government funded crime ridden shit hole.
    If you took the government money out of Alice it would be a ghost town overnight.
    But just like those fences, people put Solar panels on their roofs without looking at the big picture, so as not to have to think too hard or confront the real problems.

    The New Australian way, is the way of the Venezuelan.

  7. The comments attached to Jo’s excellent post are worth a read.

  8. Roger

    …the net cost is zero because expensive fossil fuels are being replaced by cheaper renewables.

    If you thought fossil fueled electricity was expensive wait until it’s majority renewable!

    The investment required to make the grid work s going to be staggering, assuming all the required technology is available.

    Australians are the world’s biggest mugs.

  9. BoyfromTottenham

    How many outrageous claims can be made in one report without them being asked for proof of them? Obviously there are no scientifically literate journos out there any more.

  10. mem

    Obviously there are no scientifically literate journos out there any more.

    Unfortunately our journalists have been conned into believing they are saving the planet and anyone that even questions the logic will have the advertising manager down on them like a ton of bricks because the renewables advertising spend is now so large the media don’t want to lose it. (Someone should do a calculation on the total amount of advertising and you will understand why the media are reluctant to rattle the boat). Yes, it is a Ponzi scheme but only when a million or so people die from cold will it fall apart and the last in will wear the financial loss, litigation and insurance claims.

  11. tombell

    the leftard elites couldn’t care less about cost. almost all live off the public teat directly or indirectly. and they often get a nice little cost of living boost to their stipends -all paid for by the taxpayer. they assume – and correctly – that provided the government keeps doling out goodies (for free!!LOL), the mob (tnx Richo) will put up with it. Half the mob have been indoctrinated with the climate scam and are prepared to virtue signal; the other half couldn’t care less provided their cheque is in the mail.

  12. Rohan

    If load-shedding is ever required, it should be done first and foremost to the houses/businesses (if any)/electorates of Greens and their dumb acolytes, the Labor(sic) Party, whose policies all come from the Greens.

    Wishful thinking Up The Workers! Here in Victoriastan, it was mainly rural locations that were load-shedded a fortnight or so ago.

    Socialism. Good and Hard.

  13. Iva Right

    And everybody nods their heads and agrees. We deserve what we get!

  14. Ben

    Bab • 4 days ago

    I’m all for discussing transitions in the electricity system but glossing over stability doesn’t advance the discussion much. In fact the ANU report references “straightforward” stability and references a previous report by the same person – Blakers.

    From the September 2018 report (Blakers et al)
    Page 8

    Stabilising an electricity grid with high levels of variable PV and wind is straightforward [29]
    29. Stabilising the grid:

    From the referenced 2017 report (Blakers et al)

    Section 2.5 Stability
    The dynamical behaviour (on time scales of sub-seconds to minutes) of a 100% renewable energy grid is outside the scope of the present study.

    Technically illiterate.

  15. stevem

    As long as they don’t keep pursuing their habit of demolishing power stations before the turbines have even had a chance to spin down we can at least turn back. Once they are gone it would take years to rebuild one.
    I wonder why they keep blowin them up?

  16. Ben

    The lead author (Andrew Blakers) knows everything there is to know about PV panels (he may have even invented the stuff!), but he knows sweet stuff all about the grid.

  17. Markets Work

    One factor in the debate that needs to be clear is that the primary industrial dependent of traditional power systems is large scale mineral processing – like alumina/aluminium. The industry has had a heavy relationship with governments and subsidies since it grew out of wartime priorities. It is dominated today by China and Russia because the consumer/taxpayer in those countries have no say. But in Australia the industry got its teeth into the taxpayer/consumer in the early 1980s with deals in all the Eastern states that are very, very heavily subsidised. If they paid regular rates none of that plant would operate here. So one way to lighten the load on power supply is to let the big industry consumers pay market prices for power.

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